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Role of SEO in Increasing The Website Potential

| April 19, 2013 | 3 Comments | Total Views: 431

…t Post by an Anonymous writer. Are you wondering why your well-designed website is not showing up among the top results in the Google searches while other sites that are far inferior to yours are getting better rankings? You may be lacking a good SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in bringing more number of visitors to your website. Out of which some become potential customers.  Here’s why you need different SEO tools an…

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Top 5 Budgeting Apps for iPhone

| December 8, 2012 | 1 Comment | Total Views: 354

…l your expense in a smart way. It gives you the details of each and every penny spends. It shows you the details in different categories. It calculates your income, salary, incentives and the expenditures like food, clothing, accommodation, travel, hotel etc… This app keeps the track of things how much they are used and things which are never used. It shows you the results in daily, weekly or on a monthly basis. It produces the report in the form…

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MBAs are Overpaid Clerks

| December 19, 2010 | 0 Comments | Total Views: 109

…job with the specific technical skill. Many people being employed first learn how to do a particular work. But, in the present time, it has become very easy to get a well-trained person. So, the productivity of the organisations has increased a lot. At every level managerial post are being filled with people having MBA degrees. The jobs done by them are not directly of the same nature as of any clerk’s. Clerks used to maintain records or a…

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Share Market Terminology: Part 2

| April 6, 2011 | 1 Comment | Total Views: 954

…ance is that the acronym is obsolete. It is the largest electronic screen-based equity securities trading market in the United States and fourth largest by market capitalization in the world. As of January 13, 2011, there are 2,872 listings. The NASDAQ has more trading volume than any other electronic stock exchange in the world. NASDAQ has three indices; NASDAQ Composite, NASDAQ-100 and NASDAQ Biotechnology Index. Its market capitalization is US…

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