Introduction From Basic: What is WordPress?

Google Blogger

Many of you who are familiar with blogging, when told about blogging the first thing that comes in mind is a blog on Google Blogger. It was a purchased by Google in 2003 started by Pyra Labs. It became the most popular platform for blogging. However, Blogger has some limitations like:

  • You can’t customize much in respect of appearance or features. You have to do a lot of research if you are not a pro.
  • It is hosted and owned by Google. They can shut it down any time. They can act and remove your blog on complain without any warning. Copyright violation, DMCA notice any such notice to Google will result in immediate removal of your blog.
  • The most important of all is Blogger is outdated and not a preferential service of Google. They are not keen in updating the service with latest advancement in blogging and make it more user and customization friendly.

In between a lot of alternative services flourished. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others. Google Blogger is used mostly for regular blogging only. However, these services are referred as Content Management Service (CMS). These are used to create a lot many different sort of website than just a blogging website. One may see the current market share of all the Content Management Services CMSs here.

Wordpress Logo

You may see WordPress has developed as a giant for CMS. Drupal and Joomla both give software which could be easily installed on hosting environment to create your website and comes with Open-source License. Hence, one could customize it easily. However, WordPress provides both Google Blogger type blogging platform where you can sign up and start blogging and Open-Source Licensed software which you could install on self-hosting environment like Drupal and Joomla.

WordPress blogging platform is available at It is popularly referred as WordPress.COM. The self-hosted blogging software could be downloaded at This is referred commonly as WordPress.ORG or self-hosted wordpress.

Just like Google Blogger, has some restrictions. However, their blogging environment is much more advanced than Google Blogger. Customization and many add-on services are allowed as premium services on payment. There are almost 60 Million blogs hosted on If you are a novice and want to create a wonderful looking blog where you can start writing without nothing to worry about, choose

Wordpress Dashboard

WordPress.ORG gives all the capability of customization and personalization. The customization and personalization could be achieved easily by more than 2,500 free themes and 30,000 free plugins. In order to set up your WordPress.ORG blog, you need to get a hosting account at HostGator, BlueHost, JustHost or other such hosting company. Plus you need your own domain name which you can get at GoDaddy. Most of the hosting company give domain name at the time of registering for their service. But, it’s better that you use your own domain name from GoDaddy. As it will be easy if you wish to change hosting company in future. In later articles I will give your more details about blogging with WordPress. Enjoy!

How Good Are The New IITs

New IITs

Proposed Main Building of IIT Bhubaneshwar

In 2008, Government of India added eight new Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). There were earlier seven IITs before. Out of these eight new IITs, six started function in 2008 itself and two started operation from 2009. IT-BHU was converted as IIT (BHU) Varanasi in 2012. I’m summarizing the establishment years of these institutes in chronological order below:

  • 1951: IIT Kharagpur
  • 1958: IIT Bombay
  • 1959: IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras
  • 1963: IIT Delhi (founded in 1961 as The College of Engineering & Technology)
  • 1994: IIT Guwahati
  • 2001: IIT Roorkee (Founded in 1847, renamed as Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1853 and University of Roorkee in 1948)
  • 2008: IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Patna, IIT Ropar
  • 2009: IIT Indore and IIT Mandi
  • 2012: IIT (BHU) Varanasi (Founded in 1919 as BENCO; renamed as IT-BHU, by joining three institutes BENCO, TECHNO and MINMET running under BHU)

The eight new IITs were started within an Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012) to develop Higher Education and Research in India. During this period five IISER, an NISER, seven IIMs, ten NITs, six AIIMS, seven NIPER and many other institutes. All these are getting huge funding from the Government of India. Established with a vision to develop India as a Super Power.

As per new IITs are concerned, all new IITs are awaiting completion of their permanent campus construction work. However, they are running full-fledged within limited strength from their transit campuses taken on rent. All are being mentored by old IITs.


Even though they don’t have permanent campuses these institutes have healthy infrastructure and running like any other engineering college. Initially, these institutes were getting faculties from their mentor IITs. However, with time they have full-time faculty. But, many of the post of full-time faculties at these institutes are still vacant. But, the lack of faculty is not the problem of only new IITs. Even old IITs have vacant positions of full-time faculties.

The academic standard of new IITs is better than any just opened engineering college. They have many faculties from old IITs or NITs.

Courses started at new IITs are still not as vast in numbers as old IITs. Most of them have started with B Tech courses in Computer Sciece, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Chemical. However, once they shift to their permanent campuses both several courses and intake per courses will increase.


Standards of new IITs, even though they are running from transit campuses are not compromised. Some of the new IITs are exception, rest are giving healthy environment in rented accommodation in some institutes. However, it is expected most of them will shift to their permanent campuses within next two to three years.

Student Life

IITs are popular in developing a student at its best. They not just excel in the regular career. Instead, they excel in other fields too. The craze for IIT is so much as it develops the personality and boost confidence of students to do well in their life.

All the new IITs organize cultural or tech fests and activities just as regular IITs. Still, a lot of development will see once they get their own auditoriums at permanent campus.


Placement is the most important section that you would be looking for. The good news is new IITs are doing well in this section. Even though they don’t have the facilities that many not renowned but established colleges have. They have the most important thing, quality students. Students at new IITs are being selected from the premier exam earlier IIT JEE and now JEE Advanced. So, even though these institutes are yet to set up themselves, companies are coming and giving healthy package.

As per Times of India, I’m presenting the placement conditions of these institutes in 2013. It also presents faculty condition at these institutes.

Name Posts for faculties Posts vacant Placement last year Lowest package Highest package
IIT Bhubaneswar




3.5 L

11.5 L

IIT Gandhinagar




Didn’t disclose

Didn’t disclose

IIT Hyderabad




3.5 L

34 L

IIT Indore




4.5 L

17.58 L

IIT Jodhpur




3.75 L

17 L

IIT Mandi




4.75 L

18 L

IIT Patna




4.5 L

16.3 L

IIT Ropar




3.75 L

63 L

This year the placement are going to be little bad as market condition is bad and PSUs are not coming for campus recruitment. But, these are going to affect both new, old IITs and other colleges too.

These institutes are better in placement than many regional level good engineering colleges. But, not better than NITs now. They are well established and have good connection in industry. Gradually, it will develop.

Final Verdict on New IITs

In my last article, Good College or Good Branch. I kept the ranking of these institutes in Tier 3 colleges. It is to be taken into consideration after old NITs for admissions. However, once these shifted to their permanent campus. Sooner or later it is going to surpass many old NITs.

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Good College or Good Branch

Good College or Good Branch

Decision Time: Counselling at the Time of Admission

Should I go for Good College or Good Branch. It is a dilemma which is faced by every single student after clearing engineering entrance examination. Even if student gets selected for admission to any IIT. This dilemma is faced by them. Whether they should go by best IIT or best branch at average level IIT. Ever since I have started giving tips to engineering aspirants, every year after entrance result. I get query related with this dilemma.

There are 119 different courses available in JEE Advanced 2014. Some of these are very much popular and known. But, most of us don’t know scope, syllabus, use of most of the courses in the list. Every person has different opinion about best and worst IITs. The dilemma comes as it is going to decide the future of the student. Parents want their children to study the best possible stream once the results are out. Definition of best possible stream would be “A Stream which will let their kid to a secure, easy to find job, with a handsome salary and have growth opportunity”. Only problem is very few persons know in detail about each stream and depending on the interest and ability of a student, which could be the best stream for a particular student.

Yes, ranking of stream will change for every student. Some may find computer interesting, some may find aviation interesting. One can’t do well without having an interest. But, here there is one more problem. I’m not referring towards interest as passion towards something. I’m referring towards a branch whose syllabus may suit the interest of a student. It may happen that someone who is brilliant in chemistry and comparatively weak in Mathematics have passion to be aeronautical engineer. But, aeronautical may not be a better branch for him/her to excel in his career.

It is very hard to find such a person who can guide a student perfectly, taking into consideration likes and dislikes of student for a particular topic. It is advisable to talk to as many counselor as possible to know about choice of course and college which you can get in a particular branch. But, just take advise, decision about order of preference should be of student. For admission into IITs, the following attached PDF file (Jee Advanced Counseling Brochure 2013) is send to successful candidates. It have a major part giving details about each and every branch or courses available in IITs. It should be read thoroughly to understand structure, syllabus, applicability and scope of a branch. Depending on the strength, command and interest of a student and its use for a particular branch, ordered list of branches with college should be made.

Some streams are good or specialty of a particular IIT. This would mean you would get best faculty, resources, lab instrument and scope. So, once you have understanding about your preferential list of branches or streams. Get information about best IIT to study the course from. You can get such information by getting in contact with few IITians.

For Non-IIT Candidates

Till now, I gave course selection tips only for those who are successful in JEE Advanced. Now, for those who have to select course and college after clearing JEE Mains or state engineering entrances, the path is not so easy. They can either go for best possible college with not-so-popular branch or best branch in an average college or below average college. It is a general consensus to go for the best branch and not best college. However, I always believe to go for the best college in a good city for whatsoever branch one can get. I’m going to explain various reasons why I believe so. First, let me explain how branch is less important and college is more.

Is Branch Really so Important

Is Branch really Matters that much?

Would you go to any college for a Good Branch

Every Field Has Good Scope

If we talk about scope of the course, nearly all the field or branch have good scope, leaving behind newly introduced branch. Student from every branch can excel to top and get high salary. Not so popular branch like aerospace or marine has very high average salary compared to a mechanical or electrical. Most popular branch computer science have a very less average salary as it is over-crowded.

Future is Unknown

No one knows till when the job opportunity will be flooded in IT sector. Right now, even pass-outs from other branches are joining IT sector as supply of quality engineers is less than demand and it is not so hard for engineers from different stream to switch to IT field. Do you know in 90’s Mechanical or electrical were much more popular branch than computer science? Many engineers who could not get in mechanical and get C.S. in 90’s get to the top position in their company after IT boom.

Love of Student for a Branch is Illusion

I already explained this point above while explaining for IIT counselling. If a student loves to work on computer, it does not mean he can find interest in Computer Science. Computer Science requires sound logical and analytical ability. Many a times students desires to choose a branch just for sake of affection to its applicability.

Sector Change

My brother is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Kanpur. But, he is working in a Top IT company. Many of my friends with various streams of engineering are with me working in Insurance Company. Many bureaucrats are engineers with no use of their engineering knowledge. The point is you don’t know whether you are going to work in the same sector you are choosing as your engineering branch.

Importance of Better College

Better Resources

Getting education from NIT Trichy is always going to be better than NIT Jamshedpur. One will get better professors, better labs, better environment at a better college. Quality of education always play better role at key positions in life. It gives value to your résumé.

It may be given examples that a college which not even comparable to premium IIT like Manipal has alumnus at key positions of Microsoft and Nokia. However, both of them Satya Nadella or Rajeev Suri are at Managerial position which is a skill not honed by Manipal. On an average, a student from a better college have much more chance of achieving successes quickly.

Better connections

Even if one gets not so popular branch in a better college, he/she may have on an average better friends or better connections from college. I’m not saying it helps in progressing in life. But, it do help in tough times. Every one wants influential friend network.

Better Environment

Better college may give opportunity for better opportunity in extra-curricular activity. Even many prepare for civil services GATE, GRE, CAT etc. while being in engineering college. This gives them better ambiance for preparing for such competition.

Chance of Better Branch Change After First Year

Nearly every college has an option to change branch at the end of first year based on their performance in first year. This is a very huge benefit. My brother got 2400 AIR in IIT JEE 2002 and got 5 years integrated MSc Mathematics and Scientific Computing at IIT Kanpur. Based on his excellent performance in first year, he was able to shift his branch to B. Tech Mechanical after first year.

So, one have a chance to upgrade the branch if he/she is not satisfied at the end of first year if he/she went for average branch in better college. Those who went for best branch don’t get the chance to upgrade to better college ever.

Ranking of Colleges

I’m just giving an outlook about college ranking. However, actual ranking may differ the pattern given by me.

  1. Premier Ones: Old IITs and BITS Pilani
  2. Tier 1: NITs and State Bests
  3. Tier 2: New IITs
  4. Tier 3: Have a name
  5. Tier 4: Not so popular

As already told, it is just an outline, actual ranking may not follow the same pattern.

You can go for not so popular branch till Tier 2 colleges as better college. Till Tier 3 you may look for branches like mechanical, electrical, electronics as better college. If you are getting Tier 4 college, which gives some placement, go for only Computer Science. These colleges gets very less core companies other than IT for placements.

I’m sure the my view point would definitely help a lot towards easing your dilemma about Good College or Good Branch. It would be good to share your ideas and queries by giving comment below. I’m you would like to share your thinking.

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Friendship and Socialization at Workplace

2220948250_ea46b6dda7_bFriendship and Socialization are two different things though they may sound as the same. Friendship is more personal and informal thing where one seeks care, love, affection and a strong sense of connection. Whereas socialization is not so personal but more to be in a group and is formal.

Normally, in companies when people are hired, they are put into training to learn about the organization, its people, system and processes. All these things start very formally as socialization but with time it may forge friendship with few. Even companies prefer team members to know each other before they start working together. They want a sense of bonding among its workforce to have a productive and better work environment.

What causes friendship in office

Do people go to work for friendship? Of course “no” will be the answer. However, still when they start working, they make many friends in the office. Things start out formally, like meeting and interacting while in training or in team hurdles or outing organized by the company, but within no time they find many of the colleagues have become friends. The causes of office friendship is due to similar stress on the group due to which employees start sharing their work woes and applauds. Initially everyone is careful and formal while speaking but after some time the conversation becomes casual and sometimes personal.

What are the effects of friendship on the employees

2314045469_82edde671a_bEmployees are expected to work in office and not to forge friendship. However, a better understanding among its people does help the organization. People are motivated to work better when they are emotionally satisfied and friendship gives such emotional satisfaction to workers. An informal chat with your boss does make you happy. It gives a feeling of joy and motivates you to work better.

At times of hiring, the Human Resource Team considers recommendation from its employees and gives incentives too. We find people asking their friends to join the company. It helps in retaining workforce. When you have lots of friends in office, you would think twice before leaving the group.

The long working hours together in the office brings people close to each other and even choosing themselves as life partners. The workplace, its environment and stress bring them together.

Do friendship forged in office last long

Though, everyone would want the friendship to last forever. Leaving a side a few exceptions wherein there develops a strong friendship. Most of the friendship loses its charm after leaving the organization. New organization means new social groups, new pressures and new colleagues, which may become friends someday. Social networking sites like “Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter” keep them connected. They keep sharing their lives. The friendship, however, fades away with time and distance.

Demerits and Side-effects of office friendship

11188120695_2e68b3e4ba_oOffice friendship and socialization though sounds good it has its ill effects too on the individuals. At the time of promotion or appraisal, friendships are tested. Promotion of the friend may not be a happy or pleasant moment. It ends up making you compare and ridicule people.

For an organization, too much friendship may result in less attention towards work by its work force. It even sometimes divides the office in many small groups indulging employees in office politics.

As we know, office is a place to work. Most of the time, there is lack of common work-break to share things with your friends as everyone is busy with work responsibilities. At the time of meeting with the client, you cannot end-up chit-chatting with your friends and show a casual and non-professional work environment to the client. Bosses don’t want team members wasting time instead of productive work.

Employees don’t only make friends from same department or team. They tend to make friends from other departments, floors or even building, which results in more non-productive hours of work.

Socialization and friendship at workplace is good when it is part of work and contributes towards improving the quality of work. After college, best friends are found mostly in office. However, till the time, friends are in same office, aim should be less non-productive chit-chat at work. It should be to ease the work-pressure, not to deteriorate the quality of the work.