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Tips on How to Get on Google Places

Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator)

Google (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

You may notice when you get on Google and type in a business, the first results you’ll see are for local companies. For instance, if you are in Phoenix, Arizona and you want to find a local hardware store, the listings at the top of the page will include a few stores in the area along with the address and contact info. If you’re a business looking to get ahead, you can be among these local listings. To accomplish this goal, learn how to get on Google Places.

Creating and Using an Account

Google Places is a part of Google that allows you to enter in your business on the web. Your business listing will be easily found through and Google Maps. To get started, enter in the URL When it pulls up, you’ll be asked a few questions about your business so just enter this info in before proceeding. You’ll be able to edit this information later. If your business appears to be on the same street as another business, Google may ask you if the listing already exists. You should click either “Add Listing” or “Claim Listing.” Then you’ll be asked to input all the extra details about your business. You can upload videos, photos, and logos as well as enter in payment methods and hours. Hit “Submit” when you’re satisfied with what you’ve entered. Your next step will be to verify the listing you have created. You can verify via phone or mail. Phone is the recommended strategy since it’s faster and mail means waiting two to three weeks to receive verification. Once you’ve picked your method, click “Finish.” If you chose to verify by phone, a green box will appear that informs you Google is calling you. Don’t miss this brief but important call. Google is calling you to give you a pin number you will need to enter in to proceed. If you miss the phone call, you’ll have to contact Google again since it will likely not call you up again. Type in your pin in the field under “Your Businesses.” You should be finished at this point. Expect to see a confirmation page from Google and see your listing online in about a week.

Other Helpful Tidbits

Now that you have your account set up, you still may have a few remaining questions. For one, you may be concerned about how to optimize your listing so more Googlers will see it. You gain more viewers by adding as much info as possible to the listing. Include photos, business hours, a website link, and a description of your establishment. Your listing will be matched to more searches this way. You’ll also get better business if customers know they can go online to get directions, coupons, updates, and customer reviews. Fortunately, Google adds more information to your listing found from other website and online directories so some effort on your part is spared. To get more out of Google’s services, you can invest in AdWords, Google Earth, Street View, Panoramio, Google Analytics, and other Google apps. Now you should understand all the steps for knowing how to get on Google Places.

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Summer Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

This is a Guest Post through Postrunner by Beth Longware Duff who writes about small business merchant resources. For more information, click here.

Summer will be here before you know it, which means hot times, cool vibes and unique marketing opportunities for small businesses that are versatile enough to take advantage of them. Latch onto the laid-back attitude that prevails this time of year and use it to your advantage to reach out to current and potential customers.

Regardless of where you do business, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers the following five strategies to keep it booming right through to the fall:

  1. Take Part in Summer Festivals and Fairs

Everyone loves a good time, so sponsoring or participating in a local community event not only brings you together with customers in an unpressured environment, but it can work wonders for your brand as well by getting your products or services out for all to see. As an active member of your community, you should be familiar with ongoing events and know which would best serve your marketing objectives. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great resource, as are the local newspaper, community flyers and town website.

  1. Take Your Customers Out

A long-time common practice in the corporate world, small business owners should consider hosting an activity for their valued loyal customers and vendors. A barbecue in the park, chartered fishing expedition or a visit to a nearby attraction, show or sporting event are all outings that they’ll truly appreciate when you’re picking up the tab. Perhaps best of all, customer entertainment expenses are tax deductible as long as there is a clear business purpose for them and business discussions are held at some point during the event. More information about business tax deductions is available from the SBA.

  1. Take Your Business on the Road

By going where the customers are you can extend your reach, supplement your revenue and increase your brand recognition. Running a concession at sporting events, local carnivals and festivals and other tourist attractions can help you make the most of the summer season, and it’s easier than ever with mobile and wireless solutions that make accepting credit cards quick, easy and secure no matter where the sales occur.

  1. Sponsor a Contest

Everyone loves the chance to win something for nothing, and contests are a great way to raise your visibility in the community and gain publicity. Get your employees involved by asking for their contest ideas. A few suggestions include a cook-off or eating contest sponsored by a restaurant, a yard makeover by a landscape designer, or a pet show by a groomer or veterinarian. Be sure to make the prize(s) something that’s directly related to your business to keep customers coming in after the competition, and promote your contest with a blend of traditional and new media—and don’t forget to post the name and picture of your winner(s)!

  1. Dress Up Your Website

It’s advisable to update your company website on a regular basis to keep it fresh and to showcase your newest products and services. Some summer graphics and seasonal content are simple adds that keep your site relevant to your customers.

Make this summer a memorable one for your business and your customers, and have a little fun while you’re at it!

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Are You Interested in Guest Blogging at Rukhaiyar's Corner

Start Guest Blogging at Rukhaiyar's Corner

Start Guest Blogging at Rukhaiyar’s Corner

If you have some great content that you would like to share with my readers, I have some great news for you. Now onwards, I will be accepting your guest posts for publishing on this blog. I believe that publishing your guest post here will help you to get a few dofollow links and traffic to your own blog with maximum exposure.

If you want to post a guest article here, these are some points which you should keep in mind before submitting your guest post for review:

  • Your post should notbe an advertisement of your website or any other product. However, you may give fair reviews for a product or service.
  • Your post should be original, not spinned article. It should not be posted any where else, not before and not in the future. However, you may use the excerpts to post it on your blog.
  • Your post should contain at least one image relevant to the content of your post. Any image should be less than 50 kb and credit should be given if the photo is not yours.
  • Your post should be between 500 words to 1,500 words. Its should not be filled with keywords. Keep in mind that you are writing for real visitor not for search engines.
  • After your submission of the article, I might do some editing to suit my blog’s theme (if required). If the article needs substantial changes (unlikely), then I’ll send you the revised post for approval before publishing.
  • You should respond to comments to your post. This is very important condition for posting your article. It would increase the interest of the readers. In return, It would also benefit you in getting more visitors. Readers satisfaction level is much higher if they get reply for their comments or even if they see the reply by the author for comments by others. They feel themselves connected to the author and try to find a way to connect to him. I expect you to respond to the comments till at least 15 days after your post gets published.

What Type Of Posts We Are Looking For ?

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here.Remember you don’t need to be an expert, some of the best posts involve Bloggers sharing their personal experiences and things they have learned or mistakes they may have made. Suggested topics include:

  • Blogging
  • Web Designing
  • Social Networking / Bookmarking Tips
  • Tools or Gadgets
  • Tips and tricks
  • Blog Promotion
  • SEO
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Earning money online
  • Android Windows
  • Reviews

Useful Resources

I would like to share few articles about guest blogging which would really helpful in writing guest posts:

Recent Guest Posts Published

How to Submit the Guest Post?

  • We accept guest posting via PostRunner.
  • Register an account here. It is very easy to do Guest Posting via PostRunner.

You may contact me directly at [email protected], if you have any queries related to guest blogging.

Blogging for Business

This guest article Blogging for Business is written by Ryan Larkin on behalf of – a site that offers the best value broadband internet in your area. He authors on topics that relate to Technology and Internet.

Blogging for Business

Blogging For Business: Why & How to do it?

Internet and business go hand in hand. If you are thinking of marketing your business, you have to consider the Internet as a platform to ensure it has the maximum effect and reach. Internet is not only an effective platform, but also the cheapest. You may have to spend a little or no money at all when you choose Internet marketing.

From being one of the most expensive departments, advertising has become cost-effective. There are different types of online marketing techniques. You have social media, online videos, banner ads, digital ads, etc. Another popular type of marketing is through blogging. If used correctly, blogging can be used as a powerful tool to market. Here are a few effective tips.

Blogging for Business: Give blogging your personal touch

It is always effective when you add a personal touch. Even if you don’t get the time to blog on a daily basis, you can have a personal space on the blogging website. Little bits and pieces, like writing about how the company developed, the initiative taken will give people an idea on how a successful company is being run. This will not only earn you loyal followers, but people will also start reading the other blog posts. When the CEO of the company is directly involved, there are a lot of chances for the company’s name to grow in the social media sphere.

Blogging for Business: Be a pro at what you convey

It is important to position yourself as an expert. When people are trying to find out more details on a particular product or service, they are looking for more information than only about their design. When you post content, ensure that it has some depth and are informative. Writing blogs to improve search engine optimization can prove to be disastrous after a point. Don’t get too much into optimization and forget about your company’s reputation. When the content you post is vague and not comprehensive, the number of your readers  will decrease slowly.

Blogging for Business: Post content consistently

Post articles on a regular basis. It would be good if you could post a couple of articles on a daily basis. Make sure you are consistent with your posting. If you don’t have something new for the readers, they might forget that the company is present in the blogging network. Don’t just post a monologue. Try engaging the reader by prompting them to give their feedback on the particular post.

Blogging for Business: Link the content to your website

Blogging provides an excellent platform to channelize the readers to the company’s website. Create keywords in each article and ensure it is linked to your website. Not just to your website, you can also prompt the readers to go ahead and connect with you across various internet platforms including social media. There are so many social networking plug-ins available on all the blogging platforms that you can use. For example, ‘Like’ for Facebook, ‘Follow’ on Twitter, ‘+’ to join Google Plus, ‘Pin It’ for Pinterest, etc. This way, you get to popularize your business web page available across other platforms.

Effective blogging is all about keeping your readers and followers engaged and at the same time making sure you promote the business. The trick lies on how well you balance both. These are a few effective tips you can try. Just remember that your company’s reputation is at stake and so is your marketing plan when taking the blogging platform.

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