Organic Foods: Are They Worth The Hype

Organic Foods: Are They Worth The Hype

…don’t apply chemicals and other dangerous drugs to his crops, he might have to invest more time, money and energy in growing and cultivating organic crops. Moreover getting Organic certification is not cheap. Sometimes these organic farms are too small and can’t receive financial help from government. This increases the overhead costs and makes raising organic crops an expensive affair. This makes organic foods more expensive compared to their…

IIT JEE: What should be the strategy for repeaters?

…your best portions. Also, which book to follow? In this one year of preparation you should concentrate more on clarifying concept by solving more and more problem. Problem should be solved by books which have IIT JEE sort of problems. I would suggest go for Arihant books in Physics and Mathematics. For chemistry, Arihant books are not so much good. Try Schaum series or others like O P Tondon or O P Agrawal for physical chemistry. For Organic

How to Prepare for IIT JEE?

…the ideal time to cover these books is less. I would like to point out that for IIT JEE level book you have to cover around 3-4 times more pages and 3-4 times harder problems. You will feel very energetic while solving these problems. Not much depth of theory is needed to solve these books. Theory in the books will be sufficient to solve all the problems. This step will make you familiar with 11th and 12th std. syllabus. By this step, it will be…