New Pattern: What is JEE?

…s required for top 20 percentile. If your board result is not fluctuating much the answer of this question could be found very easily. Ask your school teacher to assist in analyzing your school’s last five year’s result in board exam. The result of your school’s student would not be a perfect sample for whole board. But, even if your school is a good school in the city, expect the bar marks for top 20 percentile in your school…

How to Find a Perfect Domain Name at the Perfect Price

How to Find a Perfect Domain Name at the Perfect Price

…o go to They don’t even notice that Wikipedia is .org not .com ( redirects to While searching in Google, people will simply type They never even cares whether the result is provided by or or Hence, while buying a domain name .com will cost you more to buy. Symbol and numbers A domain name with symbol and number is very less worth than words….

Reservation in Parliament for Women

…ale 1:1. But, for now this much amount is very high compared to current situation. Currently, on an average 5- 10 % seats are with women in center or state assemblies. The participation of more women in political system will result in more support for women. Also, it is believed that new woman leaders will work more for the welfare of other women. Also, female leaders concern more for their job, duty and responsibility than male. The involvement…