Role of Coachings in IIT JEE selection

Indian Institute of technology (IIT) are the most prestigious institutes of India. It’s the dream of every science students to study at IIT. One may get admission at any IIT after clearing a test organised by the all the IITs. It’s called IIT JEE. As there are many students dreaming to study at IIT or be an IITian. The competition is very tough to clear. Almost 350,000 students each year appear in IIT JEE. Out of which nearly 10000 students are selected. We can find coaching institutes every where which helps students to clear IIT JEE. It is a fact that coaching institutes for IIT JEE are more than double in number of total students selected in IIT JEE. So, the question arises naturally. Are these coaching institutes play any role in the selection for IIT JEE?

Coaching institutes for IIT JEE can be found at almost every corner of street in every town of India. Size and strength of students vary at these places. But, all have same purpose to give students guidance for clearing IIT JEE. No doubt many fail to produce even a single IITian in lifetime. A large number of these institutes teach without proper procedure. There are very kind of institutes. Institutes operating with one teacher and one classroom to institutes with branches in every part of the country. Tuition fees in these institutes also vary from institutes to institutes and city to city. We can say it is a business. Apart from collecting taxes from these institutes, government play no role to monitor the benefits of the students. There are no regulations at all. Any one can teach or cheat students with the dream to be future IITian. Let us see the role of coaching institutes in IIT JEE preparation.

We will discuss here role of various types of coaching institutes for various types of students. We will not excluding the dullest students from our group of students. As they are no where around IIT JEE. They should not waste their time for IIT JEE.

1. Big Institutes

In this category, we will discuss about institute which are well-known in every part of India. These institutes have branches in various city. They send a lot of students to IIT each year. Some well-known names are FIITJEE, Brilliant Tutorials (BT), Bansal Classes, Vidya Mandir, Apex Academy, Narayana, Chaitanya, Career Point, Resonance and Akash. These are some of the well-known names. FIITJEE, BT and Bansal Classes stands in front this row. They are renowned institutes which have given the most students to IIT. So, how does they help students to clear IIT JEE. Does they give them a syrup or tonic to drink or eat. No, they don’t. Let’s discuss how they give such a great results year after year.

BT and Bansal are old very institutes. They started and develop the coaching system for IIT JEE. One more name come in the list, Agrawal Classes. These institute since 80’s are teaching for IIT JEE. They develop a study material on the basis of 10th syllabus which could help the student to grasp the concept needed in the IIT JEE exam. In the beginning there were not many names in the market. So, it was easy for them to get quality students and guide them. As the quality students are with them. They produced good results each year.

Currently, these institutes recruit best teachers to guide the students along with good study material. They organize tests and doubt clearance session regularly. Also, they give students bunch of questions to solve after every concept is discussed. Institute concentrate on more and more practice and doubt clearance. On an average, in these institutes students solve 3-4 times more questions than in regular studies. So, by constant practice and doubt clearance, students gain pace and accuracy. This helps them to clear IIT JEE. They don’t have to think a lot about preparation strategy and other tension. Institutes generally take care of every problem. The institute’s think tank keeps a keen eye on the process which help the student in selection. As the institute have money power. They spend it to test their methods and improve if needed to change. They have the best team of teachers. They generally get early signs of changes that could be possible in coming IIT JEE exam. Overall, their methods helps students to develop a bit. No doubt.

Lets see how in the present time these big institutes are for different IQ level students. For IIT JEE, lets see students with intelligence level as intelligent, average, below average and dullest. As we have said earlier we will not discuss about dullest students.

A. Intelligent Students:

These students are those who have the highest chance to be an IITian. In any class of 50, one may find 5-10 students from this category. They are born intelligent and many are laborious too. By proper guidance of these institutes. These people develop themselves to solve the toughest and trickiest questions with ease. They secure high ranks with the help of these institutes.

B. Average Students:

Students in this category are mainly those who are either laborious but not intelligent else intelligent but not laborious. Also, those who are a bit of both intelligent and laborious come in this sections. These students need encouragement and proper guidance to make it to IIT. These institutes give them lots of question to solve. By the practice, environment and luck many students of this group with lower ranks make their way to IIT. Yeah luck is also a factor for them to clear IIT JEE. Even slight mistake in the preparation could cost them an IIT seat.

C. Below Average Students:

This category of students too gets some benefit from these institutes. They are not IIT material. Also, not much good for low-level exams. But, these institutes with lots of practice to them, helps them to clear regional exams. That’s high achievement for them.

Remember, I’ve pointed out that in every aspect these institutes are beneficial for the students. Then, why not every students take admission in these institutes. The reason is simple. They are very much costly too. Yeah, these institutes have a very high fees. Not possible for every one to pay in a country like us. They have full AC class rooms. Their high paying teachers can’t teach in non-AC class rooms. Also, many students who study there are AC addicted. So, they have to keep up an AC environment. Even in some circumstance they give scholarship to poor students. That’s few and selected students. That can’t help everyone. So,lower middle class students who are the most in numbers go for other sort of low fees or local institutes .

2. Local Institutes

By local institute, I mean those institutes which are popular but just in few towns. Like Paradise Institute, Nutan Institute in Patna; Prerna Classes in Tatanagar; JSR Classes in Varanashi; Bakliwal Tutorials in Pune. Every city or town have many such institute which are popular locally. Some them who have big business and some have just. They generally don’t have a regular think tank team to develop strategy. Administration is just in hand of one or two people who are teachers too. Not all but some of them provided printed study material. But, they usually don’t organize weekly test. Daily question’s hand outs. Yeah some of them do. Teachers in these institutes are almost all good. But, due to lack of strategy. They don’t work out as a team.

Lets see how they give benefit to the students.

A. Intelligent Students:

They have the best chance to get in IIT. But, due to lack of strategy and practice. They don’t make it to top ranks in IIT JEE. If we look at the selection every year in IIT. In top 200 these institutes have very less share. Instead of the fact that they are much more in numbers. The reason is simple they lack to develop students. Those who gets selected are due to just guidance and intelligence. Some of them who get right teachers and are extra laborious with intelligence make it to top ranks. But, still all this combination can be replaced with a common word Luck. If the student is lucky they make it to top 100 or 200. Else generally, they fill higher ranks of IIT JEE.

B. Average Students:

Usually average students from these institutes fail to clear IIT JEE. They clear other exams. But, IIT looks far from their reach from such institute. Reason can be seen clearly. There is not a strong administration who have plans for everyone. Institute give no guidance to teacher to take care of everyone. Teachers too like to be more around the sharp brain. They give less extra time for clearing various doubts of these kind of students. With doubts in their mind these students fail to solve the tricky questions of IIT JEE. Many of them secure ranks in regional or other exams.

C. Below Average Students:

Students in this category hardly make any impact in competitive exams from these institutes. Some of the lucky ones gets selected in regional exams.

3. Subject based Tuition

This is the category in which comes subject specific teacher. Institute which teach only one subjects. Actually, these institutes are run by a single teacher. As one single can’t teach all the three subjects. Some even teach sub-subject specific . Mainly, we see them in Chemistry. Teachers who teach Organic avoid inorganic. Some time they just teach organic. Sometime they teach all, but focus only on one of the favorite.

This is the most clustered category of all. Most number of misguided students study in this category. There is no one who makes strategy for them. The teachers take care of just their subject. As there is no coördination between other subject’s teachers. It’s very hard to study inter-related concept. Especially, those portions of Chemistry and Physics which depends on Mathematics. Also, students face timing problem. They have to adjust the time schedule for all three subjects. Not just that, as the classes of each subject have different teacher. They have to run from one place to other for classes. This exhausts the students. Also, it kills valuable time. Sometimes, tiredness causes losing interest in study.

This method of coaching is no doubt beneficial if we consider money. But, else success only depends on luck. It is most widely faced problem. Not all three subjects teacher are liked by the students. For IIT JEE, all three part should be balanced. So, even though one finds best teacher for Math. There is no chance of success, if one can’t find good teacher for Physics and Chemistry too.

The quality of education system is most damaged by this category. Any one who wants to teach for IIT JEE can open institute and misguide others. It is true that the best teachers of India teach through this system. But, it is also true that the number of worst teacher is more than good ones. So, students gets exploited in this system most.

Lets see how this group affects students:

A. Intelligent Students:

All depends on luck. If luck helps and students gets tension free, good teachers in every subject, students can clear JEE. But, that’s the rarest case. Only few are lucky to get all three teachers good. If the student is most brilliant one then only nothing can stop him to get selected. Else miserable chance of selection. Yeah students get selected in various regional or other exams. But, IIT is far from them. Also, one more important point, there is very less hope to get good ranks in IIT JEE. There is no good practice for the students. Some teachers try to give more and more practice, rest is miserable.

B. Average students:

If luck is not with the student very little hope. Even if luck is with students that they get all three good teachers. Almost no hope for IIT JEE. Just a bit hope for regional level exams.

C. Below average students:

Very less chance for these students to get any thing from this system of coaching.

4. Institutes in Kota, Rajasthan

I have discussed about these institutes in detail in my last post. Click Here.


  • It should be you who should decide in which category of student you come.
  • All above is bullshit, if one is laborious and works hard. Laborious and hard-working student can change all the law. So, be laborious nothing will matter much.

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  1. mantosh kumar says:

    Either you are not well informed or talking simply to talk.Brilliant tutorials at delhi is not same organization you mentioned with agrawal classes.There is some body named sandeep singhal as its physics hod,knowing not the p of physics.The whole department is a combination of big assholes except one pva.There consists more than 30 people in a department with one real teacher and you declared them as front row company.I qualified IITJEE and your version of certifying on the basis of no information at all is frustrating.Plz dnt misguide students.

  2. Mr. Mantosh, if someone is talking about Brilliant classes and its reputation that it gained by teaching for IIT JEE, it is its Chennai branch. I’ve not written about Delhi or any other place specifically. There is FIITJEE in Patna too. But, when I get a scholarship from FIITJEE for a course I preferred Ranchi Center over Patna center (my home town). I’m not trying to misguide people.
    About BT’s Delhi center I want to point out that they conducted an all India level test for faculty when they setup a center in Delhi. My physics teacher topped in that test. But, didn’t joined it later.
    May be you have a personal experience about the Delhi center and others will find this information helpful. But, let me tell you one thing, it is not possible to find these minute data that you are referring from every institute.
    And, yes I’d done BT’s 2yrs Elite course. It was better than all other course materials even FIITJEE’s material at my time.

  3. which cochin is best for iit prep and in grade 12 should we do grade 12 syllabus preference of cochin for iit becaz et a seat in iit value of grade 12 marks is
    70% marks and 30 % only of entranc caz so pl guide what to do

  4. Excellent work……quite helpful….in every sense it is the reality…..

  5. rohit kumar says:

    i live in patna. sir, i have just given my 10th exam nd i want to start my preparation for, please guide me which choaching institute should i prefer in patna

    • For all three subjects, if you want combined coaching then Paradise, Rajendra Nagar is the best choice. Also, there is a new coaching named Nirmaan is there in Boring Road Area. It is started by three friends from some NIT, after getting bored of their jobs. This is also good. But, i don’t exact location.
      If you want individual subject wise then, go with the best teachers. Like Anand Kumar, Dileep Kumar, Pankaj Kumar or K C Sinha for Maths. Abhay Sir for Physics, Dheeraj kumar for Physical and D K Singh (confusion in name) is best in organic. Parmar Sir is also good. I don’t know much about Inorganic, at my time K Mahto was a popular choice.
      I would suggest go with the combined coaching. It will be peace of mind and body to go at a single place for the preparation.

  6. rohit kumar says:

    thank you sir,for your help

  7. hello sir….i had just passed 12th……and can’t make it to iit’s…..
    also i m just getting 130 marks in aieee……
    should i drop this year…….
    and if i drop……should i sit at home nd prepare…..or go for iit jee coaching….
    i would like to tell u i hd already done 2 yrs of coaching in leading institute…..
    plz help….

    • Hi Vicky,
      I would not suggest you whether you should take a year drop or not.

      Lets categories engineering colleges in a rating 1-10. 10 is the best like IIT B, K, KGP, D and BITS Pilani. 9 constitute colleges such as IIT G, Jadavpur University, Some premier NITs, IT BHU and so on…..
      What I would like to point out that don’t expect much better placement between colleges who are just 1 or 2 rating difference. e.g. a college of rating 3 and a college of rating 5 may have very less difference in placement package. Like Infosys may offer a package of 4 at rating 1 college, 3.25 at rating 3 college and 2.75 at rating 5 college.
      In one year time you may expect that you can get 2 rating better college than you may get right now. Don’t expect more than that. So, in placement you will get an increment of 20-30% by waiting for a year. Also, you may write the name of a better institute in your resume. But, keep in mind that after 4-5 years of graduation, no one will remember where you did your engineering, only thing that matter will be your salary package and job profile.
      Now, what will you lose if you wait for a year. A very big spot in your resume of a year drop, always a matter of explanation in interviews. An year experience which will count a lot. And, also an years salary too. Plus, if matters something to you an year wastage in reading and doing the same maths and physics problems.
      I’m not going to take a stand for you, it’s a decision best decided by you.
      Lastly, for your other question. you have studied 2 years in coaching. Now, its time for self study. You read theory for 2 years. Now, its time to clear your concepts. Without any doubt go for self study. Just try to find out any teacher or friend or senior with whom you can clear your doubts.
      Best of luck.

  8. thanx sir….ur articles are really very good…..
    i want to ask frm u dat r u an iitian…????
    u had written nothing much about u in the about me section….

    • no, i’m not an iit’ian. i’m not even an engineer. I used to teach for IIT JEE. prepared 4 years for JEE. Given IIT JEE thrice, selected in screening test (old format) twice.


    Hello sir,
    mera naam abhishek kumar hai aur maine is saal class 12th ka exam diya hai aur 70% marks ki ummid karta hu. Maine bihar ke state board se 11th,12th kiya hai.Maine iit-jee ke liye ek local coaching me admission lekar 2saal tak padai ki par usse koi fayda nahi hua.Maine is saal iit,aieee aur bcece ka exam diya hai jisme mujhe asha hai ki mai bcece me select ho jaunga but aieee aur iit se mujhe khas jyada ummid nahi hai,mujhe lagta hai ki mera aieee me 80,000 ke around marks aayega.Mai ek obc ka candidate hu aur mera ek dost isi saal srm-chennai me admission le rha hai aur mai bhi lena chata hu lekin mere paas utne paise nhi hai to please aap mujhe ye bataye ki mujhe ek saal aur ruk kar kisi coaching me taiyari karni chahiye ya isi saal kisi pvt. college me admission le lena chahiye.I need a good placement and campus as well possible.

  10. Anil kumar says:

    I have passed 12th this year,
    I am from jharkhand, I have taken two year coaching for iit-jee from a local coaching. this year i am getting only 170 in iit and 140 in aieee, I want to go resonance for one year.

    please advice me.

    • Hello Anil,
      Remember a very important thing dear. It will be your labour which will decide whether you are going to be selected in either IIT or AIEEE next year. You have already done 2 yr coaching. If you think your concepts are not totally clear. Then, only go for coaching, that also in an out station one. Yes, it is very important for you to clear your concepts and doubt. But, the ultimate thing which will give you best result is your own labour.
      To clear concepts, the most important thing which is required is to solve more and more problems. Next, requirement is to get guidance or doubt clearance from a faculty.
      Finally, don’t just go to kota, as you can’t study without a coaching guiding you.

  11. sunnychaudhary says:

    Sir I belongs to SC category…In IIT JEE 2011 I left with 1 mark…Sir actually My seat has been taken…
    SC candidates who qualifiEd in IIT !950 students in which 122 made to common merit list…SC student is Can take Unreserved seat…
    Its againts our rights…122 more selection must be made…please imitate as soon as possible…

  12. arindam chowdhury says:

    sir,i have just passed my 12th boards with 75% marks,nd 65% average in pcm.Should i prepare for iit jee.I AM AN AVERAGE STUDENT BUT CAN WORK quite hard.My physics is very weak.I live in guwahati.Can u give me some suggestion in this regard as to what type and amount of preparation is needed so that i crack iit or atleast manage a high rank in aieee

  13. arindam chowdhury says:

    it was a pleasure reading the post and boosted my mind to quite a good,i have got the whole series of skills in maths by arihant,bt cudnt make much use of it last the series good.nd as i said my physics is good,what should be the proper books in physics….1)to clear my basic concepts and strengthening them…2)to go higher iit levels….keep that in mind,my intellect is career point a gud coaching institute in guwahati?…..and would u suggest a way as to what we do at the interviews as i m dropping this year.does this effect our career?..

    • Hello Arindam,
      Sorry for late reply.
      IIT and AIEEE need different sort of preparation methodology to excel. As you are not so much with a gifted mind, excel with proper strategy in your career. Aim for AIEEE solely.
      AIEEE concentrates more on memory based problem. Like IIT needs how well you understand concept. But, AIEEE needs how well you can apply formula.
      Arihant have a very good series of books. First of all, spend 5-6 months to clear more and more doubts and strengthening your concepts. Then, go for regular set solving.
      I’m thinking to write some special articles related to AIEEE preparation. I can’t write whole process of preparation for AIEEE now.
      For physics, to make your concepts understanding good, you need to first solve your 12th books again. This will give you confidence. Lets say you’ve to read dynamics. Then read and solve the problems of dynamics from your 11th or 12th book. Just after that go for AIEEE level books and read and solve dynamics from that. This will surely raise your level of understanding along with your confidence.
      Career point a reputed name. But, about Guwahati centre, I don’t know. Ask seniors in your area.
      And lastly, yes dropping a year somewhat effect the career. But, extent of this effect is determined by your result next year after drop.

  14. arindam chowdhury says:

    it was a mistake.i wanted to say my physics is weak

  15. arindam chowdhury says:

    thank u sir…..plz keep up the good work..and ya,plz write an article on aieee too,the strategies involved…will b visiting this site frequently..thanks again..:-)

  16. arindam chowdhury says:

    another question i wud lyk 2 ask u sir….around what A.I.R does one need to get selected in nit warangal?
    and also i wud lyk to ask u some info about indian statistical institution based in kol..what are the question formats??

  17. sir,i passed 12th this year.i had given aieee but couldn’t make into it,i’ve already taken admission in du for hons but i want 2 become an engineer i want 2 drop this yr but my parents aren’t ready to let me drop.i didn’t take any iit coaching in 11th or 12th i live in delhi please suggest me

  18. Shivansh says:

    Sir i m shivansh, i just passed 10th . Plps suggest me if i should opt 4 individual or FIITJEE. FIITJEE is of offering me 85% discount too.pls help

    • Go for FIITJEE, your burden for choosing best faculty will be on FIITJEE. Plus you will get much better exposure in FIITJEE. Lastly, money will also be saved. If you have any more doubts, please do ask.

  19. sir i passed 12 th dis year wid 70%
    due to medical prblm i attended jst 3 mnths in 12 th to skul n no coaching or tutions

    in 11 i wnt 4 coachng 5 mnth bt dan i lft

    so nw i m improving medcally n dis is my only n last chance 4 jee
    so hw shud i prepare,
    coaching or home?

    • Hi,
      It is very hard for me to guide you on this matter. By the information you have given, i get impression that you are very good in self study as you studied only 3 months for 12th. Hence, you should study at home. However, it is just an intuition.

  20. Raminder Singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Raminder.I am studying in 9th class.I am preparing for selection in aiims.Sir,I have great interest in science.Is there any need for me to take coaching from any institutiin or I can prepare by self study? Sir please help me.I will be thankful to you

  21. Sir,
    I am currently studing in class XI. I was searching for some information for jee preparations and just got your article. Its too informatative and encouraging for students. I live in Patna and had being doing individual coaching here but hasn’t been satisfied till now. The syllabus is lagging behind and now I am worried whether they will able to finish the syllabus on time or not. I am really confused and now want to join some reputed coaching institute here in Patna for ClassXII. I am confused between Fiitjee and Vidyamandir. Where should I go? Mentor Classes and Nirman Classes are also good or should I continue with my individual coachings? Please reply Asap.

    • Hello,

      I’m from Patna too. I would suggest to go with some coaching. But, first see your pocket if it is allowing this extra burden after paying individual coaching. I would not recommend any coaching particularly as a lot would have changed from my time to now.

  22. Hlo sir…I m in +1 rite now…I face many family problems previous year and were not able to study and I am month left for my exams….plz help me how to manage all 3 subjects in a month to cover my whole + 1 syb and I am weak in physics….and please tell me for next year what should I opt coaching in my city or rather in any big institute in any big city…sir plz help I will be very thankful to you….

  23. Sir I’m in +1 and due to some family problems I wasn’t able to study properly last year…sir I m left wid a month for my +1 exam help me how to manage all 3 subjects by devoting equal amount of time to all of dem in a day and I also to improve my objective as I my poor in it…sir help me 4 next year also to join a good institute as I joined a local institute and it was very bad as staff was not Gud…sir plz help

  24. manisha says:

    Which institute is better for class ten student resonance delhi or Fiitjee noida

  25. I am repeating for class 12 as well as for jee could u please suggest some tips and the best books for iit jee(only 1 from each subject) so that i can clear my concepts


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