Hopes Beyond IIT

…8217;m giving list of some institutes which can be said as alternative for IIT. This list covers those institutes where students of PCM 12th pass can apply. Some of these are very much around or better than IIT. Have a look: SCRA: Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA) aka Railway Engineering is an examination conducted by UPSC for selecting candidates suitable for engineering department of Railway. It is a very royal job with large prospects….

How Good Are The New IITs

How Good Are The New IITs

…logy) 1994: IIT Guwahati 2001: IIT Roorkee (Founded in 1847, renamed as Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1853 and University of Roorkee in 1948) 2008: IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Patna, IIT Ropar 2009: IIT Indore and IIT Mandi 2012: IIT (BHU) Varanasi (Founded in 1919 as BENCO; renamed as IT-BHU, by joining three institutes BENCO, TECHNO and MINMET running under BHU) The eight new IITs were started…

Kota: Paradise for IIT JEE Aspirants

…for the institute. Generally speaking, they are the losers of the system who pays the largest part and gets nothing. Institutes of IIT JEE are not merely in Kota. Other locations for these institutes are New Delhi, Varanasi, Patna and various other cities of India. But, these locations are full of coaching, but don’t get full support from locales or government. The environment there is not peaceful. It is not simple for students to find…