How Good Are The New IITs

How Good Are The New IITs

…ts and activities just as regular IITs. Still, a lot of development will see once they get their own auditoriums at permanent campus. Placements Placement is the most important section that you would be looking for. The good news is new IITs are doing well in this section. Even though they don’t have the facilities that many not renowned but established colleges have. They have the most important thing, quality students. Students at new

Do Banning Fashion Shows & New Year Parties Save Our Culture

…how the society. But, how many of you can say now that it is not part of Indian wedding ceremonies. This was just an example to show how culture changes with time. Party © by Moyan_Brenn Either we talk about fashion shows or New Year parties, both in itself are not really a part of our culture, if we see twenty or thirty years back. Fashion shows are still not regarded as but New Year is in many ways something which everyone is celebrating. It…

Indian cultural values have nothing to fear from globalization

…can be found all across India. The culture of southern and Northern states is diverse. We call collectively the culture of whole India as one Indian culture. Indian culture is changing every day. India adopts good from every new culture which comes close to it. Both new and old culture in its time is regarded as Indian culture. Elders will always feel that young people are following new culture. What exactly we can say is truly Indian culture…