How to Prepare for IIT JEE?

…s easy. Problems are just like as asked in JEE. Overall, if solution is done side by side with the theory. Best result will surely come out. For Physical or General chemistry I don’t know the best choice. I’ve read this section from 5-6 different sources. I had mainly this S. chand , B. H. Mahan, G.D. Mishra and Brilliants Elite course. R.C.Mukerjee is a good book. But, try different JEE level problem book for Physical section….

How to Register a Domain at GoDaddy

…even professionals also face while registering their domain. Step 1: Searching availability of a domain Search Result Page Finding a suitable domain name is not an easy task. However, as domain name is the most important part of your identity and it should be unique. It becomes a brain crunching exercise. One might be lucky if he/she finds the domain name he is searching in the first attempt. Read my article, How to find a perfect domain name at…

Introduction From Basic: What is WordPress?

Introduction From Basic: What is WordPress?

…move your blog on complain without any warning. Copyright violation, DMCA notice any such notice to Google will result in immediate removal of your blog. The most important of all is Blogger is outdated and not a preferential service of Google. They are not keen in updating the service with latest advancement in blogging and make it more user and customization friendly. In between a lot of alternative services flourished. WordPress, Drupal, Joom…