How to Find a Perfect Domain Name at the Perfect Price

How to Find a Perfect Domain Name at the Perfect Price

…which everyone wants in their domain name as must. Google, Yahoo is perfect example of this. Even if in the dictionary there is no word as used by you for the domain name. It should be easy to memorize and type. Like, Nothing matters if your content is good The foremost important characteristic for a website is not its name or domain name. It is the content. Every search engine will give you ranking and send the traffic…

Selling Liquor in a Gandhian State is an Anomaly

…pend the income from the sale of intoxicants on the education of the nation’s children or other public services. The government must overcome the temptation of using such revenue for nation-building purposes. India has come a long way ahead of the state of 1930s or 40s. The poverty level and situation have changed. In 30s, people in the state of unemployment and poverty used to spend their spare time in drinking, even if they had no money….

How to Register a Domain at GoDaddy

…it is a very handy tool for you. Finally, once you are satisfied with your order. Click on Continue to Checkout. Fill the required information and pay. You will soon be contacted on your provided email id with further details. Need more information. Use the comment to contact me. Related articles 7 Reasons: Why Should You Choose GoDaddy? GoDaddy Wins Best Domain Registrar for 2012 From 128 “binder” domains…