JEE: Should I Take A Drop?

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Should I take a drop this year? Should I take admission and prepare for JEE or Should I drop and don’t take admissions? This blog is full of questions like this. As every lock has its own key, every person is different from another. Answer to these questions varies from person to person and case to case. Few times in comments, I have explained it very nicely discussing each and every aspect from which the decision should be taken. Keep this in mind that no one will take decisions on your behalf. You are old enough to take your career based decisions. Don’t depend on any one for your decision. These are done by those who need it to blame on someone in case of failure.

I’m going to discuss few aspects and challenges which would help you take this decision in a better way. I would surely love to see your comments. Do share your views here.

Why to take a drop?

Aspirants think about taking the engineering entrance exams once again only in one scenario. When they feel that they performed less and they can get much better rank if given one more chance. Many a times the reason for poor performance is imbalanced life after 10th.  Till 10th students are required to read from specific books with specific curriculum in a specific time frame. Even though life till 10th is stereo-type and boring. Its much easy and without tension. After 10th suddenly number of subjects increase. New unknown subjects are waiting for you. If one is just aiming for 12th, life again becomes stereo-type 6 months after taking admission in 11th. But, aspiration for better career needs to tougher aims. One can’t just think about scoring good marks in 12th. But, you  also need good marks in engineering entrance tests. The syllabus and pattern of which are not very much similar to 12th. Without a good mentor, students often gets confused. Till the time their confusion gets cleared. They are just few months away from 12th board.

Earlier, (at least till my time) 12th board was just to get a pass marks. Concentration and focus used to be on engineering entrance test from day 1. Not much confusion about how to keep balance. I had one more advantage. Attendance was not an issue in the school for me.

But, in order to increase the importance of 12th board. HRD ministry has taken some new measures which made the life of engineering aspirants hell. Now, marks in 12th board is as much important as one’s performance in JEE. Students are not just confused in making balance between 12th board preparation and JEE. They are even confused with the pattern and relation of 12th, JEE Main and JEE Advanced performance.

Analysis of Benefit

What I am going to discuss now has already explained by me in reply to a comment earlier.

Lets say, we give grading to all the engineering colleges from 1 to 10. 1 being the best and 10 the worst. Then, we can keep old IITs on rank 1. New one on 3 or 4. NITs on 2 and, likewise colleges with no or very little placements on 9 or 10.

Now, after appearing for JEE, one may definitely tell whether their performance was up to their caliber. Now, lets say this year you are getting 5th grade college. If you feel your performance next year would improve by 20 %. Then, you may expect to get 4th grade college next year. If improvement would be 30-40 %. expect 3rd grade college next. Likewise, you may do your calculation.

Is the benefit worth a drop?

Now, this is surely a Million Dollar question. Is the benefit you are calculating by the above analysis is worth a drop?

In order to understand this you need to first analyze the loss and gain by the drop. Importance of one year drop is a lot. You have to be prepared for a question about this in placement interviews. You have to be mentally tough to read the same books, same concepts and same problems once again. No doubt it is going to reduce your bank balance by an year’s salary. But, that won’t hurt you much. The most important thing is that you loose your whole one year. A total wastage. You stop your career growth for one year.

Now, in your decision for the drop, my thinking is not to go for drop if you are hopeful of just improving your performance next year by less than 30 %. Let me explain this by examples. Suppose this year you are hopeful to get a decent branch in a decent NIT. But, your aim is any similar branch in an old IIT( not, a rank less than 600-700 in JEE Advanced). At the time of admission in engineering college or even placements, these brand names matters a lot. But, after 4-5 years out of college, at the time of increment or job shift, these brand names don’t play any role. It will depend on your performance, knowledge and attitude. The amount of energy that you waste in preparing once again for JEE Advanced could be utilized at NIT itself to gain more knowledge. The placement from NIT might not be little lesser in package than IIT. But, if you add one year wastage for JEE Advanced preparation and growth you could have gained if you would have continued in NIT. After 9 years, decision to go to NIT would be said as a much better and wiser decision.

However, a rank less than 500 in IIT is not comparable in such scenario. As placement and growth chance would be more. But, to get such performance after a drop, you need improvement by more than 30 % compared to current.

Similarly, if you are getting a 5th grade college this year and you are hopeful to get at least 3rd grade college next year. You may go for a drop.

It is true that many top executives in India are alumini of IITs and IIMs. But, that does not mean all top executives are from only IITs and IIMs. Your foundation is important. But, that is not the only place to spend all your energy. For success in your life. You need to continuously give your best effort.

Sometimes, in few cases due to some unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, performance deteriorates a lot than the ideal. In such case, taking a drop is very common and understandable. But, in normal case you need to assess your gain and loss with your chance of improvement. Discuss your situation with your family members, seniors and teachers. Get their suggestions and viewpoints about your probable losses and gains after a drop. The more you will discuss the more your understanding will develop and you would be ready with the decision.

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  1. Kiran Mane says:

    sir, i got 80% in boards and not scored good marks in jee mains. should i drop this year for jee 2014?
    and what will be the pattern of jee 2014 ?
    there will be only one entrance exam i.e, jee or there will be anything else

    • Dropping should be opted only if you don’t have any other option or in simple, you think next year you could improve your result at least by 30-40 %.

      Jee 2014 is blur right now. The changes in JEE 2013 and its implications would be analyzed by the MHRD and IITs. No wonder if we once again see some major change in pattern next year. As the 80 percentile system is under scan. The amount o students losing their seat in IIT will decide a lot on the patterns future.

  2. Karan says:

    Sir,i got 81.8% in CBSE board this year(2013).But my JEE Advance score is not so good and hence i didn’t get any branch in IIT .I am thinking to drop this year but i am very confused about the top twenty percentile rule for jee advance that if i drop this year then will i also have to give board improvement exam in 2014 for eligible for jee advance 2014.As my board percentage is very close to cutoff of CBSE Board top twenty percentile and next year it can go above 81.8% .So PLEASE Guide me about this eligibility rule if i only have to come under 20 percentile only one time in 2013 or have to give improvement exam to improve my percentage

  3. subhashish says:

    my board % is 91 and my rank in mains is 28000(170 marks)(obc category)…i want to persue cse only and i’m getting nit delhi with eee. should i drop a yr . i believe i’ll get cse in one of the old iit’s next yr( this time my rank was 4000 in obc)

    • Normally, my suggestion would be not to take a drop unless you are confident to achieve your target. One year is very precious. Waste it wisely.

      • rishabh jain says:

        hey sir i have scored 78% in cbse n only 52 markes in jee mains i dnt have a option for any nice college should i drop n prep again in order to get better score or should i go with a very normal college like in sonipat

  4. ankit agrawal says:

    Currently i am getting jamia milia islamia which is a decent university and has a good placement record. my rank in the jee-mains was about 33000 and board percentage is about 90%.I think i am capable of getting into a good nit or atleast in a decent iit with a not so decent branch…..sir i am thinking of trying my luck again the next time by doing self study and continuing with my college at the same time…..sir, please give your opinions on my decision….

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