Should I Buy Through Affiliate

How to help the Promoter of a product?

You must have visited several blogs with excellent articles. Your comments, likes and share to social sites like Facebook and twitter are the biggest reward for the blogger. Your comments and shares always give confidence to the blogger to share more such ideas.

Have you ever wonder how they are earning money? They show advertisements or links within the post to a specific product (called affiliate links) to earn a living. Whenever someone clicks on these links and buy a product, the blogger earns commission.

Whenever I buy a product online. I first try to buy it through an affiliate link. I try to look for my friends who might be affiliates of the product. If none of my friends are I try to find some one and try to buy through their affiliate link.

Is it worth the trouble? Why do I do this?

Introduction From Basic: What is WordPress?

Wordpress Logo

Many of you who are familiar with blogging, when told about blogging the first thing that comes in mind is a blog on Google Blogger. It was a purchased by Google in 2003 started by Pyra Labs. It became the most popular platform for blogging.

In between a lot of alternative services flourished. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others. Google Blogger is used mostly for regular blogging only. However, these services are referred as Content Management Service (CMS). These are used to create a lot many different sort of website than just a blogging website.

How Good Are The New IITs

Proposed Main Building of IIT Bhubaneshwar

In 2008, Government of India added eight new Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). There were earlier seven IITs before. Out of these eight new IITs, six started function in 2008 itself and two started operation from 2009. IT-BHU was converted as IIT (BHU) Varanasi in 2012.

All new IITs are awaiting completion of their permanent campus construction work. However, they are running full fledged within limited strength from their transit campuses taken on rent. All are being mentored by old IITs.

Good College or Good Branch

Counselling at the Time of Admission

Should I go for Good College or Good Branch. It is a dilemma which is faced by every single student after clearing engineering entrance examination. Even if student gets selected for admission to any IIT. This dilemma is faced by them. Whether they should go by best IIT or best branch at average level IIT. Ever since I have started giving tips to engineering aspirants, every year after entrance result. I get query related with this dilemma.

Friendship and Socialization at Workplace


Friendship and Socialization are two different things though they may sound as the same. Friendship is more personal and informal thing where one seeks care, love, affection and a strong sense of connection. Whereas socialization is not so personal but more to be in a group and is formal.

Normally, in companies when people are hired, they are put into training to learn about the organization, its people, system and processes. All these things start very formally as socialization but with time it may forge friendship with few. Even companies prefer team members to know each other before they start working together. They want a sense of bonding among its workforce to have a productive and better work environment.