Let us Legalize Gambling

Let us Legalize Gambling

…, how VAT tax code has stopped the irregularities in retail business. The same could be expected with gambling sector. No one could deny that prohibition stops from using prohibited thing. Sometimes we see bigger and bitter consequences. Like death of a lot of people in Gujarat by low quality alcohol. It makes sense to take betting and gambling out of the illegal nooks and crannies in the underground and make it a legitimate, regulated…

Management Education is only for the Rich

…reating a huge pressure on the aspirants. Those whose family income is not even 3-4 lakhs, how can they think to study in these institutes on their own. There are institutes who are offering management course at even less than 2 lakhs. However, most of them have poor placement scene. Who would prefer to start their career at less than Rs. 20,000 if they can get starting salary more than Rs. 50,000? The only hope for the lower middle class or…

Should FDI be Allowed in Higher Education

  The ‘India Vision 2020’ envisages the transformation of India into a knowledge superpower. To achieve this vision, the higher education sector has to play a key role. At present India is producing highest number of doctors and engineers every year. But, if one considers the quality and quantity of higher education in India. It is worse. In US and UK, percentage of enrolment in higher education is 82.4 and 60.1 respectively….