When Should I Start Preparing for IIT?

…on Correspondence Course for IIT JEE. But, it was not a popular course. Once the director of my coaching class told me that he gets 1 or 2 student each year who comes to join the coaching class to prepare for IIT JEE, where more than 500 students used to enroll in a year. The idea was not so popular as why to put pressure before 10th, if you have enough time after 12th to clear IIT JEE. Now, after 2006 the concept became popular, may be due to gi…

How Good Are The New IITs

…admissions. However, once these shifted to their permanent campus. Sooner or later it is going to surpass many old NITs. If you like the above article, I’m giving links for articles written on similar topic by me: Good College or Good Branch When Should I Start Preparing for IIT? JEE: Should I Take A Drop? How to Prepare for JEE Mains After Appearing for 12th Board Most Suitable Date for JEE (Main) Online Test New Pattern: What is JEE? II…

How to Prepare for JEE Mains After Appearing for 12th Board

…er than intelligence. There would be hardly any tricky questions that would be asked in its exam,. All would be formula based (or memory based). However, JEE (Advanced) or IIT JEE tests your intelligence rather than speed. Moreover, syllabus of JEE (Main) is almost same as that of 12th board. Hence, if someone has prepared well enough for 12th board, he/she could perform well in JEE (Main) after a preparation of 15-20 days. As I have already told

Good College or Good Branch

…ility of a student, which could be the best stream for a particular student. Yes, ranking of stream will change for every student. Some may find computer interesting, some may find aviation interesting. One can’t do well without having an interest. But, here there is one more problem. I’m not referring towards interest as passion towards something. I’m referring towards a branch whose syllabus may suit the interest of a student….