How to Prepare for JEE Mains After Appearing for 12th Board

…oach to maximize the chance of giving your best performance. Prepare for JEE 2013: For Whom I’m writing this article for those aspirants of JEE 2013 who are appearing for 12th board and afterwards planning to appear for both JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced). This article will not address preparation for paper 2 of JEE (Main) or aptitude test of JEE (Advanced). It will be published in two parts; first part will be about preparation for JEE (Main)….

Most Suitable Date for JEE (Main) Online Test

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New Pattern: What is JEE?

…dden change in the whole pattern of admission have created an ambience of confusion among the aspirants. The terms has changed. AIEEE name is missing from the whole process. And, importantly CBSE is organizing one of the two JEE exams. Lets go through the details of JEE AIEEE becomes JEE (Main) and IIT-JEE becomes JEE (Advanced) The most important change which is creating highest confusion among the aspirants is modification and alteration in…