JEE: Should I Take A Drop?


Should I take a drop this year? Should I take admission and prepare for JEE or Should I drop and don’t take admissions? This blog is full of questions like this. As every lock has its own key, every person is different from another. Answer to these questions varies from person to person and case to case. Few times in comments, I have explained it very nicely discussing each and every aspect from which the decision should be taken. Keep this in mind that no one will take decisions on your behalf. You are old enough to take your career based decisions. Don’t depend on any one for your decision. These are done by those who need it to blame on someone in case of failure.

I’m going to discuss few aspects and challenges which would help you take this decision in a better way. I would surely love to see your comments. Do share your views here.

Why to take a drop?

Aspirants think about taking the engineering entrance exams once again only in one scenario. When they feel that they performed less and they can get much better rank if given one more chance. Many a times the reason for poor performance is imbalanced life after 10th. ¬†Till 10th students are required to read from specific books with specific curriculum in a specific time frame. Even though life till 10th is stereo-type and boring. Its much easy and without tension. After 10th suddenly number of subjects increase. New unknown subjects are waiting for you. If one is just aiming for 12th, life again becomes stereo-type 6 months after taking admission in 11th. But, aspiration for better career needs to tougher aims. One can’t just think about scoring good marks in 12th. But, you ¬†also need good marks in engineering entrance tests. The syllabus and pattern of which are not very much similar to 12th. Without a good mentor, students often gets confused. Till the time their confusion gets cleared. They are just few months away from 12th board.

Earlier, (at least till my time) 12th board was just to get a pass marks. Concentration and focus used to be on engineering entrance test from day 1. Not much confusion about how to keep balance. I had one more advantage. Attendance was not an issue in the school for me.

But, in order to increase the importance of 12th board. HRD ministry has taken some new measures which made the life of engineering aspirants hell. Now, marks in 12th board is as much important as one’s performance in JEE. Students are not just confused in making balance between 12th board preparation and JEE. They are even confused with the pattern and relation of 12th, JEE Main and JEE Advanced performance.

Analysis of Benefit

What I am going to discuss now has already explained by me in reply to a comment earlier.

Lets say, we give grading to all the engineering colleges from 1 to 10. 1 being the best and 10 the worst. Then, we can keep old IITs on rank 1. New one on 3 or 4. NITs on 2 and, likewise colleges with no or very little placements on 9 or 10.

Now, after appearing for JEE, one may definitely tell whether their performance was up to their caliber. Now, lets say this year you are getting 5th grade college. If you feel your performance next year would improve by 20 %. Then, you may expect to get 4th grade college next year. If improvement would be 30-40 %. expect 3rd grade college next. Likewise, you may do your calculation.

Is the benefit worth a drop?

Now, this is surely a Million Dollar question. Is the benefit you are calculating by the above analysis is worth a drop?

In order to understand this you need to first analyze the loss and gain by the drop. Importance of one year drop is a lot. You have to be prepared for a question about this in placement interviews. You have to be mentally tough to read the same books, same concepts and same problems once again. No doubt it is going to reduce your bank balance by an year’s salary. But, that won’t hurt you much. The most important thing is that you loose your whole one year. A total wastage. You stop your career growth for one year.

Now, in your decision for the drop, my thinking is not to go for drop if you are hopeful of just improving your performance next year by less than 30 %. Let me explain this by examples. Suppose this year you are hopeful to get a decent branch in a decent NIT. But, your aim is any similar branch in an old IIT( not, a rank less than 600-700 in JEE Advanced). At the time of admission in engineering college or even placements, these brand names matters a lot. But, after 4-5 years out of college, at the time of increment or job shift, these brand names don’t play any role. It will depend on your performance, knowledge and attitude. The amount of energy that you waste in preparing once again for JEE Advanced could be utilized at NIT itself to gain more knowledge. The placement from NIT might not be little lesser in package than IIT. But, if you add one year wastage for JEE Advanced preparation and growth you could have gained if you would have continued in NIT. After 9 years, decision to go to NIT would be said as a much better and wiser decision.

However, a rank less than 500 in IIT is not comparable in such scenario. As placement and growth chance would be more. But, to get such performance after a drop, you need improvement by more than 30 % compared to current.

Similarly, if you are getting a 5th grade college this year and you are hopeful to get at least 3rd grade college next year. You may go for a drop.

It is true that many top executives in India are alumini of IITs and IIMs. But, that does not mean all top executives are from only IITs and IIMs. Your foundation is important. But, that is not the only place to spend all your energy. For success in your life. You need to continuously give your best effort.

Sometimes, in few cases due to some unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, performance deteriorates a lot than the ideal. In such case, taking a drop is very common and understandable. But, in normal case you need to assess your gain and loss with your chance of improvement. Discuss your situation with your family members, seniors and teachers. Get their suggestions and viewpoints about your probable losses and gains after a drop. The more you will discuss the more your understanding will develop and you would be ready with the decision.

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  1. Kiran Mane says

    sir, i got 80% in boards and not scored good marks in jee mains. should i drop this year for jee 2014?
    and what will be the pattern of jee 2014 ?
    there will be only one entrance exam i.e, jee or there will be anything else

    • says

      Dropping should be opted only if you don’t have any other option or in simple, you think next year you could improve your result at least by 30-40 %.

      Jee 2014 is blur right now. The changes in JEE 2013 and its implications would be analyzed by the MHRD and IITs. No wonder if we once again see some major change in pattern next year. As the 80 percentile system is under scan. The amount o students losing their seat in IIT will decide a lot on the patterns future.

  2. Karan says

    Sir,i got 81.8% in CBSE board this year(2013).But my JEE Advance score is not so good and hence i didn’t get any branch in IIT .I am thinking to drop this year but i am very confused about the top twenty percentile rule for jee advance that if i drop this year then will i also have to give board improvement exam in 2014 for eligible for jee advance 2014.As my board percentage is very close to cutoff of CBSE Board top twenty percentile and next year it can go above 81.8% .So PLEASE Guide me about this eligibility rule if i only have to come under 20 percentile only one time in 2013 or have to give improvement exam to improve my percentage

  3. subhashish says

    my board % is 91 and my rank in mains is 28000(170 marks)(obc category)…i want to persue cse only and i’m getting nit delhi with eee. should i drop a yr . i believe i’ll get cse in one of the old iit’s next yr( this time my rank was 4000 in obc)

      • rishabh jain says

        hey sir i have scored 78% in cbse n only 52 markes in jee mains i dnt have a option for any nice college should i drop n prep again in order to get better score or should i go with a very normal college like in sonipat

  4. ankit agrawal says

    Currently i am getting jamia milia islamia which is a decent university and has a good placement record. my rank in the jee-mains was about 33000 and board percentage is about 90%.I think i am capable of getting into a good nit or atleast in a decent iit with a not so decent branch…..sir i am thinking of trying my luck again the next time by doing self study and continuing with my college at the same time…..sir, please give your opinions on my decision….

  5. nandini says

    this year i have got 53 marks in jee main…this was just because i had left to practise when my boards started.I want to take drop and want to get into iit,but i am afraid about it if i would not get it.i have lost all the confidence to appear for more exam but still hoping for iit next year.I also want to know that how much %of droppers are successfull.Also,should i take a drop??

  6. saurabh jain says

    Sir I gave Jee mains 2014 and got 113 marks only. I did not study seriously in class 12 although i was in founder batch in vidyamandir. should i drop or should i go to d grade college and study for IITJEE 2015. I am confident i will crack iit next year.

  7. asmita tiwari says

    sir… I might b getting… 80-82 percent marks…very surely…. ( 2014) as result is not disclosed yet…I did not studied well in 11th…. but I studied very carefully in 12th….. I didnt scored good marks in jee mains…although I didnt prepared for it in 11th nd 12th…bttt now I wannah doo iit.. wid full deyermination… should dropping dis year wud b a gud option…??? is there any chances of cracking iit 2015 ????

    • says

      Dear Ashmita,

      As you already told you didn’t prepare well for 11th and also not prepared well for JEE. I expect you have potential to do much better than what you would get this year. I would not comment about your success in IIT 2015. But, one thing is sure whatever you will get after dedicated study of one year would be much better than what you can get this year.

      Don’t lose time waiting for the result. Start the preparation systematically. Best of Luck for next year.

      • asmita says

        okk sir… thnxx aloott …
        nd the result is disclosed …i got 78% marks… :( less than what i expected…. butt still i hv started studying …
        but can u pls suggest me through which coaching should i prepare …. m confused for FIITJEE in delhi nd VIBRANT in kota … pls suggest me better sir ..

        • says

          Hello Ashmita,

          Sorry for late reply. I was bit busy.

          As per coaching, if you are from Delhi, FIITJEE would be better. If you are neither from Delhi or Kota. Go to Vibrant, Kota.

          • asmita says

            sir about kota i have listened dat they divide batches …… according to best average nd dull students ….. and according to that they allot teachers ,….. soo m confused cozz i can’t say to b the part od best students batch i m an average students ….

            soo would it affect my preparation plss rply soon sir ??

          • asmita says

            sir 1 thing i forgot to mention …. m getting amity noida ???
            is it gud ??? are the placements nd packages allot from there are nice or not as if i dun’t have any idea about it …… should i take admission in it ….. rather dropping a year ???

  8. sarita says

    I got 78% in board 2014 n under 100 in JEE mains 2014.But i didnt gave my best so i want to retry both giving improvement exam 2015 .But this marks will be considered only if I give improvement exam in all subject.If got less as compared to before years marks in som2 or 3 subjects then which will be considered by JEE 2015

    • says

      Hello Sarita,

      The condition to appear in all the papers for improvement is kept to keep the feature as fair for everyone. Just think if you have 5 papers in board you score more than 85 in three and in rest two you score in 60’s. In the improvement exam, if you will sit for only two with less marks, there is very high chance you may score much better in these two papers as you are going to give full attention. As you have an edge of appearing in less paper on other students. The intention by JEE is good. However, it just limit you to appear in all papers not pass or score better. Final value of marks of improvement marks would be as per rule of improvement marks. So, no worries if you get less marks in some papers. They will consider the best only.

  9. Aamir Tajar says

    Hello sir I got 81.4 % in CBSE 12th board this year… And got 65 marks in JEE main.. I didnt study at all in 11th and then in 12th I just concentrated in boards but due to some personal reasons,couldnt get my % more than 85..
    Sir I m not getting a decent college this year so I have decided for a drop and to give CBSE improvement exam next year and get to 90%
    I m going to Kota but I m confused to join for JEE mains or JEE main+ advanced
    as they go very fast in advanced course..and i m afraid of losing my flow
    as my basics are not clear and I m blank in 11th course but also I should tell u I m a very bright student(92% in 10th) just didnt got the right direction..
    Sir please help out I really need ur help..please answer my queries

    1. Should I join and concentrate for JEE mains as it is just 8 months time for JEE 2015 ..
    or join for JEE advanced as the possibility of merging of JEE main and advanced 2015

    2. Should I give improvement exam after getting 81.4% as it can disturb me for a month from JEE preprations..

    3. Is just preparing for JEE mains enough for BITSAT ?

    3. The best institute at kota for Average student like me..
    Allen ? Resonancd ? Or Vibrant ?

    • says

      Hello Aamir,

      First of all sorry for late reply. I was bit busy.

      As I could get from your own description about yourself, I understand that you are god student but got confused without proper guidance after 10th as a whole. Getting 92 % in 10th give an indication that you are not dull minded person who need more time to grasp concept.

      1. I would suggest to for JEE advanced course not just Main. You can understand the concept easily if you just put little effort. But, if you really want to change your fate this year. You need to anyhow put much more than little effort. So, don’t worry if they go at high pace, with your hard work an concentration you can be with the class.

      2. Just make sure you are clearing 80 percentile in your 12th board in the marks, if you are better not to give improvement exam. Splitting your concentration on JEE Main and 12th may go wrong. Better to give best effort on JEE Main. But, yeah, if you are not going to clear 80 percentile you need to give it.

      3. I believe BITSAT is bit tough than JEE Main. But, concepts would be same. If you aim for JEE Advanced then you would face no problem for BITSAT.

      4. I would not give comment on institute. It would be better to ask any student who studied there last year. They are the best to tell you the answer for this.

      • Aamir Tajar says

        Thanks sir… I was highly confused..but after reading this i got a lot of help… Sir actually that improvement exam thing was disturbing me.. Actually as u see JEE main has 40% weightage of 12th..
        so 81.4% is not going to help me even for any of the good NITs even if i score 270+ in mains
        i have to give improvement…
        But talking about advances can i get enough high rank in IIT-JEE than the people who are preparing for 2 years..
        coz low rank wont get me mechanical..
        How much chances are there to crack IIT with high rank in just 8 months applying that i have no preprations at all ! Have people done this before..?

        That’s why i am considering to take Mains course…But still my main aim is BITSAT..
        Sir People there say to join mains course if r not IIT material coz Advanced course can leave u no where…

        What should i do sir.. Sry i m asking this question again and again but i m in great dilemma..
        Advanced course or Mains course ?

        • says

          Cracking IIT in 8 months or so after giving 12th and scoring 80+ % is not big deal. You can do it. Even with ranks close to 1000. To crack IIT brain is much more important part of preparation than practice. If you have the sharp minded brain the time is not less. Anyways, you have already have a good concept about basic syllabus.

          The choice for main and advanced should trouble those student who are average. It should be decision for you based on your target. The speed won’t create much problem. However, better to prepare yourself than going to coaching. You can read at your own pace.

  10. vaibhav says

    Sir i got 92% in cbse boards…and i am from general category…got 103 marks in jee mains and 11000 rank in ip university…
    I want to pursue my career in cse only..
    Currently i am planning to drop and join fiitjee…is my decision correct??? Or should I go with DU colleges..???

    • says

      Hello Vaibhav,

      AS per decision whether you are taking correct decision will depend on your rank next year. Which can’t be known now. So, as per current situation, the best judge for the decision is you only.

      Try to understand what could you get next year by preparing with your full strength. Had you not put your 100 % this year. If you are hoping much difference in level of college, then only go. Drop has a lot of demerit. Read my article once again and test your decision according to it.

  11. Gopal Krishna says

    Sir firstly thank you for the above article…
    I appeared for jee this year and scored 150 in jee mains and 100 in jee advanced.
    but i feel i gave the exam only with 40% of preparations i.e. i was not prepared with co-ordinate geometry in maths, electricity and magnetism in physics and physical and organic chemistry. I strongly feel I can do better if i have a good practice of these sections.
    Should I repeat???

      • says


        If you strongly believe that you can improve your performance next year a lot more than this year. You can consider repeat. But, If you have already been associated with some coaching in the past. I’ll suggest to prepare with self study, proper planning and pure dedication in a routine way. Draw a plan of action for yourself. You can use this article too for devising a plan. Best of luck to you.

        IIT JEE: What should be the strategy for repeaters?

        Contact me if you face a problem.

        • Gopal Krishna says

          Thank you for your valuable suggestion sir.
          But i personally want to go for one more year coaching because then i will be able to have a routine analysis of my performance and i think home environment is not suitable for me as there are too many distractions like T.V, computer games, old friends, festivals and holidays etc. etc. whereas in kota I had no T.V or computer and festive holidays and all so I could make up my mind pretty well to sit in my own room and study. And i like the testing strategy of institutes there too. I do not have ample resources to clear all my doubts in my home town. So i want to go to kota for one more year of coaching. Plz suggest accordingly.

  12. says

    greetings sir,
    2012 i was in bansal classes,kota for my first year, however i had to return back to my hometown the second year,the flow of the preparation had broken and i could not clear jee mains(61 marks),however with the help of few local tutors i scored 79.5% in boars .From the very beginning i was determined to get a seat but unfortunately i could not,few portions of 11th are yet not strong,in what ways should i prepare and should i give improvement?should i also go for tutors to clear the basic concepts along with coaching(as my hometown’s coaching instt are not that great)
    please help me asap sir.

  13. vikalp says

    Hi Abhishek
    U r doing a great job guiding students.

    My situation :
    Currently in 12th…will score something greater than 85…scored 9.8 in 10th…and in 11th a 75
    I am not taking any coaching and just concentrating on 12th (cauz i think/know i wont be able to manage)
    I think without coaching there is no way i would be able to beat other guys in JEE MAINS
    So i should take a drop….right?

    • says

      Hello Vikalp,

      Its entirely false thinking that without coaching there is no way to beat other guys in JEE Main. True statement would be without Proper guidance there is no way to beat other guys in JEE Main.

      Problem with JEE structure of evaluating a student is so complicated along with its syllabus that by the time you realize, how to prepare in the optimal way to get the best rank you can get, you have already lost an attempt.

      If you are thinking about taking drop you may go for coaching, it will definitely help you. The best way to utilize coaching to clearing your doubts. The more clear the concepts are more quickly and accurately you can attempt the problems.

  14. asmita says

    sir i m joining vibrant in kota…. but my 11th 12th concepts are weak….and specially 11th concepts…

    i scored 78% in 12th… nd very less marks i scored in 11th…. i wannah improve my marks and also wannah prepare for JEE … this year my marks in jee were 60 as i had not prepared for it at all…. i never think of JEE but now i wannah prepare it with full dedication ….

    is it possible that if i prepare it for 1 year with full dedication then i can get the gud result in JEE …

    and please recommend me some books…. through which i can bulid my concepts also…. and at the same tyme can prepare for JEE…. i purchased arihant….. but i think i shd know the concept to solve the book…. nd there r noooo mre concepts written in this book …..

    pls rply soooon sir??????

    • asmita says

      1 thing more sir… i never give my best nd that’s y nly i scored less marks in 11th nd 12th ,…. but now i wannah give best m very dedicated this tyme…. plsss suggest mee sir..?

      • says

        As per giving your best, try to keep motivating you. Or else ask someone else to keep motivating you. Only your will can let you work hard and give your best. If you are not willing even parents can’t do anything.

        For concept building and books, you can do one thing. Start a chapter from the book of 11th or 12th. Then, once it is finished read from material you will get from your coaching, lastly arihant. If for every chapter, you study in one go like this. Your concept will get strong and you would be able to solve higher level problems too. This way very easily you would be able to solve even tough problems. Starting by 11th level books will give you a very good base of concepts. For the books, I’m referring to an old article of mine.

        How to Prepare for IIT JEE?

  15. Shubham says

    Hello sir, this year I have got 91% in 12th board exams but my marks in jee mains are only 57.This is probably due to not preparing for jee.
    Sir now I have decided to join coaching to prepare for jee 2015.
    I am confused that should I join bANSAL OR AAKASH, because bansal classes have started their batch since 2nd june which means I have missed 1 month classes their.And aakash have started their batch since 20th june.
    So please tell me which institute should i join ?
    I am from dehradun.

    • says

      I would suggest go for the best coaching out of both. Even though you have missed something. But, the rest that you are going to study would be of better quality. Second, won’t they start any other batch. I don’t think they would have just one batch for JEE Main.

  16. Ankit says

    Hello Sir,
    I have got 42k AIR in Jee Main 2014(128 in JEE Main (Didn’t have enough time),and 94% in CBSE).
    In this rank I’m getting NIT Silchar (ECE)(Spot.).
    Also, as my state in Karnataka, I’m getting Mining Engineering in NIT Surathkal.
    Now the problems arise,
    1.NIT Silchar is too far(I live in Bangalore.) and I heard its not a very good NIT(3rd tier)
    2.Mining Engineering at Surathkal….Bad placements..
    SO..should I repeat?

  17. anurag rathore says

    Sir i got 55% in 12th cbse board and 75 marks in jee….should i repeat….but i waste 4 months in college taking decision and now i have only 6 month for preparation for iit…..but i want to improve my performance,…should i repeat…i am confused..

    • anurag says

      Sir i m in Indore right now and in acropolis college with mechanical branch but i am not satisfied……i know next year i do my best to get admission in iit and i want to increase my percentage… sir please tell me that repeating 12th is right decision for me or not…

      • says

        Repeating would be a wise decision considering your college. However, for IIT you must know you have to appear in JEE Advanced which have an eligibility criteria of 80 percentile or more in your 12th board. 55 % won’t make you eligible for JEE Advanced. Just check with your friends. However, you may go for JEE Mains which have many good colleges. A gap of 6 months from study is much more. But, you can do it.

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