Kota: Paradise for IIT JEE Aspirants

…e one can go to Kota and get good teachers and environment. Those who can afford and thinks they have chance to succeed in IIT JEE prefer to go to Kota. So, even though these institutes have spread their wings, importance of Kota is the same. One may easily see Kota have a lot of distinct features, which make it a hub for IIT JEE preparation. There could be no doubt if we say that Kota is paradise for the IIT JEE aspirants. If you like the above…

Role of Coachings in IIT JEE selection

…ry. Teachers who teach Organic avoid inorganic. Some time they just teach organic. Sometime they teach all, but focus only on one of the favorite. This is the most clustered category of all. Most number of misguided students study in this category. There is no one who makes strategy for them. The teachers take care of just their subject. As there is no coördination between other subject’s teachers. It’s very hard to study

When Should I Start Preparing for IIT?

When Should I Start Preparing for IIT?

…d time table and give full concentration towards secondary examination. Forget about IIT, JEE and its syllabus for next 6 -7 months. After giving your 10th board, you have both the option to go for a good coaching or do self study. If you are going for self study, start from Step 2 in the article How to prepare for IIT JEE? I’m open for suggestions and discussions. If you like to share something it would be very nice. You can also share…