Interesting Facts – NICL’s Promotional Exam Results 2016

Interesting Facts – NICL’s Promotional Exam Results 2016

….95 33.86 34.68 MUMBAI. 61.15 44.28 45.75 27.46 NAGPUR. 47.72 42.07 51.59 38.80 PATNA. 50.84 41.46 44.76 61.68 PUNE. 53.44 42.93 38.37 39.35 Overall Average 56.76 43.20 42.20 41.22 Average Marks of Candidates from Different Promotional Channels Channel Scale 1 to 2 Scale 2 to 3 Scale 3 to 4 Scale 4 to 5 FT 68.57 0.00 0.00 52.53 N 45.81 37.82 38.79 37.76 NFT 67.23 54.23 50.53 46.01 Overall Average 56.76 43.20 42.20 41.22 The file with class wise

New Pattern: What is JEE?

…ed simply as JEE (Advanced). In order to correlate both IIT JEE and AIEEE, the bigger brand name JEE has been used for both the exam. However, the structure of examination is nearly unchanged for both the exams. Weightage for 12th marks This is the most important change that MHRD wanted in the IIT JEE for years. However, still nothing has changed if IIT JEE is taken into consideration. But, a lot have change for admission to colleges using AIEEE…

Should FDI be Allowed in Higher Education

…ch investments be invited. We should invite investments in the field where we have something to learn, where we need to build ourselves not necessarily where we are leaders ourselves. For instance, India is already doing top class research on stem cells and could collaborate with other top class institutions, but not necessarily invite FDI in this field. Right now India discriminates its students on the basis of caste. A student’s…