Improved Customer Experience Begins With Mystery Shopping!


This is a Guest Post contributed by Mic Johns, who loves to do mystery shopping for Restaurants, retail shops, shopping mails, salons and much more which help him to save good enough money every month. He earns a few bucks doing so every weekend.

Mystery ShoppingWe are all well aware of the hype and sensation that surrounded the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US. This was a time filled with great excitement and there was a lot of frenzy in the air as millions of eager consumers flocked the retail stores to shop for anything and everything. This is not even wanting to go into the sad reality that expert economists and analysts have kept on reminding us that we are deep in the recession.

Role of Mystery Shoppers

Well, leaving all that aside for a moment we want to engage you into something else; something more pertinent and with the real profound potential of ensuring that if you happened to be one of those shoppers then you got exactly what you deserved.

In other words we want to enlighten and educate you on a concept that each shopper ought to be knowing and it goes by the name of mystery shopping. Others refer to it as the mystery consumer while some prefer to call it secret shopping. Ideally it is a measure meant to safeguard the interest of the consumers from the retailers who have at times been known to transgress their boundaries and sell sub-par products to them.

Take help of Mystery Shoppers to have an edge over your competitors

What really happens is that trained researchers or watchdogs if you so prefer pose as ordinary consumers and they go about inquiring about the prices of the goods and services that are up for grabs and then using the set out parameters they test if the end users are indeed getting a raw deal.

This is an important agenda that is geared at making sure that the retailers don’t overstep their boundaries and by-pass the set out regulations. The researchers we are talking about perform a myriad of tasks that range from taking and filling in questionnaires, purchasing the products they want to access and even registering any complaints that the consumers themselves might be having.

Using Feedback with the backing of research and analysis

Then they use the feedback to write up detailed analysis that is all aimed at protecting the consumers who at most are ignorant of what they ought to be getting and all of this information is contained in their feedbacks according to the Wikipedia.

The wiki entry also goes ahead and informs us that this integrity measuring standard was introduced in the 1940’s in the US and it has gone from using the simple questionnaires to now utilizing much more modern tools and equipments namely audio and video recordings.

Who needs to do Mystery Shopping for their business?

Any consumer, especially those who are thronging the internet to spend their hard-earned money on all manner of goods then this is indeed a crucial lifeline that will go a long way in ensuring that they get their money’s’ value and they are not extorted by the countless incredulous dealers that are lurking all over the place.

Mystery shopping extends to virtually all the sectors nowadays and it would be a prudent move were you to search for the assessments and evaluations given to the services and products you are interested in acquiring before you take out your wallet for the best possible experience.

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