IIT JEE: What should be the strategy for repeaters?


IIT is a dream for many students. Many had waited 4-5 years to crack IIT JEE. Some even spent few years in other college, and then came to IIT without any tension about year loss. But, since 2006, IIT JEE has taken few steps to filter genuine quality from repeaters.

IIT JEE committee in 2006 changes few eligibility rules for IIT JEE. These changes allow only those who have passed the qualifying exam not more than one year back. Simply we can say. Maximum two attempts are allowed for IIT JEE to any students.

Normally students, who are not both lucky and brilliant simultaneously, fail to mark an impression in first attempt of IIT JEE. I’m pointing at lucky and brilliant both. Even brilliance can’t guarantee you to be an IITian in first shot. There are lots of complications. Like you have to cover the syllabus in right time, you have to face board exams just few days back of IIT JEE, you have to quickly switch to IIT JEE syllabus after board exam. Not to say all these needs proper timing. Many loose the preparation at last steps not due to brilliance. But, due to so much complications and lack of proper guidance. Just before IIT JEE, many lose their chance to get selected. So, it needs luck with brilliance to pass IIT JEE in first shot.

I will discuss here exactly how you should prepare if you had failed in first appearance of IIT JEE. What should be the strategy? How you should study? When is the right time for pace? When you should join test series? When your revision should start? Should you join any coaching or home preparation is best? I will discuss all these points here. Also, if you want any point to be added by me raise your voice. Use comments section.

First of all, let’s decide whether you need coaching or not. Note it down that you should be associated in IIT JEE coaching once in your three-year duration of IIT JEE preparation. If you have taken any professional coaching for IIT JEE up till 12th. Now, go for home preparation. If you were not associated with coaching during 12th or 11th especially for IIT JEE, it is a good time for you to do so. Do not forget. Coaching is very important to know most about IIT JEE. Especially those who are average do well after coaching. (See this article to know how coaching help different students in IIT JEE preparation.)

One thing I want to urge all. If you think that there is some chance for you to crack IIT JEE. But, less chance in first shot. Then, go for IIT JEE coaching during 11th and 12th. Don’t leave the professional help for post-board duration. Coaching gives you a lot. But, it takes away your energy and also need much mental and physical work. Students sometime get lost in mental and physical strain they undergo during coaching. Also, you will become much more mature about IIT JEE after taking coaching. So, you could study in right way in your final shot. I will discuss more about it later in some other article.

If you are thinking to go for coaching after board exams, then, remember to give good time for self-study. Don’t get lost in assignments and hand-outs provided by your coaching. Solve them. But, also give appropriate time for IIT JEE text-books and standard problem book. Remove confusions related with concepts using full help of coaching system. IIT JEE concentrates more at those points which are loop holes for students. You can do better if you keep in mind above mentioned points. These are enough for you. Remember, coaching will take away most of your time. Still you have to work-hard restlessly.

Now, if you had already taken coaching during 12th or don’t want to join any coaching. These are for you.

After IIT JEE exam or exam period gets over. Don’t waste much time in enjoyment. Re-start your preparation after a gap of not more than 7 days.

When you start the preparation, first go for little analyze. Try to figure out which chapters need improvement and which are your best portions. Also, which book to follow? In this one year of preparation you should concentrate more on clarifying concept by solving more and more problem. Problem should be solved by books which have IIT JEE sort of problems. I would suggest go for Arihant books in Physics and Mathematics. For chemistry, Arihant books are not so much good. Try Schaum series or others like O P Tondon or O P Agrawal for physical chemistry. For Organic strictly go for Solomons & Fryhle. It is best book for Organic chemistry for IIT JEE. Use this book with its solution book. For Inorganic use Arihant. Memorize every reaction type. Go for problems. The more regularly you solve the problems. The more you will improve in Organic or Inorganic Chemistry. Not to mention, not just above books are only best books in the market. But, yeah these are most tested.

If you have material of some top institute of IIT JEE. Refer them too while reading concept from above mentioned books. Try to solve the variety of problems available. The more you get familiar with problem more you will solve the problem in IIT JEE. Remember IIT JEE don’t check your speed. You will have enough time to solve problems to secure good rank in IIT JEE. So, concentrate on practicing more and more problem. Required speed will be acquired just by practice.

Now, I’m going to tell you a very important trick you should use which would help you later in revision. While going through problems, mark the problems which are unsolved, hard or tricky. Even those which you solved, but you want to see them while revision. On an average you will get 10-15 marked questions in 100 you will attempt. Use these questions when you revise. This simple technique will boost up your revision time 2-3 folds. Normally, while revision students get confused from where to start revision. But, with this trick in use, you can just refer theory quickly from somewhere (like Brilliant tutorial provides YG File compendium or FIITJEE provides some books with GMP). Then, go through the problems you had marked earlier. Remember, it’s on to you which problem to mark. Don’t mark just hard problem. Instead, mark the problems in a way which could help you to revise in less time later. So, after solving chapters go through marked problems and see whether you can revise with those problems.

Normally, you should close first phase of detailed study, up till December to January. Then, phase 2, revision by above mentioned way till 20 – 25 days prior to exam date. For phase 2, if time permits you could also use GMP or YG Files. In last phase, solve simulator tests or sample tests provided by many institutes free or on some charge. Buy them and solve. In between, nearly in Nov-Dec each institute starts their test series for IIT JEE. Join a good test series. Sit for it regularly. But, never spend time to prepare for test series. Not even on day prior to test date. If you desperately want to read a little, give 1hr -2hr on last night before test series’ test date. You should not spend much time on test series preparation.

Sample tests should be taken by you in the same time duration as for IIT JEE exam. Like this year schedule is Paper 1: 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon and Paper 2: 2:00 PM -5:00 PM. Sit for tests each day at 9:00 AM sharp. Use chair and table for giving exams. Your body should adjust to exam schedule. Between 12:00 to 2:00 test your score for Paper 1. Afterwards, look through solution for incorrect answers. Know where you missed. Then, take your lunch. Lastly, relax a bit. Again at sharp 2:00 PM sit for Paper 2. After exam check your marks. Go through solutions for incorrect questions. Try to analyze where you are failing. In which portion you score most negative marks. If a bit concept update is required go for it. But, don’t go deep study.

After test session, relax for an hour or so. Watch TV. Go to friends home. Else sleep.

At night, go for unsolved problems. These are the problems which are very much similar to IIT JEE type of problems. Many of these problems could be faced by you first time. Try to solve them using all books and materials you have available. This is the last time to increase your rank in IIT JEE. More sincerely you solve more your rank will improve. This single step could give you a gain of around 10 – 15 % for ranking. Believe me.

For 15-20 day, regularly take these tests till last 2 days of exam. For last two days, normally prefer to avoid reading anything. If you can’t, don’t go for deep study and for new concept. Just revise 2-3 times daily every formula and tricks from a collection book normally provided by institutes (like compendium of YG Files).

These are a simple one year plan for repeaters. You may easily view. This method can’t be used by fresher. Last two phases could be used by those repeaters too who had joined any coaching.

If you find anything to share, feel free to do it. I am waiting for your comments.

(Now, I want to share with you my one year which I spend for IIT JEE preparation after 12th board. In appearing exam of IIT JEE I failed to clear IIT JEE screening. I scored 97. While 99 were cut-off marks. Missed screening test by a score less than what a question usually carry.

After all exams are over, I spent two months in enjoyment. I started preparation in July last week, my first mistake. Simultaneously, I joined a test series, my second mistake.

In two months of off-study, I had lost grip on many portions. Also, I usually get lost in test series’ tests held after every 21 days. I get confused whether to prepare for these tests or not, my third and biggest mistake. Overall, for whole year I just able to recover the level where I was at the time of last IIT JEE. In screening exam, I merely pass the test.

During screening and mains exam, I used the last phase discuss above. It helped me a lot and let me to secure around 10000 ranks in mains. Not to mention, I appeared for IIT JEE next year too using experience of the discussed year.)

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  1. SUBHENDU says

    is arihant not good for physical a well as organic . are you an IITian if then in which year did you pass.

  2. says

    Arihant’s chemistry books are good just for practice. not for concept building. Also, there are a lot of mistakes in the answers.
    For Physical:
    Yeah collection is good. But you may get such collection in other books too. I would not suggest to go with this book.
    For Inorganic:
    It is one of the best book for Inorganic for IIT JEE. Good and best compiled collection of stuffs useful for JEE. It is good for both concept and practice. If want one may go for other problem book to use along with it.
    For Organic:
    Arihant’s organic book contains good collection of problems. But, when one see the solution it looks wrong or not well explained. I would suggest use Solomons and Fryhle book for organic along with its solution book. The combo will help to develop the concept and problem solving technique required for IIT JEE in best way. I think this is the only foreign writer book which is self sufficient for IIT JEE preparation. Arihants organic book contains problems mostly copied from Solomons and Fryhle book.

    I’m not an IIT’ian. I used to prepared for IIT JEE between 2001-05. Latest rank in IIT was around 6000. For a year, I taught for IIT JEE coaching. On orkut, I’ve a community named IIT JEE with members more than 4000.

  3. satyam tiwary says

    I’m just give the exam of class-10th and waiting for the result .ijust wanna to know that what should my study time and what are things that i should do for the preperation of ii-jee. reply must……………..please.

  4. satyam tiwary says

    whenever i ask any student or anyone that how can i crack the xam of iit-jee in first attempt they all say that i should my basic concept clear. i wanna to know what is that basic concept and how can i clear it?

    • says

      basic concept is the basic laws and basic formula…..in 12th or for many exams students tends to learn many derived formula. but, they forget how these formula are derived. for iit very few questions would be based on these special formula, just few basic ones are required to solve these. i would not be surprised if you say i don’t get what you are trying to say. actually its hard to explain about what iit ask and what it looks in the aspirant via this blog. i would just say to clear your basic concept make yourself clear how to use basic theories and formula in all way. Solving a lot of problems helps to sharpen and understand theories in the best way. if you want to clear your theories solve more and more different problems from different level.

  5. Ravina says

    Hi, i’m expecting around 180 marks this year. I’m from Pune, Yukti classes. I studied a lot in 11th but somehow, because of the Topper’s batch, Brilliant Tutorials, Boards and all my schedule got disturbed in 12th. I know that i could have easily crossed 300 with the kind of paper that was set this year. I want to repeat but my parents are strictly against it. But i KNOW, that if i study sincerely, i can crack it in 2012. Please suggest me what to do.

    I scored 89% in 10th. Expecting around 75-85% in 12th.

  6. says

    first of all remember IIT is not the only way to get successful or become great engineer. Clear your mind whether your aspiration is to be an engineer or an IITian. 4-5 years after the course, one gets paid how he works not by the tag. Your employer will only look whether your work for increment. Hope you are understanding what i’m trying to point out.
    Now, coming to your scene. Tell me what are your chances in AIEEE or other engineering exams. There are many premier institutes in which you can get admission via AIEEE. So, tell me what you feel about these exams. If you can get close to or below 10000 rank then i would say do’t wait.
    Remember, year gap in academic is always a matter of explanation in job interviews. If you can get a good NIT or such college, just don’t wait.

  7. satyam tiwary says

    what r the that i have to read for the preperation of iit from class-11. is r.s aggarwal is a useless book for class-11

  8. SUBHENDU says

    hi rukhaiyar preparation is going good for iit 2012 .i had one doubt in phy and mathe . see while solving phy from hc verma my brain is asking me is this enough like is there need anything else needed or is this enough and maths i am solvimg from m l khanna which is far an more subjective thaN OBJECTIVE book. but i do feel that subjective IS HELPING ME TO UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS BUT I WANT TO KNOW IF IT IS NECESSARY TO BUY AN OBJECTIVE MATHS BOOK.

    • says

      HC Verma is a very good book to understand theory and fine tuning concepts. When I used to prepare for JEE, I had a hunger to solve more and more tough problems, especially in Physics. For that I solved Irodov and Abhay Singh’s Physics problem book. Abhay Singh’s Book is really the toughest of the lot. Irodov is very easy in its comparison. But, it was not a waste of time as JEE was two stage process at that time with screening and mains. Mains test used to give the best and toughest problems.
      Now, in the present scene of questions asked in IIT JEE. ABhay Singh’s book is useless. But, yeah use Irodov. Questions asked will still be of low quality than what you would be asked in IIT JEE. But, remember you have to not give IIT JEE test just next day after completing a chapter from H C Verma. After solving a chapter your level to solve the problem became high. But, when you start revision, your level goes much down than IIT JEE level. So, take your self to the Irodov level and 6-7 months later when you will be revising you will be at IIT JEE level and revision will be much smooth.
      It is a misconception that if you have to take objective test you should be solving more and more objective problems. Yes, you have to solve sufficient amount of objective problems before, so that you became master of speed and accuracy. But, this doesn’t mean you have to solve objective problem from Day 1. Initially you should focus on concept clarity.
      Yes, at a certain time you should buy objective math books or if m l khanna have a collection of objective book. Then, it will work. No separate book is required. Give more effort in solving more and more complete tests, that also 1-2 months before JEE. Right now just do subjective problems.

  9. prashant says


  10. Prashant says

    sir ,,patna ka Axis classes kaisa coaching institute hai…….nd sir one very important question is that,.IF a simple medium brain boy wants to get 15-20 thousand rank in AIEEE and is ready to do hard work,,,then Sir is it possible for him??

    • says

      I don’t know about Axis Classes, actually never heard of it. So, can’t comment.
      For your second question, it is always possible to score even better than this rank in AIEEE if preparation is done systematically. IIT JEE tests the level of thinking and applicability of concept learned. But, AIEEE have a simple pattern which is remember how to use formula. AIEEE tests speed and formula application more than the brain. One who solve more and more sets of AIEEE can achieve much higher rank than he/she deserve.

  11. Mohit says

    Hi sir 8-) i m very thankful to ur article above , sir i m droping this year for jee to get rank under 500 by self study i have taken coaching only in 12th , but i cud nt prepared well due to pre board and board and my school preesurised me a lot .;( so i was not able to give my even 20% i decided to drop but i want to clear my basic .Q1: i want to ask i did nt like :(foriegn author but i want improve my organic is op agarwal is enough for then afterwards problem solving from arihant??? Q2: Sir i m having fiitjee rsm pakage , these notes are very tough and far away from basic its advance level when and how should i do them?? Q3 : how should i use hcv because it has very little theory , so i cud nt able to make my intrest in it , plz tell me wat should i do get maximum benifit from this book?? Thanxx in advance Plz plz reply soon I NEED GUIDANCE BY U SIR

    • says

      Hello Mohit,
      I see you are aiming somewhere around the top, not just for a seat. So, you need to not just to clear your concepts. But to strengthen them.

      Answer 1:
      Personally, i had never liked an aspirant of IIT studying with books like O P Tondon or O P Agarwal. Both these books are written aiming at medical(CBSE-PMT) and engineering students simultaneously. But, the requirements for both the students are very different. and, they have written more to facilitate medical students. Right now, if a student is preparing solely for AIEEE, I would suggest to go with the book. As CBSE-PMT and AIEEE have a similar feel of questions. But, a student aiming solely for IIT JEE, don’t need book supporting rote based education policy used by CBSE. An IIT JEE aspirant need a book which will enhance the concept of a student by raising the understanding power.
      I would simply say, find a good book written by an Indian writer solely keeping in mind IIT JEE aspirant. Arihant is such an example. But, apart from its good collection of problems nothing is good.
      I would say go with Solomons and Fryhle book along with it solution book, if you really need to make your concept strong. It will work as both theory and problem book.

      Answer 2:
      Look, as you’ve just one year left, you don’t have much time. You have to start with RSM. But, if you feel it is bit tough, do one thing. Before starting every chapter from RSM, read the same chapter from your 11th or 12th level book. Just try to revise it. go with theory and if possible few tough problems too along with examples. It will take around 2-3 hours of yours. But, it will boost your knowledge for the time, so that you can catch high level RSM theory. When we study a concept we know a lot about it till a day or two. But, later on we forget few things. Specially, some concepts learnt by problem solving. Whatever, you had learnt in 11th or 12th are enough to take you to next level. Just you need to remove the dust. And, try to understand with little more consciousness. You have to raise your level. Give your total effort.

      Answer 3:
      HC Verma is a complete book in itself. But, yeah theory are not explained with a lot of examples. Actually, this book is neither a guide, nor a text book. Also, it is not written keeping in mind any particular student group. The best way to grow your interest in it is by completing the theory quickly and trying to go as fast as you can to problems. Problems is the best way to understand theory of this book. Try to look again and again to theory during solving the problems. This was the method I used to use when i used to read this book, also RC mukerjee’s. And, the main interest in physics is by solving problems.

      if you find any more doubts feel free to ask.

  12. Mohit says

    8-) Thanx THANX sir u REALLY ROCKS !! by guding students . Sir i m having many i will ask u as u guiding excellently its really worth . So now coming to problem :) PROBLEM 1 : sir plz tell me wat book should i take for chemistry i.e physical , inorganic and i must take soloman and frhyle . I m very tensed about chemistry . I m unable to find any iit jee standard book for it , plz find standard book for it. I have rc mukerjhi but half of book is about mole concept i found it time consuming , i think i should use it for reference . :| Plz tell a best book for jee chemistry . PROBLEM 2 ; SIR i m preparing home as i have taken coaching in 12th and i want self study , i live in small town , should i join a test series ? As the centre is far away frm my home at 5 hour distance i.e chandigarh . Its really time consuming , as its imp. Too . Or should i give online test ?? THANX IN ADVANCE SIR , PLZ REPLY QUICKLY.

    • says

      Sorry Mohit for late reply this time, I was a bit busy these days.
      If you have any doubts about book read here: http://rukhaiyar.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/how-to-prepare-for-iit-jee/
      I’ve discussed it here in brief way.

      For inorganic Arihant is more than enough for theory and practice too. Use RSM and other coaching material for better practice.

      For Physical, the style for studying it is near about same as physics. Read theory and go to problem even if you don’t understand theory very well. Try to clear your doubts and strengthen your concept by solving more and more problem. As I already said in the article for which I provided the link that I read this section from many books. The simple reason was I didn’t find any perfect book. So, I could not help with a specific book. But, for problem see whether Arihant has launched any special problem book for chemistry or physical or not (in my time there were only physics and Maths books). Else, go with coaching supplements of problem.
      I agree with you their is rarely a good book for chemistry for IIT JEE. As most of its writer concentrate towards AIEEE or CBSE-PMT standard. You have to look for your coaching material more and more for chemistry. It will need mental excercise from you.

      Go with proper test series. It plays a very significant role in your preparation. Specially in analyzing yourself. BUt, never give any test series with even a single day preparation. Or else you will lose your concentration for a day or two after every fortnight.

  13. prasad patil says

    i studied iit course in yukti but i didn’t qualified jee.now i am going to repeat by doing engineering simultaneously . is it fine? & which book i should follow for organic chemistry concepts & problems.

    • says

      It will be hard to manage both. My brother had managed to clear IIT while studying in SIT, Tumkur. But, in the last month for his IIT preparation he had to risk with poor marks in his 2nd semester to give IIT exam plus a month of fake sick leave. So, prepare mentally well. It is going to be very tough.
      You must have seen here that again and again I have repeated to go with Solomons & Fryhle book along with its solution book. It will be enough. See my comment to Mohit’s answer above.

  14. CHETAN PARMAR says

    Hello Sir I am Father of a Son passed 12 th sci with PCM with Pune board and appeared in JEE 2011 But could not make it. He also given AIEEE exam and expecting 110 around JEE SCORE was +96-31=65 with SC Category He has not been able to get good guidance from A local coaching class I wish to Repeat him JEE 2012 But he is not willing to repeat. I think He will do good if Proper professional coaching will be provided He is fearing to lose one year But If he didn’t get good Engg. collage What options In front of. Do I make his mind to repeat 2012 or leave up to him to decide his career thanks

  15. Rohit says

    @ uncle chetan parmar; apke son ko aieee mein aram se acha collage mil jayege ; 110 in sc categery is more than enough , so wats the big deal , there is no need to drop

  16. Rohit says

    8-) hello @ uncle chetan parmar; :D apke son ko aieee mein aram se acha collage mil jayege ; 110 in sc categery is more than enough , so wats the big deal , there is no need;) to drop

  17. CHETAN PARMAR says

    Thanks Mr. Rohit for reply my son got 73% in Maharashtra Board If AIEEE Score will be around 110 as per his(my son’s) own calculations. Can he secure in NIT Abhishek ji pl give me some light or Make his mind to Skip one year and go for KOTA Training.pl Guide

    • says

      Hello Mr. Chetan,
      Sorry for replying late.
      This is a very common problem among students whether to go for a drop year or to go with the current option available. Not to mention it is a very tough decision.

      Lets focus on direct pros and cons of an year drop.

      In any company whether a Public sector or private sector, if there is any gap in the academic profile, their is going to be a definite question regarding it. The answer for this looks best only when the candidate gets a much better college in next attempt.

      Let us we discriminate different engineering colleges in rating 0-10, with the worst institute taking 10th position and institutes like IIT B, or K at 1st. If there was ill preparation in current attempt. One may ideally assume 10-20% decrease in position of the college he might get according to above rating. With best effort it may even go to 30-40% decrease. That means, a 10th rank college holder this year, with the best effort may get to 6th rank college next year and a 5th rank college holder this year expect 3rd rank college next year by putting best effort. Let me add a point special to you. An SC/ST candidate have much higher chance to decrease the level may be close to 60%, as fight for these seats are slightly less.

      Now, let me clear one more point. After 4-5 years after engineering a candidate gets a salary increment based on his performance in the company and not by the name of his graduate college name. Also, during job shift too, new salary is negotiated based on salary at current job. Even, an IIT pass out won’t get any special privilege in this regard.

      The difference in all these college is placement package. It is the major factor which determines whether an engineer after 4 years is getting 12 lakh per annum or 4-5 lakh per annum.

      Average salary package from a level 1 institute would be 5-6 lakhs. From a level 5 institute 2-2.5 lakhs.

      A year gap surely takes away a whole years salary package.
      The increment usually offered by company is close to 10% and what your son may expect in best case is 30-40%. So, on this basis a year gap is good.

      I have discussed a lot of points involving year gap. Basically, I was trying to analyze what one can expect after a year gap.
      Now, coming directly to your son’s case. A year gap will benefit only when if he could secure at least 2 level better college than now. If you think he was unable to perform to his full extent and he have strength to read the same syllabus and books for one more year. Then only, ask him to take a year drop. I talked about strength as year drop certainly also affects the mind of a student. But, all this would be pointless discussion if next year he gets a much better institute than he might be getting this year.

      About, the specific question about getting an NIT seat, there is huge chances to get an average branch in NIT Jaipur or such level NITs this year. NIT Trichy’s chances are less.
      Read these posts about expected cutoff of this year and pasts. It might give you an average level of expectation.
      You mentioned about sending your son in case of year drop to Kota. I would suggest read these two article too. It will surely help a lot in deciding your choice of place for coaching in case of year drop.
      I think this much will answer to your doubts in a very good fashion. Still, if any doubts remains, feel free to ask. I would like to comment back this time quickly.

  18. shashank yadav says

    hello sir,your blog is superb.i got 84.4%in 12th boards cbse.i did coaching for jee in kota for 2 years.i did not got in jee.130 marks.my chem is poor.my revision also wass not good.after giving jee i wasnt hapy as 2 years hard work was at cost.my aieee marks are 121.i am an obc candidate.in aieee,air 55102 obc 12971 up rank 8625 obc in up 2198.what do u think sir?can i get any nit?iiit?i have not studied since jee.should i go with aieee?my dream is iit.i am thinking to drop this year and study the books u mentioned in your blog along with my coaching material.sir,what should i do when i am unable to solve a problem like when doing sheets of coaching?please reply soon.i am in a big dillema.

    • says

      Hello Shashank,
      looking at your performance in 12th board gives me this indication that the marks or ranks that you got this year in either IIT JEE or AIEEE is not upto your capability. So, you must take a drop without doubt.
      This year i find it hard for you to get any nit, iiit looks far dream. But, i will not surprised if you get a seat there next year.
      Go for self study, no coaching or else. Just be in contact with some teacher, so that you can clear your doubts or discuss unsolved problems once in a week (a group of good students might also work).
      Give your full effort. It is the time which will decide whether you will have a Maruti Alto or Hyundai i20 as your first own car.
      Remember one thing. when you give your 100% in a session of study and try to give little bit extra. That extra is termed as hard work, not the rest 100%. So, try to work hard and harder. Results will definitely come out.
      Ask if you find any sort of doubts.
      Be happy and best of luck.

  19. Gaurav says

    hello sir,
    i have just cleared 12th with 81 percent
    and have given aieee with 101 score
    i was going for coaching for iitjee after 10th
    in the start my concepts were good enough n better den most of dem, in fact in 11th
    ppl used to believe i would clear iit
    but wen 12th came, it came to mind that i should concentrate on 12th also as it is also very important
    so i did, n lost track of iit, i have not cleared iit dis year :(
    m kinda depressed now.. but m wiling to do as much hard work it would take to clear iit this year
    i have toooo many test papers from brilliance n many other institutes
    the gap after 12th have made my so-clear-concepts-earlier into a gr8 confusion
    m willing to start from 2de itself
    i have 10 months in hand, not even a whole year,.. pls guide as to wen should i start solving the papers? plus in many reference books many questions of same type are given, do v need to solve each of it?
    and m planning to do al dis on my own this year with 1st yr engineering
    wud i b able to clear it? pls guide.. m really tensed
    tc ty

    • says

      first of all, if you are going for the preparation along with 1st yr engg, then its going to be very tough year for you.
      First go for strengthening your concept, solve the papers later. As you have already taken a coaching for IIT JEE, self study would be enough.
      You don’t need to solve same type of problem. But, you need to be expertise in solving each type of problem.

  20. Gaurav says

    hello sir,
    i have just cleared 12th with 81 percent
    and have given aieee with 101 score
    i was going for coaching for iitjee after 10th
    in the start my concepts were good enough n better den most of dem, in fact in 11th
    ppl used to believe i would clear iit
    but wen 12th came, it came to mind that i should concentrate on 12th also as it is also very important
    so i did, n lost track of iit, i have not cleared iit dis year :(
    m kinda depressed now.. but m wiling to do as much hard work it would take to clear iit this year
    i have toooo many test papers from brilliance n many other institutes
    the gap after 12th have made my so-clear-concepts-earlier into a gr8 confusion
    m willing to start from 2de itself
    i have 10 months in hand, not even a whole year,.. pls guide as to wen should i start solving the papers? plus in many reference books many questions of same type are given, do v need to solve each of it?
    wen is it dat i should considered myself prepared?
    and m planning to do al dis on my own this year with 1st yr engineering
    wud i b able to clear it? pls guide.. m really tensed
    tc ty

  21. CHETAN PARMAR says

    Hi Abhishek ji I am very much Thankful to you sir You have done detailed study my son’s case and I too understood points you mentioned. sorry for replying late but as we were expecting results for AIEEE and it came at around 106 marks he was expecting 110. His Ranking as AIR 74488,AIR CAT 2468, MH Rank 4354, MH CAT rank 0167
    He wants to do Electronics engg. from Good NITs pl. If possible suggest me some few In western Belt i.e. Raj. Guj. Mh. or South India. Also Is the score Ok pl also make comment on it I am not extremely satisfied but I do not want to discourage him. His Mother blames on Coaching class and collage but I think He should have studied well and gathered more info Online or should have used online Resources. I used to tell him to Look for it but he always Ignored it. you pl. understand my feelings
    thanks for replying regards
    Chetan parmar

  22. CHETAN PARMAR says

    I also would like to thank Mr Rohit as My son secured 106 marks as he was expecting 110. His Ranking as
    AIR 74488,
    AIR CAT 2468,
    MH Rank 4354,
    MH CAT Rank 0167
    Is it ok Or bad.

  23. shubham goel says

    hello sir , i got air 12641 in aieee and haryana rank 526 , i could not get into iit ( with a score of 207 , cleared eml ) . i think i can get nit kurukshetra , but i want to be iitian , what would be good for me , to take addmission in nit and prepare for iit simultaneously or drop an year ( i want to now if the syllabus of btech 1st year simillar to jee or not )
    plzzz reply asap . m waitin_

    • says

      in my opinion if you get a good nit seat. drop the idea of IIT next year. A year in that case would be more precious. read some analysis about drop year case that i discussed on this blog.

  24. ajay says

    sir can i clear iit by taking class 11 and 12 coaching from a institute which mainly focus on ncert books plz plz help

  25. Ajay says

    Sir dan how should i study to crack iit i scored 89 percent in class 10 in cbse nd now m in class 11 is it necessary to study higher level along with 11 nd 12 level to crack iit plz help sir

  26. says

    iit jee requires higher level of knowledge than what one read in 11th or 12th. So, one surely needs higher level study to crack iit jee.
    sorry, i’m away from my home for a month…..so facing difficulty in replying.

  27. Bhavika says

    Hello sir,
    I am a average student. I secured 75% in 10th and 79% in 11th. I was taking IIT-JEE coaching from 11th in Indore but in 12th i studied on my own coz of some problems and shifting to a different city(GWALIOR) as my dad is in a gov. job. I faced many problems this year coz of this and it eventually affected my results of class 12th itz just around 50s and Now i am planning to repeat and shifting to a better place where i can study well and work hard for my dreams. i know after a year gap itz difficult to again match that level of studies,I am sure i can do this and my concepts are strong for my further studies. But i’ll try my best and for now i am trying to make my parents agree for moving out of this city and, this city isn’t so good for engg preparations. I am planning to move to Indore where i prepared, i took my 11th classes from Indore. But this year all the best institutes didn’t had the results i expected. suggest me a good coaching institute.plzzz asap!! N i wnna b a ”aeronautical engineer” :)

    • says

      Hello Bhavika,
      Sorry, but I don’t have a good knowledge about institutes and its performances. For the case of local institute, try to get the info from seniors in your city.
      One thing I want to point out that coaching just play supporting role in your selection. It’s your hard work which will determine the chance of your selection. An average institute which can clear your doubts is better than a very good institute far far away. As for study one need mental peace too.
      As you mentioned about aeronautical engineering as your dream area, I want to give a link to a page that may help you know good institutes regarding this course

    • says

      Look Sonu,
      IIT need continuous study for 2 years to get success. The combination of great mind, proper guidance, and proper way of study let you get a rank under 500. Study hard and continuously for two years, you will get what you required.
      When I started the preparation of IIT, someone said to me, If you want to clear IIT with good AIR, lock yourself in a room for 2 years, throw the key and just study. Means, cut yourself from social life and just study.
      I would like to mention, a friend of mine had got rank around 700 in IIT and his friends told me they never saw him studying apart from in class. So, there are such examples too. But, these are exceptions citing examples of exceptional people with exceptional mind. Don’t get confuse if you hear such stories.

  28. ankit dhankhar says

    i am a student of class 10th and i want to be an iitian i am student getting 81%to90 %
    marks. please give me some suggestion about books and study plan. please give the strategy how i learn concepts and which concept is very much important. please give me answer very fast so that i can read and clear my parents draeam and mine.

  29. says

    Sir i am planning to take a drop for iit-jee 2012 and planning for home preparation , i have taken jee coaching for 2 years of 11th and 12th , and now i feel that i can do a better job sitting home and i am ready to prepare day and night for an excellent rank , however my parents are opposed to the idea of a drop and further to home preparation . my dream is to study in one of the top 5 iit’s . i am really confident that if i work hard i can crack jee with a rank below 500 also the same thing was told to me by my coaching and school teachers but i was not pretty serious in my first attempt also my schedule got disturbed from december due to board practicals and prelims . but i am very much serious now and please could you tell me some good books for maths and about fiitjee AITS please guide ……

    • says

      Sorry Aditya for late reply,
      As I see from your words, I see you are very confident in getting a good rank in IIT. If you could even get a rank below 1000, I would say go for a year drop. It will be a good idea. Self study is best option for getting best from you.
      I would like to suggest that along with self study be in touch with your teachers from last coaching or school to clear your doubts. It is very important.
      For the books, refer this http://rukhaiyar.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/how-to-prepare-for-iit-jee/
      Feel free to ask if you still feel some doubt.

  30. akshay says

    sir, first of all this is the best page i have found from past two years discussing about IIT-JEE so thanx for that. I have got 91.6 percent in XII board. I did not joined any coaching in last two years for IITJEE, got 181 in JEE this year. Unfortunately, i lost my confidence and concentration(after the paper leak, it was the worst moment in my life till now) in AIEEE this year and was able to get only AIR 17399 with 1566 in my state, Delhi. I got 225 rank in IP CET of Delhi and 274 marks in bitsat. Now, i have all IP colleges in my hand, DCE’s lower branches and i don’t know about my colleges through AIEEE and BITS.DCE and IP colleges are very very near to my house.
    My questions are-:
    1. shud i prefer a lower branch(viz. Biotech, prod and indust, polymer n chem, environmental, engg physics and automobile) at a reputed college like DCE or a branch of my choice in non reputed college like of IP?
    2.my parents are not allowing me to drop. so can i do IIT prep along with college. colleges are near to my home so can this be an advantage?
    3. or shud i prefer colleges like NIT hamirpur, uttarakhand, raipur etc which are not the one in best NITs.
    please sir i know you are the only person on planet who can get me the hell out of this problem. also sir post a blog for partial droppers strategy of preparation.

    • says

      Hello Akshay,
      If you had read my reply to comments asked by many 12th passed students, you would have noticed that i am very much against taking a drop unless and until this year was a nightmare for the candidate and you are expecting dramatic improvement in the scene next year.
      In your case, I only see that you very much under performed in AIEEE. It is not that you will not improve your marks next year in IIT JEE or other tests. But, comparing that with an year drop, an year drop doesn’t look a good choice to me.
      There are two things a good branch in an average college or an average branch in a good college. For me second one is better thing. Every branch have money, growth and job opportunity. Any course taken at a good college will make you excel in the particular course area. But, an average level college with average teachers and average academic environment will only make you an average knowledgeable person in the field. In terms of salary too, one may feel less satisfied from an average level college.
      You are getting an opportunity to read at DCE. There are a lot of pros in selecting a college as this located in Delhi.
      Keep this in mind always that a college in a place like Delhi or Mumbai can give you better placement than one in Dehradun or Vellore. It is always said that IIT kanpur is better than every other IITs, but still not the best as it is not located at a place with good air connectivity. Colleges like Amity Noida able to show 100% placement as it is situated in prime job location.
      In every aspects, I found that DCE is the best option for you. I don’t feel that you should take a drop unless you have any special college or branch in mind.
      Feel free to clear any further doubts.

      • says

        About preparing for IIT simultaneously, I don’t think this is a good idea. It needs a lot of mental and physical work to prepare for IIT along with 1st year engg. Remember after first job switch no one is going to offer better salary if you are from IIT. Only your performance matters in getting a good increment in your salary, plus DCE is a reputed name.
        Please explain what do you mean by partial droppers. I would get time I would certainly write about it.

    • says

      I have no idea about FIITJEE AITS. So, could not give light on this subject.
      I have no idea about self test books. Generally, students try to collect home based tests of different institutes for this purpose. One I would like to recommend is Arihant’s topic wise problem collection of IIT JEE. I must add this book in recommended book section. This is a very good and vital book to boost your confidence and make you clear about the area from where IIT JEE ask questions.

  31. akshay says

    thanx sir. By partial droppers i mean those students who take admission in college and prepare for jee simultaneously. i have seen one guy who cracked JEE whether he was in an IP college with AIR 1201. So i thought of it as the only option left to me to claim IIT mark.
    sir, please tell me about IP colleges if you know about them. i can get any branch or college of my choice there.
    also sir as you told about DCE which will you say better of these average branches. for instance which would be better between biotech, prod and indust, polymer and chem, environmental, automobile and engg physics? Sir please also answer my third question of earlier post about average NITs far from home.
    please reply soon sir…..

    • says

      For me Automobile is a good choice as it have great scope in India and demand will rise as more and more foreign brand hit Indian roads. But, I would not pressurize you for any particular branch it should be your personal decision based on your interest. Any one can just guide you which branch will teach you what.
      I would again say that if you could secure DCE it is better than any NIT you are naming.

  32. Nikhil says

    Hello sir,
    First of all ur article is very gud and so r ur replies.It is the best article that i have read in the last two years.
    My background: iitjee: didnt qualify got 210,open category,studied from coaching institute and also gave brilliant tests. my preparation was quite gud but i made the mistakes that u have mentioned that u did i.e. prepared for brilliant t for tests infact sometimes for weeks.my maths was very gud in jee paper. pyhsics was normal but my chemistry performance was extremely poor. thats y i lost my rank. if i had done better (i know i could have done much much better) i could have easily crossed 300 marks. okay my aieee rank 4000. so i will surely get into some good nit but in the later rounds. my bitsat score was 300. also cbse 12th 97%. now my questions:
    1) i still want that iit tag. but i dont want to repeat. so what are my chances in iit jee next year if i study for it along with my 1st year in probably a good nit. i know nit is not bad at all. it is one of the best but not “the best!”.
    2) if at all i am going to study for it again with my 1st year, how should i prepare,meaning ; when can i study during the day along with my normal college schedule? will i get enough time for it? shd i not concentrate on 1st year studies completely?
    3) these two years i kept concentrating more on concepts and theory rather than more of problems and tests. so now ill have time to solve problems but what about tests? how can i give tests? should i join brilliant or fiitjee again or what else should i do?
    4) i have always wanted to do all sums in perfection; and in that process i have lost my speed. how can i improve the same?
    5) i always or rather most of the times make silly mistakes. are there any ways to curb these silly mistakes especially in an exam like jee?
    6) i just cant understand the method to attempt multiple choice questions (as in the questions with more than one correct) . what strategy should i use while solving such problems?
    7) lastly i would like to know what kind of methodology one should use to attempt a whole iit jee paper , because many people have told me many different ways but none of them seem to work. i keep messing around the whole time. and at last i miss out those very easy questions too.
    I would be very thankful if u reply to me as soon as possible…
    thanks in advance

    • says

      Hello Nikhil,
      Sorry for late reply. I was not getting time to comment back.
      First of all, I have written a article about those who try for IIT JEE along with 1st year engineering course. See the article here: http://rukhaiyar.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/iit-jee-what-should-be-strategy-for-partial-droppers/
      This article will address most of your initial questions.
      Perfection is not a bad thing. Even I have this weakness. I like perfection and try to improve even the best I did. When you solve more and more problems the perfection will come naturally along with less silly mistakes. How many times this happen that you raise your hand to eat and your hand goes anywhere else than your mouth. I think none. Even if you are eating in dark or have attention somewhere else you could not do such mistakes. Why you have overcome silly mistakes by practice and your are getting perfect result every time.
      About MCQs with more than one correct answers, there are two types of questions. One theory based like which of these could react with NaCl or What is/are the ores of Iron. These could are the toughest of the two types as you can correct these only if you know everything about which asked. Second type is those which are solved step by step like (x-2)(4-x) > 0 then x may take which values. In such problem you have to solve them step by step without even minor step. Generally, while solving these problems will break in few different possible parts. If you take every step cautiously then you can solve these very easily.
      I loved to solve these problems specially second type of. At my time IIT JEE didn’t used to asked such problems.
      Lastly, I would like to know in detail about your last problem # 7. Explain what you used and what problems you faced?

  33. apoorv says

    can i prepare for iit-jee without coaching?????????????????how???????????????i am in class 12th………………………..

  34. Sagar says

    Hello Sir,
    This year i got a score of 202 in jee 2011 with PCM as 50/98/54. now sir i am repeating this year to improve my score i did my coaching in 11 and 12. Now i am thinking of opting for self study at home. so my questions are 1) i am following these books Physics:- HCV and DC pandey Chemistry: RC Mukherjee (physical), jagdamba singh (organic) and arihant (inorganic) Maths : ML khanna and SK goyal. so r these okay ??? also i have FIITJEE RSM
    2) now i have started preparing 10 days back and some people of my institutes r takin coaching again after 11 and 12 and i am getting a feeling like they would score more by takin coaching so should i too join or not???
    3) well time to time i also get feelin like if i am not able to score next year then wat would happen and all so wats your suggestion on removing this elements ????

    • says

      Hello Sagar,
      As you have already went to a coaching for JEE in 11th and 12th. It is time for self study. Just be in touch with your previous coaching’s teacher and discuss with them your doubts almost every week. Generally, if you are in good terms with your teachers, you will face no problem in getting their assistance. It is important to remove your doubts constantly while self-study. Either it is done with the help of your teachers or your friends, but it needs to be done.

      1. Every section is fine just you have problems with books in Chemistry. Arihant is good for Inorganic. If memorized well, it may show wonders along with RSM package. About organic, honestly saying I’ve never heard the name of Jagdamba Singh. I would say go with solomons & Fryhle along with its problem book. You will not require any other book after that. For Physical, I don’t know whether there is a theory plus problem book of RCM> When I used to prepare there was only a problem book of RCM, but a very good book. If there is a theory book (i read some reviews on net) by RCM, go for it. In the market there were very few good books for Physical chemistry which was overall good in every section. I’ve not seen the book. But, I would say go with it.

      2. Always remember that whatever anyone gets in the exam depends on how much time he/she have studied it by self. Generally, coaching students perform well as they could clear there doubts by there teachers. I have already asked you to be in touch with your teachers for clearing your doubts. The final result will just depend on how well you utilized the time for self-study. If you read in the balanced way with good strategy, no doubt you will perform better than your friends.

      3. There is always an improvement in performance when you take exam after 12th than when you take it along with 12th board. This year you appeared for the exam with mind deviating for 12th board. Even, you could not give your total time for JEE preparation. When you will study just with one aim. You will certainly do better. I can assure you that you will bet better than this year. But, if you read in optimal way you will get the best. Don’t think about these things.

  35. sanchit goyal says

    hello sir thnxx a lot for ur help i got from the above article!!!!

    i’m sanchit goyal from delhi, a 12th pass student with 10th marks 85%,12th marks 86%,iit jee score-141(nq),aieee score 124 with a rank 52499!!i ve already decided to take a drop nd infact i ve already taken it…the name of coaching institute is guidance with some famous book writers like kc sinha ,p bahadur dc pandey v sharan teching there !!!!!I didnt have ne coaching during 11th and 12th class !!i ve just started my preparation from 1st july u can say nd i think that it is a little late..i’m aiming a 3 DIGIT RANK next year in iit jee THE THING I WANT TO ASK ARE
    1)which test series should i join??
    2)for organic chemistry will morrison boyd theory + arihunt questions work??
    3)what extra i need beside HCV + 34 years iit jee questions in physics??
    4)for maths should i do a single book like i ve ml khanna(old edition) and rd sharma or should i choose different books for different topics???and if any please mention which books should i choose??
    5)my memory is a lil week in case of chemistry.i mean i cnt mug up things like those in inorganic chemistry…ne suggestions to cure this???
    6)Approximately how many topics each subject should i cover in a month …and when to completely finish my syllabus and start practising mock tests and revising???
    7)and the last query it takes me about one and half an hour to reach the inst i have joined so here only my 3 hrs of a day got wasted plus i loose my energy because i have no experience of studying coaching classess and that too much far!!!!!so its just the start and i’m unable to study more than 2hrs n that too with low concentration!!!!any suggetion regarding this!!!!!

    i thank you again in advance !!!
    for question no. 5 and seven -i ll f8 with them i just need is ne suggetion!!!!!!

    • says

      Hello Sanchit,
      thanks for your comment.
      1. I liked FIITJEE a lot. It used to be well balanced. But, don’t know about other Test series.
      2. I would not suggest for Morrison Boyd. It’s tough book and you will find hard to relate its theory with the IIT JEE requirement. I would suggest to go with Solomons & Fryhle along with its solution book. It will be suffice. You would not need other book for theory and problems. The problems in this book are copied in Arihant book, but solution in arihant is not clear as the writter had not explained them. But, when you read the theory from Solomons and solve its problem. You will be able to solve it well and you could clear your doubts by looking in solution book. The language of the solomons is far more easy than morrison boyd.
      3. Get DC Pandey book. You must use a book which is solely for IIT JEE. HC Verma will take you to IIT JEE level. But, as it is not written keeping in mind any particular standard of students, you must use a book which can help you to be prepared for JEE type of questions.
      4. ML khanna is good. But, if you could manage Arihant series of books. It will be best.
      5. Practice is the best way to overcome this problem. Solve more and more problems in inorganic chemistry. But, yeah you have to memorize some of the things which occurs less frequently in question. Like extraction of all the metals.
      6. For the calculation of topics per month, calculate your self. You should start mock test around one and a half month prior to IIT JEE. Test series will commence in around Nov-Dec.
      7. take energy drinks daily, like horlicks or complan. If you take any bus or Metro for going to your institute, try to utilize this time in reading theories or you could even solve problems. Just in any way utilize maximum time you could out of your travel time. If possible try to study more at you institute, if they provide extra room for students for self study. As if you think to read after coming home you will definitely be more tired and exhausted. Any how you have to improve the time for self study. Self study is the most important key for best performance.

      feel free to ask if you have any more doubts.

  36. sanchit goyal says

    thnxx a ton sir!!!!!!!

    but i’m not clear about my 4th query ,u mean to say arihunt series i.e shud i do different books for different topics?????

    1. these days it is said tht fiitjee test series contain olympiad level nd it is not that much worth for jee is tht true?????

    • says

      Yes i meant to say different books for different topics from Arihant’s books.
      About test series, keep in mind that they are the most professional institute in the market with highest number of students. They will not ask Olympiad level question just to please few students. And, it will not harm even if they ask few high level questions.

  37. shashank yadav says

    hello sir.thanks for your reply on 9june.i have decided to drop and i am on my way.sir,i wanted to ask which book to follow in physical chemistry.how is arihant?i have p bahadur plus my coaching notes . but p bahadur is not solely for jee.plz sugest book .if one book is not sufficient then tell 2-3 books.

    • says

      For IIT JEE, there was not a single book, which I used to find as complete for IIT JEE. Even the most trusted publisher, Arihant have very loose book in chemistry section. Recently someone asked me about RC Mukherjee’s physical book. I didn’t know about a theory book by this writer. If it is available give a look at it. I’ll try to find it in the market. But, I expect it to be good. When I used to prepare for JEE, I had around 3-4 books for physical, plus 2-3 different coaching materials. This much helped me to build a good base. I would suggest to go with the material you have now. Read every chapter one by one from all the source and solve the question from one or two source one by one. This might be the best way. Sorry, I have no best solution for Physical Chemistry.

  38. Sagar says

    Thanx a lot Sir
    Your words especially for the 3 comment lifted my spirits.
    Well sir i have solved RC mukherjee and Jagdamba singh whole book during my 11 and 12 so now ill try solomons and fryhle itll be a change . My score wasnt upto standards bcoz of inorganic and mainly the the revision part i wasnt able to revise and plan it properly with boards, that hurted a lot for physics and maths too i got confused with alll the school teachers fussing about boards. Could u suggest me some revision plansa after i have perfected my topics!!!

  39. Sagar says

    btw the organic book name is Recent trends and Advances in IITJEE Organics Chemistry by DR. Jagdamba Singh publisher is pragati prakashan

  40. tannu says

    Hello Sir,
    I want to tell that my condition is similar to yours. I failed to crack IITJEE this year. But I know that I can do it and I want to do it. But I’m not so serious about my studies and future plans. Also, counsellings (on the AIEEE bases) are going on and my parents are interested in me getting admission in some regional college because they know that I’m so ignorant about my studies. I took 2 years coaching in XI & XII but didn’t studied well. My condition is the worst one. And, I still don’t know what to do! Whether to take two test series (Akash & FIITJEE), one of which will start this month and another will start later. Or, to take the regular classroom program at the FIITJEE Chandigarh. Please help me and guide me.
    Thank You.

    • says

      First of all don’t enrol in any test series which starts in coming months…….It will ruin your preparation. I don’t know how to guide you as many things are not clear about you by what you have written. Give some explain about what you think you should do and what you expect next year, if you drop. I’m unable to frame your thinking and your chances for next year. Sorry.

      • tannu says

        hello sir,
        thanks for replying.i took coaching for iit-jee in XI and XII. but i didn’t studied well. so i failed to crack it this year. but if i work hard, i know i can do it. but working hard is again a problem. i’m so lazy and ignorant about my studies. that’s why my parents want me to take admission in some college. but i don’t want it and go for fiitjee’s regular classrom program or some test series. i know i can do it but there are some doubts. :(

      • tannu says

        hello sir,
        i have one more question. i want to improve my marks in XII. what’s the procedure? i passed it this year with 70%. thank you.

  41. tannu says

    Hello Sir,
    I want to tell that my condition is similar to yours. I failed to crack IITJEE this year. But I know that I can do it and I want to do it. But I’m not so serious about my studies and future plans. Also, counsellings (on the AIEEE bases) are going on and my parents are interested in me getting admission in some regional college because they know that I’m so ignorant about my studies. I took 2 years coaching in XI & XII but didn’t studied well. My condition is the worst one. And, I still don’t know what to do! Whether to take two test series (Akash & FIITJEE), one of which will start this month and another will start later. Or, to take the regular classroom program at the FIITJEE Chandigarh. Please help me and guide mme.
    Also, I haven’t studied from the last two months. And, can it help if I take only those two test series and do self study? Please help me.
    Thank You.

  42. anuj tiwari says

    sir i hav h.c.verma for phyics ,, should i continue with it or i should go for arihant?

    and for organic chemistry i have o.p.tondon ,,, is it good? or i should go for solomon?

    and for mathematics i have m.l.khanna,,,

    please tell me should i study from these books or buy those wat u said!!!!

    • says

      H C Verma is a very good book. If you have solved it once and feel like you remember how to solve many tricky question, while solving next time. Then, you could switch to Arihant’s.
      O P Tondon is a good book. But, in comparison to Solomons an average book.
      I don’t know much about M L khanna. But, it is recommended by all the institutes and teachers. No problem in solving problems from this book.

  43. shubham goel says

    hello sir ,
    my aieee air is 12641 ( haryana general category ) . in 2nd counselling of ccb i hv got civil engg. in nitt kurukshetra and in third counselling i will surely get IT in nit kurukshetra but i want to go to IIIT allahabad which i may only get in 5th counselling because last year in 5th counselling its closing rank went upto 14800 . SO I WANT TO KNOW SHOULD I SURRENDER MY SEAT OF IT NIT KKR IN 3RD COUNSELLING FOR IT IN IIIT A .
    acc. to last year cutoffs i may get
    ICE in nsit delhi – 12900 last year closing rnk
    MPAE in nsit – 14300 last year closing rnk
    software eng. – dtu – 14600 last year closing rnk
    production – dtu – 13800 last year closing rnk
    MCE – dtu
    automative eng.. – dtu
    though i will get any of them in last counsellings
    so plzz tell should i surrender my seat and what will be best for me

    • says

      I would not suggest to wait as it is not certain that a seat or two be left vacant till 5th counselling. It would be good idea to aim for better college with average course than average college with better course. I would suggest to go with DTU. DTU I think would be better than NIT kurukshetra. I would not suggest the branch. It should be decided by you. Read a lot about all the branch in detail and prepare your mind with the options available.

  44. Mohit says

    8-) Hello sir , if u rememeber i m mohit whom u replied awesomely…….. Thanxxx….. A lot …. I m thanking u late because i hand over my sim to my mother . bcz itz big distraction . Sir i m having more qurreis which i want to ask :D hehe…. Sorry….. Hopefully i m not annoying u so here we go… 1. Sir i want to ask to ask how is y.g file , bcz i going to opt for b.t test series along y.g file ??? 2. Sir i want to ask problems from fiit jee rsm ( i opt it two years ago) is good or not specially organic and inorganic part after doing solomons ??? 3. Sir , after doing hcv should i do fiitjee rsm or dc pandey objective which one is better ??? 4. Sir my prepration is going well but i want to ask that should i give more stress on maths ,so that to make a good contentender for ISI ???? Thanxxxxxxxxxxx………….. In advance @ shashank yadav , i want to tell p. Bahaadur physical chem vol 1 by balaji publication its best book for numerical chem and do theory from arihant. … Thanxxx….. A lot …. I m thanking u late because i hand over my sim to my mother . bcz itz big distraction . Sir i m having more qurreis which i want to ask :D hehe…. Sorry….. Hopefully i m not annoying u so here we go… 1. Sir i want to ask to ask how is y.g file , bcz i going to opt for b.t test series along y.g file ??? 2. Sir i want to ask problems from fiit jee rsm ( i opt it two years ago) is good or not specially organic and inorganic part after doing solomons ??? 3. Sir , after doing hcv should i do fiitjee rsm or dc pandey objective which one is better ??? 4. Sir my prepration is going well but i want to ask that should i give more stress on maths ,so that to make a good contentender for ISI ???? Thanxxxxxxxxxxx………….. In advance @ shashank yadav , i want to tell p. Bahaadur physical chem vol 1 by balaji publication its best book for numerical chem and do theory from arihant.

    • says

      Answer 1:
      Y G File is nt just good. It is the best. But, I have not a very good experience wit BT test series. I would suggest FIITJEE for it. Also, go for a test series in oct or nov. not before that.
      Answer 2:
      Solomons will build a strong base in organic. Any material after that will help you. It will be better to solve FITJEE’s RSM after Solomons. You will frame your mind to the question patter of IIT JEE.
      Answer 3:
      After HCV, you should solve DC Pandey and lastly if time permits, RSM.
      Answer 4:
      In my case, my maths was the worst section out of all three. Still, I cleared ISI very easily. Along with the admit card of ISI, it will send a sample paper of question paper. I spent around 2-3 hours overall on the question paper and found out that questions were easily solvable for me. And, I didn’t misjudged. For ISI, your base in mathematics should be strong. Don’t panic about it. Just keep an eye on IIT and prepare normally, i.e. keeping equal balance on each three. For ISI prepare should be done after receiving admit card and sample paper. If you are good in mathematics, you would perform well in its exam. Solving more and more problems will not help you to crack it. Just waste of time.

  45. Mohit says

    8-) Hello sir , if u rememeber i m mohit whom u replied awesomely…….. Thanxxx….. A lot …. I m thanking u late because i hand over my sim to my mother . bcz itz big distraction . Sir i m having more qurreis which i want to ask :D hehe…. Sorry….. Hopefully i m not annoying u so here we go… 1. Sir i want to ask to ask how is y.g file , bcz i going to opt for b.t test series along y.g file ??? 2. Sir i want to ask problems from fiit jee rsm ( i opt it two years ago) is good or not specially organic and inorganic part after doing solomons ??? 3. Sir , after doing hcv should i do fiitjee rsm or dc pandey objective which one is better ??? 4. Sir my prepration is going well but i want to ask that should i give more stress on maths ,so that to make a good contentender for ISI ???? Thanxxxxxxxxxxx………….. In advance @ shashank yadav , i want to tell p. Bahaadur physical chem vol 1 by balaji publication its best book for numerical chem and do theory from arihant. … Thanxxx….. A lot …. I m thanking u late because i hand over my sim to my mother . bcz itz big distraction . Sir i m having more qurreis which i want to ask :D hehe…. Sorry….. Hopefully i m not annoying u so here we go… 1. Sir i want to ask to ask how is y.g file , bcz i going to opt for b.t test series along y.g file ??? 2. Sir i want to ask problems from fiit jee rsm ( i opt it two years ago) is good or not specially organic and inorganic part after doing solomons ??? 3. Sir , after doing hcv should i do fiitjee rsm or dc pandey objective which one is better ??? 4. Sir my prepration is going well but i want to ask that should i give more stress on maths ,so that to make a good contentender for ISI ???? Thanxxxxxxxxxxx………….. In advance @ shashank yadav , i want to tell p . Bahaadur physical chem vol 1 by balaji publication its best book for numerical chem and do theory from arihant.

  46. ajay says

    hello! i m ajay i m studying in 12 class’ living in ghaziabad and also studying in vidyamandir coaching centre.bhaiya i didn’t study well in 11 .but i started studying seriously in 12 but after few months i don’t know what happened to me my studying time reduced to 2 to 3 hours a day. but now after meeting with my maths teacher who got air55 rank in iit jee i badly want to crack iit with top 100 rank and i am ready to forget my all leisures for this but as i missed some important classes of my coaching as 2 weeks earlier i went to my uncle’s marraige where i spent 8 days and missed 3 classes .so now i m not able to decide what to do whether to start strengthening my concepts and problem solving skills from 11 or to just keep going with coaching but i also not able to do that as i missed some classes so can u please guide me to get out of this problem .1 thing more i want to tell u from this year i m not going to school i am just going for tests.

    • says

      Hello Ajay,
      To reach the target you are aiming, there is two way either you need to be a gifted personality or you have to work really hard in a systematic way. I don’t know about the first one. But, don’t fit the second one till now. I feel that this year only damage control could be done. Such aim require you to be strong on the basics and have good command on problem solving. I would suggest you to forget the past and try to make your concepts strong. If you are really ready to achieve this target be prepared to drop a year. You might need one more year to achieve this target.
      It is very hard to prepare for IIT JEE in one year. Try to cover as much topic as you could. As you are not attending your school. You must be getting ample time for self study. Utilise it well. Don’t worry about the classes which you have missed. Read from the books and clear your doubt from the teacher. I read nearly all the portion of physics myself and it was the strongest of the three. Till the time, I was attending Algebra classes, my algebra was weak. But, after I started reading algebra myself. It became strongest section of mathematics. Devote around 14-15 hours of your daily time in just study along with coaching time. Try to focus just on your studies.

      • ajay says

        bhaiya i have no words to thank you.you are like a ray of light for me in complete darkness. i got the right direction from your reply but i have a doubt .as said by you that i have to be prepared for the drop, to which i also agree but there is a question which is threatening me. that is , if the new jee examination pattern as suggested by Mr. Kapil Sibbal get implemented in 2013 then what will i do??

    • says

      hello dear , i was also a student of vmc , unfortunately i could not clear iit because same thing happened with me , i would suggest rather than discussing here and there discuss with bade bhaiya , he will surely take u to right path nd follow him blindly , this was what i could not do .

  47. says

    Hello Ajay,
    Don’t worry. There is going to be no changes in IIT JEE pattern as suggested by Kapil Sibbal. May be you are referring to aptitude test and 12th percentage basis admission. I don’t think this is going to be implemented. There is not just one 12th board in India. It is hard to normalise their marks. This year topper of Jharkhand board got just 84%. No doubt he could clear JEE very easily. But, the pattern which Kabil Sibal wants to implement will not allow him to get even NITs (if NIT seats are also filled by the same process). Hence, hope for good. It is not going to happen.

  48. Rishi says

    Hello bhaiya my name is Rishi i am studying in 12.this year i m preparing for iit jee myself but as i need a good rank in jee. So i want to go kota next year and take coaching from the best coaching so can u please tell me the best coaching there? Also i want know about some scholarship by coaching so that it would not affect my parents much.

  49. skv says

    hello sir i read ur comments and u r awesome, i want to thank u for this path showing job for all troubled students. i want to master my maths for iit jee what should i do? suggest me good books for concept clearing and for problem solving for various topics like calculas, algebra and others.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment.
      Maths is a subject which have very less theory or better to say very less to understand but, vast to memorize. One can perform well in maths by solving more and more problems. At this stage with the number of formula to keep in mind always, memorizing them is not a good way. The best way is use it more and more time to understand its use well. So, the best way to master maths is to spend less time in theory and more on practice. To enhance this one should try to solve examples before going to problems. It helps to use your mind before seeing the mistakes you were doing.
      You must have heard that TMH’s Mathematics for IIT JEE is regarded as a very good book for mathematics. The book contains more number of examples than problems to solve. A student understand a concept better in a class than by self study, Why? The doubts created in the mind regarding the concept are answer just in time by the teacher in the class. The same happens with examples. Many of your doubts are cleared by solving them. Best way to solve it is by hiding the solution go for problems in example. Give ample time, then look for solution. Many of your doubts will be cleared instantly. So, if one wants to master the maths (or any other subject) by self study, first solve examples, then look for the problems.
      Mathematics have the highest number of good books for IIT JEE. Best to buy Arihant’s series of mathematics which comes section specific for Algebra, Calculus, etc. Then, TMH, IIT JEE maths Book by Das Gupta.

  50. says

    hello sir,i passed out 12 cbse board exam with compartment in maths ,,whether i am eligible to take addmission in iit,nit by cracking iit,aieee but with 12 board as a private candidate or else i will repeat as a regular student ,.plz help me sir , i m in big confusion.

    • says

      i don’t find any problem with these. You have to just pass with 60% in 12th board, no problem whether you filled form privately or by any school. As even Distance learning mode students are allowed for IIT JEE. Go to IIT JEE site and see eligibility in detail on IIT JEE website.

  51. saket singh says

    hello sir.. sir i have passed my board’s exam with 78% and in aieee i have scored a score 56 in b.tech and in b.arch my score is 176. in jee my score is 151. sir i aspire of becoming an iitian. I have decided to take a drop this year and i am a bit confused with the books that i should refer to. my chemistry part is bit weak especially physical and inorganic. so sir can you guide me. also can you tell me how many hours of self study would be sufficient for me. also sir can you guide me how to increase my concentration level. reply soon…….

  52. saket singh says

    and one more sir… can you just suggest me the list of books that are sufficient for IIT JEE. I need to practice a lot to have expertise over my subjects …. please sir….

    • says

      Hello Saket,
      Firstly give a visit to this page http://rukhaiyar.com/2011/05/03/how-to-prepare-for-iit-jee/
      This will clear a lot of your doubts.
      For chemistry portion, lets start with inorganic. For inorganic there is no other way to master it other than memorizing. Few portion could be strengthen by more and more practice. But, some topics strictly require you to memorize. Buy Arihant’s inorganic, it is best and most concise.
      For physical, there is very less number of good books available for this section. There are books like of OP Tondon or OP Agarwal. But, these are written keeping in mind both engineering and medical students. An AIEEE aspirant can make use of these books very well. But, an IIT aspirant have a lot of problem with these books. But, as the options are limited. Go for this book and also Arihant’s physical (it well help to make you comfortable with IIT JEE based problems). The way to master physical chemistry is same as physics, by understanding theory and solving more and more problems and while solving problems clearing your doubts and learning formula application. In physical chemistry formula are less compared to physics but the variety of problems is same. The way I used to master it by reading theory simultaneously one after another from two three books and then solving problems by the same way. This helped me to overcome quality problem of the books as some book have a particular chapter best and other have some other.
      You should study more than 10-11 hours a day for self study and along with coaching study time this should be 2 or 3 hours more. But, remember quality is more important than quantity. Don’t just try to count any how 11 hours of study daily. A full concentration 5 hours is better than just passing 11 hours holding books.
      The best way to increase concentration to remove your mind wandering on other topics. To achieve this try to be more and more related to your study and less to outside world. Meditation is also a good way. But, it will not work if you spend a lot of time on those thing which attract your attention.
      Read the article whose link I have provided for details about the books.

  53. says

    thanks a lot sir,,bt can u plz explain that if i just do 12 as a private candidate ,,is there any prob. in addmission in nit,iit and at campus selection ,time.

  54. says

    ok,sir as u say,,,what do u say about jst to apply for % increment in all ,,now is there any problem regarding addmission in nit,iit…thts my last query ,sir. can u plz help me …

  55. Rajeev says

    Hello sir myself rajeev,i m in class 12 i took coaching for iit jee but left tht this year because of some reasons now i only hv 6 months left for iit jee nd i want to clear it desperately with any rank because i want to become an merchant navy officer ,but the problem is : i have feeling of 3 to 4 chapters only which are of 11 class so i want to ask u wat shud i do and tell me the areas to concentrate more and i don’t like chemistry but weak in maths .

    • says

      Hello Rajeev,
      I think as you are willing to be a Merchant navy officer, you are aspiring for T S Chanakya. I want to point out one thing there is no place for like and dislike when you are preparing for it. Keep in mind if you have to do something, that means by any means you have to do, no space for like and dislike. Every student have a weak subject and a strong subject. But, you have to make even the weak subject enough strong so that you could clear the cut-off, if there is any. For IIT JEE you need to focus equally on all three subjects.
      Rajeev before telling you in detail about the strategy you should use for optimally use the left time, I would like to get some detail info about the portion you have read in coaching or by yourself, which are your strong chapters, and also your interesting ones.

  56. saurabh says

    sir,i am student of ggsipu(maharaja agarsen college delhi) and have completed my first year……..this year i got an improved rank of 16000 in aieee and 288 in bitsat……i want to do an msc course at bits goa but my parents are against it largely cause of the high fees and also cause it’s a 5 year course……what should i do???

    • says

      Hello Saurabh,
      I think as a matter of course and college, BITS will be a better option for you. But, view it from different angle. Right now if you stay at the present college. After three years you will be in job. BITS will kill your two more years. Plus five years from now, if you stay in the present college you will be in salary wise at a better position (if you think to swap the job after two years experience) plus you will have two years experience. After coming out of college, only two things matter your current salary and experience. College name has no place in new salary or increment. Even an M.Tech from the worst institute in India gets more importance than a B.Tech from IIT (at most of the places). You have already spent a year, some money on the present course. The option you have is not that much pretty to leave the present college, unless and until you desire to go for higher education or so, which I doubt is your plan.
      Best of luck.

  57. says

    sorry ,,sir ,bt i want to concern about improvement exams in all subjects,if i improvd in all.then ,can i get a new marksheet.wht do u say ,if in one subject ,i gt 83 marks in language subject this yr. ,and if i will not score more than tht in improvment xam ,,can i suffer any prob, abt getting a new marksheet ,only due to language sub.and improvd in all subjects.

  58. Rajeev says

    In maths i hv a good feeling of quad. Eqn n ineqn.,straight lines,B.T,Sequnce nd series and in physics mechanics,thermodynamics,electrostats,and in chemistry stoichiometry,atomic structure,gas laws,chemical nd ionic eqb.,chemical kinetics,intro to organic,hydrocarbon,solutions.

  59. saket singh says

    Sir, first of all thnx a lot for replying to my previous queries awesomely…. now i studied at coaching in 11 n 12 and going for coaching this year too….
    But one thing I can’t sit back for more than 1.5 hours of study at a stretch and once I go for a break its too long… that I need to avoid at any cost… so can you suggest me some remedies for this…. and yes though I have started preparing properly for 2012 but still I fear that my exam will be messed up on final day… how can I overcome this….

  60. Sagar says

    hello sir,
    replying from my comment on no71 sir as u said i asked my teachers but they are tellin me to join the coaching which i dont wana do so im in a fix can u help???

  61. yogyata says

    hello sir …..
    i want some guidance from u …
    sir, i’m a dropper this year and want to clear iit jee 2012. i am nt a brilliant student i.e i am an average student. is it possible for me to clear iit jee and secure a good rank in it ….

    and if yes … please guide me how i can do that and plz recommend me books accordind to my ability for physics chemistry and maths that i can do for its preperation ….. plz reply at your earlier

  62. satyam says

    sir, i am in class-xi and also prepering for the iit-jee . i wanna to ask u that how can i manage both my school and coaching classes .i’m also very confused to decide which books are good and enough . i’m using rc mukherjee for chemistery, for solving eqn in phy i am using hc verma and for maths i am using rd sharma .Are these books are good and enough to make my concept clear?

  63. Ajay says

    Sir what marks are required in aieee to get nit? Also is chemical engineering a gud option ?dos dis has gud opportunities

  64. Himanshu says

    Sir i am himanshu frm bhopal. I have passed out 12th with 88.8% in cbse brd this year . I have nt taken any coaching or tutions in 11th and 12th . Nw i am taking a year drop frm one of locally famous coaching of bhopal. Sir plz give me full strategy wise information on how to prepare for jee . My coaching takes 6 hours of study and rest of the time i remains at home . So plz tell me how to prepare fr Jee and atleast get more thn 300 marks > I have a belief tht i could get it but sometimes my minds tell me tht since u havent taken any coaching u will nt be able to do it . so plz sir advice me .

  65. yogyata says

    sir also …… i want to mention this that i’m weak in mathematics … so what should i do to strong my maths …….

    plzzzz reply ….

  66. yogyata says

    sir i also want to mention that i’m weak in mathematics .. so what should i do to strong my concepts …

  67. vijay singh says

    sir i am vijay i am repeating study for iit from home ,i complete iit dc pandey arihant book for 11class physics book approx 1500 questions in 1 month,3chap in chem and 2chapter in maths,iit bombay is my dream,but i dont know why i am not able to study now a days my 5friends goes to iit and me here at home,when i start study my hopes goes down thinking about my friends in iit their life,i need to move away from these thought ,can you suggest me what to do next

  68. Himanshu says

    Hi , vijay . Thts the same thing is happening to me . Last 15 days i havent studied the way we should be . My best buddies r also in ther in iit bombay , hyderabad .

    If u got the solution fr this problem then do post it yaar
    . Best of luck fr future and hope we will meet ther in bombay :)

  69. srish says

    I secured aieee 47000 rank nd may be getting a govt. college in uptu..or semi govt. college:I.E.R.T.,allahabad..should i drop or go for the college..m not interested in campus placement.i wanna go for my m.tech after my U.G.!!

  70. says

    Sorry Everyone,
    But, things are clumsy. I will not be able to answer to the queries. I’ve got job in a PSU. I am on training and unable to get access to computers very easily. Plus, I try to give my best suggestions to you all. I try to answer the questions when I’m cool and calm, with no disturbance at all. So, I’ll not be able to give the suggestions to you in near future.
    I’ll try to ask some experienced persons to visit this blog regularly and reply to your questions.

  71. astha says

    Hello SIr,
    I found your article mindblowing..it does helped me a lot.
    Actually i am dropping for 2012(12th PcM:80 %)
    I want to crack JEE but i dont have the caliber to sit for long and study.
    If a tough question comes I loose my patience and stop studying.
    This is my very tough problem..
    Kindly Help

  72. Rashmi says

    hello sir, i wanna ask tht being a repeater is it possible to score a rank in top 500 in IITJEE , with only 1 year coaching after 12th ?

  73. says

    hi sir ..
    m dilsha.frm kerala calicut..nw m repeatin 4 aieee/iit in a coachin
    centr here..i wud lik 2 hav ur advice on ma worries..wel..in ma 11th n
    12th clases i used 2 go in an institute 4 med entrancee coachin..(as
    per ma family’s intrst)bt..wen it cam 2 th end of 12th..it actually
    ..bcam unbearable 4 me.n decided i wont go 4 med…n made ma famly
    axptd it…bt wen isaid i wanna go 4 engg.dey ddnt axpt it..except ma
    bro,who z an enggr…
    .n thus i decidd 2 join 4 bsc physics…n i ws
    sooo sure i wont go 4 entrance agan ..in th end of 12th..i wrote
    kerala engg.entrance.without even turning a page of ma buks..n i ws
    lik who cares wat i’m gonna score in th xam…..n also i ddnt writ
    aieee …i scored 95%in bordxam of +2
    .and aftr 12th i dd JOIN 4 BSC PHYSICS!!BT..wen th KE the
    reslt came n my rank ws 11000..n smthin……n dat ws smthin not
    sooooo bad 4 sm1 who hadnt evn open her buk….n aftr dat ma bro n evn
    sm ader ppl bgan 2 convince my dad…n decided 2 let me to repeat 4
    engg..bt u knw..th fst clas i attempted in that coachin institut ws on
    27th july…almost 2months of classes i lost.
    .in maths i lost chapters upto conic sections
    ,in physics,upto rotational dynamics
    ,nd in chem.upto hydrogen…
    i’m struglin alot nw..n i don knw hw 2 keepup
    ..at fst i thot i can study the topics thru a side..bt..wen it came 2
    reality..it’s so hard 2 keep up..

    n i vl also tel u hw is th system in th institut..v hav physics(one chapter) xam on monday (30 qstns)
    similarly..chem test on wednesday nd math test on friday…and in the end of th weeks (satrday)v hav long
    xams(exams of the chapters tested so far)on one subject each week..
    our clas sheduling is from 8.45-4
    n also we hav alot of assignments also 2 do…m stayin @ a hostel der..

    dis z it…i don knw wen 2 study wat??in wat order?priority??i don knw
    if i shud study 4 th pendin chapters or 4 th xams or th uptodate
    clases …..sooo stressful..plss help me..tel me a proper timtable or
    the order….ur blog ws so helpful 4 me….thanx
    n i realy hop u vl b able 2 help me…i hav told u almost all ma
    w8in 4 ur replies…pls.reply me fast sir..bcos m leavin 2 hostel in 2-days..aftr den..i wont get a chance 2 check email n nthin…so pls sir..b fast

  74. vishal vaibhav says

    thanks for all of your above articles.
    But i have a diff. Doubt
    i got 200 marks in jee
    i am self studying with 2 more student having 250 marks .
    Some of our doubts get cleared amongst us but some doubts say 5 doubts per chapter remain.
    How to get rid of those doubt.
    Is there any coaching where only doubts can be cleared?
    Or a individual teacher.
    Please reply sir.
    This is do or die situation.

  75. sushant says

    sir i want to ask u tht the students who will not get suceeded this year in iit jee , wht will they do if the new pattern for engineering examination including iit jee in 2013 will be applied by kapil sibbal and what those students do who hv joined coaching for jee? please answer this sir as it sffects the creer of many students

  76. says

    Sibal has decided to implement a joint examination (iit and aieee and if possible state colleges).If this happens And a dropper appears in that 2013 exam what will happen..
    As marks of cbse are also going to be counted :(…
    this means that the droppers cbse 2012 marks will be counted ?
    Will Appreciate your reply..!:)

    • sushant says

      according to my knowledge from 2013 there will be a new pattern of examination in which first of all marks of all 42 boards will be equalized by the formula decided by a comitte formed by kapil sibbal eg: 75% marks in UP board is equivalent as 90% marks in CBSE board and then students with higher percentages will be allowed to give an aptitude test which is likely as SAT examination in which no PCM will be included and then students with good ranks are given cooleges starting from iit’s and others according to rank.but i think this will ruin the life of many brilliant students.

  77. says

    sir pls reply
    I completely wasted my 2 years in class 11th and 12th and as is is november. i am only studying for BOARDS, i wanted to repeat but due to the new pattern i am hesitated to repeat, should i repeat or nor BTW i am pretty confident that ill the VITEEE (vellore institute of technology). so waht do u say sir pls reply

    • says

      VIITEEE is not a bad college……plus when you compare all pros and cons…….only one thing will be IIT tag, if you are aiming for it next year. If you are aiming for AIEEE then, don’t wait for repeat.

  78. megha says

    hello sir,

    • says

      Hello Megha,
      It’s unfortunate that the institute from where you have taken class for last 2-3 years is not going to help you if you prefer self study in doubt clearance. In my case, I got help from the teachers which had taught me in the coaching. Anyways lets focus about the alternatives.
      First of all, it’s good that you opted for self-study. If you work hard then it will do wonders. I would suggest first to make a group of 3-4 students. I am suggesting that you should study along with the group. Just meet 2-3 times in a week for an hour an two and discuss doubts of one another. This will help to share your knowledge and make your concept clear and strong. Sometimes when we study alone we try hard to understand something. In the process we tend to assume something as true which is actually false. When we discuss these concepts in the group, the things which are not doubt for us, which we assume that we have understood well, comes in discussion and our understanding gets cleared. Most of the times one’s doubt will get cleared easily in the group. Still, if some problem sticks unsolved or unresolved. Try to post it on some IIT JEE forum. There are many who would love to clear the doubts of the aspirants over the internet. You will get response fast too. Just use these tools for help not for time pass. Concentrate more on self study than spending time in chit-chat in the group.

  79. ajay says

    Sir plz reply has iitjee 2013 pattern really changed and if it has changed than how should i prepare i am in class 11 rit now

  80. Indrayan says

    hello……i’d appeared for jee this year nd qualified it with an air 9500. im currently studying in vjti, mumbai which is also a prestigios college. will it b appropriate for me to give jee next year nd lose one year? nd what r my chances of getting in top 1000 air?

  81. aditya says

    sir. i have got air 7500 in iitjee 2012.sir i want to take partial drop and want to enhance my rank, i want to get under 1500, sir i studied 11 and 12th in resonance and i have its chapter wise sheets, should i buy books you have suggested in your article or resonance package is enough,although i have already done 80% of its question.
    sir , apart from normal studies what other quality i must develop to get under 1500 or 1000.
    also, which test series i should join.

  82. anant says

    Sir , ur advice is very good ! i could not even clear jee this time and i was beaten by my classmates even though i always outperformed them at school !!! Furthurmore people are jeering at my decision to repeat for jee.(iseet now) It has left a burning desire in my heart to prove these people wrong !!! Sir do u think it is possible to secure a very good rank on basis of fundamentals alone without coaching ???

  83. zaid says

    i didnt clear iit jee in first attempt and i want to attempt it again but i dont want to take chance can i go for 1 st year engineering and simentaneosly also appear for iit 2013,if i get selected i can switch.

  84. jibin says

    i m studying in a private engineering college so how can now i prepare for iitjee be from home itself without any coaching …plz plz…suggest me some ways..i need ur help

  85. rj says

    hello,i m first year computer engineering student from mumbai after two months of college i m realising that i m not at all interested in this field and i have strong interest in electronics,i know i m not a iit material but i want to take a drop and repeat mht cet to get a good college and branch of my satisfaction,i am not even able to concentrate on my current studies,i know my this year fees will be not be refunded but if i repeat i will get admission under category and will not have to pay fees for 4 yrs which i m paying now as i got admission in institute quota,also i m confident that i will perform well if i repeat mhtcet but my parents are not allowing me pls sggest what to do….

    • says

      The first important thing you should do is to make sure that you really like electronics or you have some infatuation about it. As I doubt how you get to know about electronics so much that you are thinking to shift. Secondly, in the first year of engineering course, normally the curriculum for all the fields are same. So, how come you are not liking computers.
      Now, the important thing is the decision is not just based on your liking other decisive factors are money and time also. If somehow you achieve in getting admission next year in electronics. Still, you have to be ready with the answer for the interview about this one year. Leaving the course due to interest will not be a suitable answer.
      I don’t know monetarily how much your parents is worried about. But, yes the decision definitely have one strong aspect for this side. If you are definite about your decision, try to convince your parents.
      Lastly, various engineering colleges have an option of branch change at the end of first year. Try to find out in your college if it is so.

  86. rj says

    hii,,i asked you about repeating cet yesterday,thnx for reply
    i studied a little electronics in my hsc as my vocational subject , due to my lower marks i was not getting a seat and hence took whatever best i can get as the picture about mhtcet 2013 was not clear,i dont know anything about software as of now(but i know i dont want to do coding and stuff ) ,and want to do electronics because there is little software in it i know there is a possibility of branch change next year but on condition that i should be all clear in my 1st year without any atkt which 80% students get in mumbai university so i feel it as a major risk,if i get even 1 kt i will not be able to change my branch and then no way out…my parents are avoiding repeat because of money that will be lost(this year’s fees and coaching for repeat as financially we are not strong) i dont know how will i perform in computers next 4 years without any interest…i dont know what to do….

  87. Sachin Pant says

    I have gone to class 12 this year. The problem with me is that i have wasted last year. But I am extremely very serious to get iit bombay with a good trade i.e. i want to be in the top 100. Can I do that in just one year. My maths is very strong. Physics and Chemistry are average. How should i prepare to get a top 100 rank?

  88. says

    I could not study at all for iitjee this year because of mental frustration as I had very little time to complete the syllabus of 11th as well as 12th with a higher level, and I am scoring 101 marks in paper 1 and 216 in paper 2. And expecting 93-94% in boards. I want to take a drop as I know that I can achieve a really good result in the exam next year. Also, I can be in 1-10 in MP PET next year. Should I take a drop? Also, if I do get a really good rank in IIT JEE next year, which IIT should I join? I am really confused about that as I don’t want to leave my two dogs behind here in Indore. I would like to join IIT Bombay if I could visit Indore once every month. What should I do? Please help!

  89. pkaushal says

    i have just written the class 12 board exams and gave the 7 april written paper. sir however i filled the omr incorrectly due to which i am scoring around 85 only. I verified from the vmc answer key where i took coaching in 11 and 12 and my score would have been around 241 if i had filled the omr correctly. Currently i am scoring around 90/120 in chemisrty while in both maths and physics i am scoring negative. having fallen from 241 to 85 i have really lost confidence and am not sure what to do? i was hoping to get into iit but will not be able to sit in the exam itself. i am thinking about dropping but am not sure. pls advice me about what to do. and also pls tell me whether i should join any coaching incase i drop. pls also let me know about the pros and cons of dropping.

    thank you

    • says


      I get an impression that you are a good student. But, don’t really understand why you are so getting depressed about JEE Main. JEE Advanced is still on the line.
      There is no need to get depressed. If you are really good, then target IITs. JEE Main should be just as a backup option.
      For me i took two drops and never gave too much important to AIEEE. IIT or ISI Kolkata was my target. And, I got it.
      Sometimes, these mistakes happen. But, mistakes are for learn lessons. Life or career does no stops. And, the person who have never did mistakes or never failed will never be a well experienced person. Don’t waste your time thinking about it.
      ALso, you are not the first to do such kind of mistakes. In 2002, IIT JEE launched -ve marking in its screening exam for the first time without any news or intimation. Many good students didn’t go through instruction and got marks in -ve. Even, one of my senior did the same. But, now he is in infosys posted in US. And, I never ever after that year heard him speaking about the mistake. Mistakes makes you experienced. But, if you do it again then you will be called an Idiot. You have learnt your lesson. Go with full energy for JEE Advanced.

      • pkaushal says

        sir actually this year we have to bee in the top 1.5 lakh to sit in the iit advanced paper.and i am in general category therefore after reservation cut off for me is around 72000 and as i am scoring only 85 i have no hope of clearing the cut off.sir should i repeat a year?and if yes shud i join any coaching? i am confused as many of my seniors have said that in interviews for jobs, repeating a year is questioned and doesnot make a good impression.

        • says

          I think you should definitely repeat a year. As in your case you may be benefiting much more next year than this year. For coaching,i would suggest to void if possible. Self study is always the best. Be in touch with some teachers to clear your doubts. But, no need for regular classes it will consume much of your time.

  90. pkaushal says

    i gave the iit mains written paper, but i filled my omr incorrectly due to which my expected score is around 85.i verified my answers from the vmc answer key where i took coaching for 2 years, and my score would have been around 241 if i had filled the omr correctly. having fallen from 241 to 85, i am felling very low on confidience and am feeling quite depressed.i am thinking about repeating but am not confident. pls guide me and can u also suggest some physics book as i am not

    • pkaushal says

      *as i am not able to attempt ques which involve mixed concepts like rotational motion and electrodynamics. pls reply as fast as possible.

  91. REDOZ says

    SIR I AM TAKING DROP THIS YEAR FOR 2014 IIT-JEE (JEE ADVANCED),BUT IS CAUGHT IN A UGLY MESS OF DECIDING WHICH INST. IS BEST FOR REPEATERS IN KOTA OR DELHI? SIR PLS GUIDE ME,I AM STUDENT OF AVERAGE I.Q. and yes i want to clear iit? i have taken 3rd class coaching in meerut,,which is of no use at all? pls suggest me best iit-jee coaching institute in kota or meerut

  92. REDOZ says

    SIR I AM TAKING DROP THIS YEAR FOR 2014 IIT-JEE (JEE ADVANCED),BUT IS CAUGHT IN A UGLY MESS OF DECIDING WHICH INST. IS BEST FOR REPEATERS IN KOTA OR DELHI? SIR PLS GUIDE ME,I AM STUDENT OF AVERAGE I.Q. and i take 3rd class coaching in meerut which is of no use,,but yes i want to clear iit,so pls tell me the best institute for repeaters either in kota or in delhi,,

  93. SreyaNP says

    I have given JEE(MAINS) 2013 and ,sadly, i m not able make it to my cut-off marks just cz m in GEN category.
    i m thinking of taking a drop nd prepare for my dream college IIT. but the thing is i have lost myself badly, m not even able to control myself on the part of my score. I have worked damn hard these 2 years and what i get is this. Plz suggest me some ideas to recruit myself and come back to the race. It would be kind of you to help me Sir.

  94. says

    I am going to take a one year drop. But I have taken coaching from FITJEE in class 12. Should I take same FITJEE coaching in this one year also….??? Or else how am I supposed to clarify my doubts…???

  95. says

    I am in chennai..I have completed my 12th..I wanted to improve my JEEMAIN marks as well as to attempt the JEE ADVANCED 2014 as I am doubtful about clearing it this year..I am ready to go to andhra or kota..But I am not able to decide which one..I am lookinfg for claases with professional lecturers ,good accommadation etc..

  96. samrat says

    my physix is very weak wrt of iit preparation..what i should do for making it strong.kindly tell the ways..orwhether i should join any iit coaching centre for preparation……if all the concepts of theoretical can be resolved by the book it will be more helpful..plz dont tell hc verma except it???

  97. Ayush says

    i got 112 in jee mains and 80% in cbse board.I have decided to repeat one year for jee advance 2014.As the top 20 percentile of 2014 will be taken for eligiblity in jee advance for droppers am i safe with my board marks to drop for jee advance,I cannot give improvement exam for boards as it will again increase the pressure.Please reply soon as it is a big decision of my life.

  98. Divanshu says

    Sir, I am going through a hell lot of confusion. So plz reply fast…
    I gave jee mains and advance this yr with 12th. I got 88% in cbse 12th and i am an sc candidate. Moreover I got 129 in mains and rank of 73000(air) and 2200(category air). I am alloted to NIT HAMIRPUR (CIVIL) in first round and got no seat in advanced. So i am really confused whether i should go on with nit or repeat to get better nit or even iit next yr…………..
    I was going to coaching institute During 11TH and 12th and got around 140-150 in iit based tests and I think I had good chances but as u said luck is very Important and that defied me on both the occasions………………
    So I want advice from u about this dilema

    • says

      I would suggest to get more information about NIT Hamirpur. Civil no doubt would not be a good option to graduate with. However, get knowledge about branch change process in NIT Hamirpur. Branch change would be better option than waiting for one more year. If branch change is not possible or very difficult. Then, only think about dropping. Civil is no doubt not much attractive stream.

  99. Priyanka says

    I cleared mains this year , but could not get a rank in iit.
    My parents are not allowing me to take drop neither to take college through mains as all the good ones are very far from my city.
    i’ve got admission in a good local college in cse , its good but nowhere near iit. Can i prepare for JEE’14 alongside college. HELP!

  100. sanket jain says

    Hello sir.
    i had completed my 12th class with 78.8% from CBSE board .
    I cleared mains this year , but could not get a rank in iit.
    My parents are not allowing me to take drop neither to take college through mains as all the good ones are very far from my city.
    i’ve got admission in a good local college in cse , its good but nowhere near iit. Can i prepare for JEE’14 alongside college. HELP!

  101. shobith says

    hello sir
    I appeared for 12th board exam and jee mains this year(2014). I was not able to do good in 12th board exams and i am expecting just 70-75% in boards.Also my marks in jee mains were ridiculous.The fact is i was not really serious about it and i took it very casually.I went to resonance for iit coaching.Now i know that i have done a serious mistake.And to improve i am considering to drop and i am ready to give whatever amount of hard work is necessary.My parents are okay with this.
    The only problem is i also want to repeat 12th board since 75% aggregate is necessary fot bits and other few exams.I am in a lot of confusion right now.I am planing to go to hyderabad in chaitanya institute for repeating jee and i will also be preparing for maharashtra board exam.
    Please tell me is it the right thing to do????

    • says

      You want to take a drop, no problem. But, if you are going to repeat 12th. It is not a good idea. Is “bits” BITS Pilani?

      Personally, I would say you will reduce your chance if you write 12th once again. Better to just prepare for JEE Mains. With 70-75 % in board, if you get good marks in JEE Mains chances are yo may be qualified to appear for JEE Advanced too. However, good thing is you have to concentrate on just one goal.

  102. nikhil gulve says

    i have scored 71 in jee while cut off was 74 so should i look for clg in pune or take a years gap and study for jee….i have completed my boards and secired 83% ……if i go for repeat then should i look for kota or its too late and take admissions in local coaching institute

  103. says

    Nikhil., Could you give some brief intro about yourself. Like how was your preparation this year. What was you score in 10th. What is your hometown. Why do you think its late for Kota? No worries if your description goes long. I can read it. It would be better for me to give proper guidance to you based on your situation, if I know your position well. Else, I would be just Misguiding.

  104. nikhil gulve says

    Sir I am from nasik. I studied at local coaching institute named utkarsh classes.. I joined that institude lately by the end of july last month…we studied for jee till end of december but got back to boards so didnt got enough time to prepare for jee and moreover chemistry was not at all taught well and teachers kept on changing hardly i had prepared for 5 months and that classes too closed by january end…..i got 92% in class 10th and just wanted to pass 11th as it was shown to me like class 10th is all u need to focus and after that its all easy….so i came to know about jee when i was halfway through my 12th as there was noone to guide me properly so now i have completely understood the importance of jee and want to give it my all …but some of my frnds have suggested me to take admission to engineering clg and then again repeat jee but would it be fruitful to do so? And which coaching institude should i look for the seats would be full at kota for repeaters…..

    • says

      Hello Nikhil,

      It is very common among students that they fail to use 11th and 12th period optimally for best they can get. Main reason is always lack of guidance. Till the time one realize and understand everything related to getting into a good college and how to prepare, he/she is about to give 12th exam.

      I have written and article “JEE: Should I take a Drop”. If you have not read it, I suggest to read it once. Also, “What should be startegy for Partial Droppers”

      For your case I would suggest not to take admission in an engineering college this year and concentrate with full focus on next year. You are going to much better than this year. If you are just going to prepare for JEE Main not advanced, do self study and enroll in a test series. If you feel that your basics are not cleared, then you may go for coaching. But, go to Pune, no need to go to Kota. You may feel comfortable in Pune. There are good institutes in Pune. Get information about Bakliwal Tutorials in Pune. It is giving good results.

      Even though if you go for a coaching, keep in mind that the time you spend for self study is the key to your success. Coaching is to get concept and clear doubts.

      If you have something more in mind, feel free to ask.

      • nikhil gulve says

        Thank u for ur guidance… Feeling bit comfotable now……which books should i opt for maths…..its my favourite subject but fail to score at the right time physics is good and i never developed interest in organic chemistry

        • says

          Hello Nikhil,

          I’m not very much updated about recent books which are considered as good. However, you may see some of my suggestions for books here. Even though the list of books here was compiled few years back. Still, some of these are evergreen. Like Organic Chemistry by Solomons & Fryle. I have been a great fan of Arihant Books for Maths. As they don’t just fill the books with problems, but optimally in a systematic order so that you can move to higher level problems rapidly.

  105. nikhil gulve says

    I have heard that nxt year onwards CET is being conducted again…is it true or a rumour..would repeat be a safe decision according to changing education pattern

  106. says

    i have just completed 12 th with 78% and very desperate for iitjee.so i want to drop a year to prepare but as per new top 20 percentile rule my boards percentage will not allow me for iitjee counselling (if i get selected in jee advance).so sir please tell me wheather i should do 12th again for iitjee because i desperately want to use my last chance or take admission in regional college.
    sir i also wanted to know wheather to take coaching if i repeat as i already take coaching in 11th n 12th.

    • says


      It is true that if you are aiming for JEE Advanced, you will face problem. And, for that you have to repeat all the papers of 12th once again, if you like to increase your marks. However, It would be much hectic as just before the crucial time of JEE Main and JEE Advanced, you have to take break for 12th improvement exam.

      It would be better if you aim for NITs. Those are not IIT, but still good. Further, some are better or close to few old IITs too. It would be better to get computers, electrical or mechanical than not so good branch at IIT, with keeping a lot at stake.

      As for coaching, I won’t suggest to take any. Instead, try to get in contact with your old coaching for helping you out with doubts if possible or do it in group of other aspirants.

        • says

          It depends on company to company, not every company have such criteria. However, dream companies, whose pay packages are the best try to reduce the number of applicants in campus selection by putting some criteria, which may include this too. But, nothing is certain.

  107. Nikesh says

    Sir, I have secured 89% in CBSE Boards, 184 in JEE Mains and rank 13967 CML in JEE Advanced. I have a few questions.
    1. According to my marks in JEE Main, I am getting MNIT Jaipur(Home State). But, it was my long dream to get into IITs. And, also, I was expecting a much better rank according to my performances in mock tests just before the JEE Advanced conducted by my institute. Sir, should I repeat?
    2. I am hearing that JEE Main and Jee advanced is going to be merged next year onwards. Sir, is it true?

    • says

      Hello Nikesh,

      I would suggest not to repeat. The kind of energy you will waste for a year could be utilized if you aim for the best college this year, despite whatever the branch and transfer the same energy in branch change. I’m sure if you are hopeful for clearing IIT, you can get the branch change next year. Wasting a year is much more costly. It should be done if you are not getting much better.
      As per your second query, the reason due to which the discussion for merger of JEE Main and advanced is on the table is genuine. Students are forced to work hard for two different competitive exams and if they clear both. Plus, they block one seat extra if they clear both. One exam or one counseling may result very few seats left vacant at the premier institutions in India. However, with the changed government nothing concrete can be said as of now.

  108. Swaroop Latkar says

    Sir, I have secured 76% in 12th board (maharashtra state) and 89 in JEE mains
    I know that i have severely underperformed and also my coaching was not good.
    I got a college in Pune University. I am in dilemma whether to take the college or take a drop and study in 6 months that are left. I am confused whether it is good to take a gap or not. I am not sure whether I will get IIT in preparation of 6 months after a 2 month vacation that I was away from Studies.
    I am planning to study for GATE or GRE if I take admission in Engineering college.
    What will be good for my career
    Just to tell my background I have secured scholarships of 4 and 7 standards and NTS.
    Pl guide me urgently whether I should take a drop or try GATE or GRE after graduation.

  109. saumya says

    sir i have scored 89.8% is cbse class 12 boards…my jee main score was 110…a little less than what was required to qualify for advance ie 115…i had given all other entrance tests of private colleges…so was getting…chemical at vit,vellore….comp science at manipal….comp science at srm chennai..main campus….a mainstream branch in bvp pune…petroleum engineering at Upes..DEHRADUN…but i was so indecisive that i didn’t join any…
    i couldn’t make into BITS,pilani…entrance….and now i am left with jaypee noida computer science..and some colleges of ip university delhi….
    sir i would say i can’t decide whether to take a complete drop…or join jaypee noida and prepare simultaneously…for jee mains,,,,and advance,,,,…if i m able to get a decent branch at bits,pilani…i will be more than happy!!
    please reply as soon as possible….


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