Missed My Flight As Uber Cab Had No Fuel

I have never imagined that I’ll miss a flight and the reason would be such silly. The Uber cab was low on fuel and stopped just after running a kilometer.

Flight Ticket for 13:15

On 26th April 2017, I had to catch a flight to New Delhi from Hyderabad at 13:15. I had to travel with wife and kid. I booked an Uber cab at 11:12. The airport would take almost 30-35 mins from my location of stay. Uber cab was just near my location.

I called the Uber driver to explain the exact location. However, he called again asking to change the payment method to cash, as he needed to fill the fuel. I agreed and changed the payment method to cash.

After getting in the cab, the cab stopped just after 3-4 mins after running 1.38 km. The petrol pump was just 200 meters ahead. The driver took Rs. 300 from me for fuel. However, he went twice to petrol pump with different containers to bring petrol.

Even after filling the fuel, the car didn’t start as may be the driver tried to run it on the empty tank for some distance. The whole fiasco took away almost 40-45 mins. We tried booking alternate Uber cab. However, the new cab booked was at 15-20 mins distance. The new cab booked canceled the booking after few mins without consulting.

We arranged another cab (not Uber) parked nearby and shifted our luggage. The new cab driver tried his level best to drop us as early as possible. We reached the airport at just past 12:45. He took almost 20-25 mins.

However, the officials of the flight showed their inability to allow us with the luggage. They would have helped us to board if having only hand baggage. It would

Afterward, we booked another flight to New Delhi at 19:20. Options were few and this was the cheapest. Even next two days flights were at a higher price. The new flight costs us Rs. 25, 618.

Flight Ticket for 19:20 flight

We waited almost 6 hours at the airport. After landing in New Delhi, when I opened Uber to book a cab, I found a charge pending on my card for Rs. 257 for the failed transit in the morning. So, even after choosing cash payment, I paid Rs. 300 by cash (for petrol) and Rs. 257 by card. Rs. 557 for a failed transit which costs me Rs. 25,618 extra for the flight and harassment for the whole day.

Boarding Pass for 19:20 flight

I have emailed Uber my story and waiting for a reply. Let’s see how much Uber cares for its customers.

Interesting Facts – NICL’s Promotional Exam Results 2016

Scale 1 to 2 (Vacancies – 343)

Highest Marks : 96.01 (Scored By Amit Pratap Singh Sisodia, Delhi and Shashwat Srivastava, Kolkata)

Lowest Marks: Nil

Candidates appeared : N – 546; NFT – 310; FT – 231; Total: 1087

Normal Channel: N and NFT Candidates with marks above 50 : 518

Fast Track: NFT and FT Candidates with marks above 60 : 404

Avg Marks : 56.76

Scale 2 to 3 (Vacancies – 237)

Highest Marks : 90.67 (Scored By Baljit Singh, Chandigarh)

Lowest Marks: 2

Candidates appeared : N – 378; NFT – 184; FT – 0; Total: 562

Normal Channel: N and NFT Candidates with marks above 50 : 168

Fast Track: NFT and FT Candidates with marks above 60 : 62

Avg Marks : 43.20

Scale 3 to 4 (Vacancies – 96)

Highest Marks : 81.35 (Scored By A K Gupta, Delhi)

Lowest Marks: Nil

Candidates appeared : N – 203; NFT – 83; FT – 0; Total: 286

Normal Channel: N and NFT Candidates with marks above 50 : 79

Fast Track: NFT and FT Candidates with marks above 60 : 19

Avg Marks : 42.20

Scale 4 to 5 (Vacancies – 29)

Highest Marks : 72.34 (Scored By A K Bhardwaj, Chandigarh)

Lowest Marks: 16.01

Candidates appeared : N – 71; NFT – 30; FT – 9; Total: 110

Normal Channel: N and NFT Candidates with marks above 50 : 24

Fast Track: NFT and FT Candidates with marks above 60 : 5

Avg Marks : 41.22

Distribution of Scores for various Ranges of Marks

Range of Marks

Scale 1 to 2

Scale 2 to 3 Scale 3 to 4

Scale 4 to 5

More than 90


1 0



116 7 1




22 5




50 23




88 50




340 179


Less than 25


54 28




562 286


Average Marks of Students based on their city of Exam Centers

City of Exam Centers

Scale 1 to 2

Scale 2 to 3 Scale 3 to 4

Scale 4 to 5



36.55 43.20




39.23 41.49




45.64 29.68




45.14 41.64




45.94 38.67




46.95 44.77




40.34 44.47




35.68 36.40




45.63 44.28




40.36 46.26




41.97 46.43




40.55 42.10




43.95 33.86




44.28 45.75




42.07 51.59




41.46 44.76




42.93 38.37


Overall Average


43.20 42.20


Average Marks of Candidates from Different Promotional Channels

Channel Scale 1 to 2 Scale 2 to 3 Scale 3 to 4 Scale 4 to 5
FT 68.57 0.00 0.00 52.53
N 45.81 37.82 38.79 37.76
NFT 67.23 54.23 50.53 46.01
Overall Average 56.76 43.20 42.20 41.22

The file with class wise results in excel sheet for further analysis is attached. Click Here to Download.

I’m Abhishek Rukhaiyar, AO posted in Reinsurance Department at Head Office, National Insurance Co Ltd.

I Want to Restart Blogging

People often say when you are at the bottom, there is only one way possible. Upward.

That’s Not Me. I Can’t Sit Idle and Cry.

Hello, I’m Abhishek Rukhaiyar. I’m a blogger.

I’m doing blogging for last 7 years. It all started with an idea to share my thoughts with everyone. I gained phenomenal success. Two of my website gained success. Overall I was earning around USD 2,500 per month. However, the success lasted for 4-5 months only. Here is a snapshot of traffic to one of my website I Want Govt Job (formerly For Hire).

A Graph Nobody Likes to See

You can see the peak in March, 2014. It was the golden period. The best ever pageview of 127,173 views was on March 04, 2014. Almost same sort of story is with this blog, Rukhaiyar’s Corner. It got its best ever pageviews on Jan 19, 2014 with 58,350 views. Now, the average view is 300-400 per day.

There was a time in Sep 2013 when I was telling my friends that I dream of earning someday USD 100 a day from Google Adsense. I was targeting it by the end of 2014. At that time  I was earning USD 15-16 a day. I never thought that I’m actually on a dream run. The wishes, the dreams I’m having is going to be true much before my target.

In the month of Dec, on 23rd Dec,2013 to be precise, I touched the magical figure of USD 100 a day (USD 122). It did not end just there, On 29th Dec, 2013 I earned most till date of my single day earning USD 170. It did not end just here. Between Feb 12, 2014 to March 16, 2014, my earning never went below USD 100 any single day. That were the Days of Glory.

Glory Days Which Makes Me Feel Proud

Last month, first time I Want Govt Job was in loss. Rukhaiyar’s Corner is giving marginal profit of USD 10-15 a month. I’ve seen this debacle. I’ve seen myself going to the Top, then to the bottom. I want to flip my luck again. I want to live again the life of a successful blogger. I want to Restart Blogging. I want to start it all over again.

There is positive sides of failure always. You learn more when you fail from being on top than ever. You analyze what you did wrong. Where your luck failed you and where you took a wrong decisions.

I remember back in 2005, in my college when I had my first PC, within 5 days of me getting a PC, I tried to change the boot screen manually. In the process, I accidentally hid one of the partition of my PC and corrupted the boot file. At that time when I was scared, one of my friend told me that you can learn only with your failures. If you never try with the fear of failure, you would never learn. I used to go to computer room which had internet. I used to read about the solution and I used to come back to try it on my PC. This happened for more than 24 hours and I slept just 3-4 hours in between. Finally, I was able to both fix the boot file and recover the lost partition. I even learned how to change the boot screen. That was my first success for self learning and understanding the power of Internet.

I might be distressed now. But, I want to forget everything now and start from the scratch. I want to take the past success period as an experience phase for bigger success. I want to summarise what I learned in the last two years:

  1. I learned managing a dedicated server without cPanel. Earlier, till the success of 2013, I was heavily dependent on cPanel for managing my websites. Even when I first used a dedicated server in 2010. I got stuck with just an IP address, username and password. I spent a whole day to install cPanel and even GUI of Linux for managing my website. However, gone are the days. Now, I run whole server with command line without ever feeling need for cPanel.
  2. I learned working on nginx server.  I came to know about the low CPU load and other benefits of working on nginx rather than Apache. However, I was knowing nothing about nginx and how to set it up with php and mysql. However, thanks to my best pal, Internet. I learned it all and setup a working server with nginx.
  3. My biggest friend EasyEngine. Thanks to the guys at RT Camp. I came to realize that they have developed a package of nginx-php-mysql with memcached. The package can install the nginx server with decently optimised setting and proper documents to easily setup a WordPress website in less than 5 mins.

    Target to Load Under a Sec
  4. I learned a lot many techniques of link building, SEO optimization, webpage optimisation. I learned minification, CDN setup and many more techniques to load my website with Blazing Fast speed.
  5. I learned to use Google’s PageSpeed module in my server to do a lot many optimisation right from server.
  6. I learned to set up Cloudflare based flexible SSL. I tried and failed many times to set up my websites as secure and encrypted with SSL certificate from Cloudflare. However, lastly I got success in fixing it.

There is more in the list. However, knowledge is useful when you can use it. So, I want to use it and spread it. I want to teach everything I know to others. I want none to do the mistakes I did. Yes, nobody can taste success without failure. But, I want them to be trained to face the difficulties I have faced.

My Marriage

Me With the Beautiful Lady

Last year, I got married with a wonderful girl, Simran. She is down to earth, typical Indian Girl.

She don’t have technical knowledge about either WordPress or blogging. But, she has an eagerness to learn. I have gradually shifted my website I Want Govt Job to her. She is handling the content section of the website. It is a Job portal which needs daily updating. She has become part of the blogging business now.

Now, my responsibility is more. I have to start thinking about my family. We would be lucky to have a kid some day. I have to start preparing for the future. I have to be ready. For the records, I’ve a full-time 5 day Job. I’m just a part-time blogger. But, I’ve a dream to be independent. I love blogging and I love writing. I want to make a full-time career in blogging.

Last year, I published just eight articles on Rukhaiyar’s Corner. This year till date just one article is published by me. I have to restart blogging. I have to constantly update the blog.

I am targeting an income of USD 1,000 per month till Dec 2015. However, this time I’m going to be with you in my Journey to Success. I need your encouragement and feedback. I’m going to share with you my methods and my monthly income report. If you want to encourage me in restarting my blogging career, I would be honoured.

Be My Companion in My JourneyJoin Me