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Should FDI be Allowed in Higher Education

…system in India is often criticised for being Rote Learning, rather than problem solving. The status of teaching in most of the public run colleges in India is ill. If we see the situation of colleges in metros and cities, it may come under average level. But, the situation of colleges in small cities is very bad. The main aim for the students here is to get certificate. Corruption and negligence could be easily found in the examination conducted…

Hopes Beyond IIT

Students of 10+2 mathematics are crazy about IIT. May be you are one of them too who desperately want to be a part of IIT. But, let me tell you. There is life other than IIT which can be as good as a life with IIT. Here, I’m giving list of some institutes which can be said as alternative for IIT. This list covers those institutes where students of PCM 12th pass can apply. Some of these are very much around or better than IIT. Have a look:…

Corruption is The Price We Pay For Democracy

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…o one can ask question to him about his deeds. As in this system, discretionary power is totally in the hands of one man with no accountability. This is proved to be very corrupt governance. That’s why democracy had replaced earlier popular Monarchy. Monarchy is not very much popular now a day. Only five countries still have absolute monarchy. Rests have changed itself into constitutional monarchy, a kind of democracy, to reduce corruption

India Spends Too Much On Its Defence

…that India is in talks for defence contracts worth $8 billion with different foreign agencies. In the year 2009, India spent $36.3 billion as defence expenditure which was 2.6% of India’s GDP for FY 2008. In the same context, India’s neighbour and one of the enemies, Pakistan had spent $4.8 billion in 2009 as defence expenditure. Also, the share of this defence expenditure for Pakistan of its GDP was 2.6%. We know it very well that Pa…