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If you have some great content that you would like to share with my readers, I have some great news for you. Now onwards, I will be accepting your guest posts for publishing on this blog. I believe that publishing your guest post here will help you to get a few dofollow links and traffic to your own blog with maximum exposure.

If you want to post a guest article here, these are some points which you should keep in mind before submitting your guest post for review:

  • Your post should notbe an advertisement of your website or any other product. However, you may give fair reviews for a product or service.
  • Your post should be original, not spinned article. It should not be posted any where else, not before and not in the future. However, you may use the excerpts to post it on your blog.
  • Your post should contain at least one image relevant to the content of your post. Any image should be less than 50 kb and credit should be given if the photo is not yours.
  • Your post should be between 500 words to 1,500 words. Its should not be filled with keywords. Keep in mind that you are writing for real visitor not for search engines.
  • After your submission of the article, I might do some editing to suit my blog’s theme (if required). If the article needs substantial changes (unlikely), then I’ll send you the revised post for approval before publishing.
  • You should respond to comments to your post. This is very important condition for posting your article. It would increase the interest of the readers. In return, It would also benefit you in getting more visitors. Readers satisfaction level is much higher if they get reply for their comments or even if they see the reply by the author for comments by others. They feel themselves connected to the author and try to find a way to connect to him. I expect you to respond to the comments till at least 15 days after your post gets published.

What Type Of Posts We Are Looking For ?

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here.Remember you don’t need to be an expert, some of the best posts involve Bloggers sharing their personal experiences and things they have learned or mistakes they may have made. Suggested topics include:

  • Blogging
  • Web Designing
  • Social Networking / Bookmarking Tips
  • Tools or Gadgets
  • Tips and tricks
  • Blog Promotion
  • SEO
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Earning money online
  • Android Windows
  • Reviews

Useful Resources

I would like to share few articles about guest blogging which would really helpful in writing guest posts:

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How to Submit the Guest Post?

  • We accept guest posting via PostRunner.
  • Register an account here. It is very easy to do Guest Posting via PostRunner.


You may contact me directly at [email protected], if you have any queries related to guest blogging.