Computer Leads to Unemployment

…to see the matter from out of the box. It may be true that computers are able to do work more efficiently than human. Still, there are situations where they fail to judge like human beings. The perfect example of this is being shown in many robot based movies like Arnold’s Terminator or Matrix or Will Smith’s I Robot or the latest movie of Rajni Robot. In fact, in the movie Robot, it is shown in a well manner where the replacement of…

When Should I Start Preparing for IIT?

When Should I Start Preparing for IIT?

…n school too in a span of two years. So, you would get an edge their, which may help you perform better in term exams. Choose the same books which are followed in school. For numerical problems, you should solve each one of them carefully. For conceptual topics, don’t try to mug up concepts, but rather try to give answers to every questions asked at the end of the chapter. If you could find a senior who could clear your doubts, it would be…

Management Education is only for the Rich

  Last year, I sat for the CAT exam for the first time. On the very day, I reached at the exam center a bit early than the reporting time. Other aspirants were coming to take the CAT. Waiting at the gate I was observing almost all the candidates arriving to take the test for that slot. I found a very different scenario than that I used to see at the exam center during IIT JEE. Most of the girls were coming on a car with parents or siblings….