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How to Find a Perfect Domain Name at the Perfect Price

Find a perfect domain name

…the most preferred TLD among webmasters. One can find a nice domain name by using two or three different words. For those who are new to domain name search this might look a good idea. However, this is a very old trick. Hence, it’s not easy to find a fresh domain name by this method too. Combination of two usual words are hard to be find free for .com. Like,, etc. But, if you are OK with other international…

How to Prepare for JEE Mains After Appearing for 12th Board

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…IEEE. Further, it will revise you the syllabus in accordance with JEE (Main) syllabus. You would know the method for approaching a particular type of problems asked. It would be best if you use past years question paper for this step as simulator test. This will benefit you in the best way, as you will learn, what is asked and exactly how to solve them. Step 2 (6-7 days): Once you completed step 1, you would be well versed with the question types…

How to Register a Domain at GoDaddy

Homepage of GoDaddy The first step in starting your own website is registering a proper domain name for your website. At GoDaddy one may see this just at its homepage, “Your new websites starts with a domain”. Use the tool below to start your domain search. This guide is not just for rookie web developers. Instead, it will answer some doubts which even professionals also face while registering their domain. Step 1: Searching avail…

When Should I Start Preparing for IIT?

9th Standard IIT JEE

…ard. Even if you are one of the brightest student, it is not going to be easy to understand the concepts of 11th std, leave JEE Advanced standards. But, if you could finish at least 9th std syllabus till 8th. Then, you could think to cover 10th syllabus within months in 9th, say 4 months. Afterwards, study for a year for JEE Advanced. Then, once again start the preparation of 10th, 6 months prior to 10th board. The syllabus of 9th is based on 8th