Should I Buy Through Affiliate

How to help the Promoter of a product?

In the recent times, more and more people are buying a product online. Back in 90’s, people are scary to use their credit card for online transactions. But, as the time progresses and confidence level increased, everyone is doing online shopping.

With development of e-commerce, number of websites, blogs have also increase. Most of these are either selling something or promoting something to earn money. However, it might interest you that only close to 0.1 % of webmasters of these websites are actually making money worth a living.

You must have visited several blogs with excellent articles. Your comments, likes and share to social sites like Facebook and twitter are the biggest reward for the blogger. Your comments and shares always give confidence to the blogger to share more such ideas.

Have you ever wonder how they are earning money? They show advertisements or links within the post to a specific product (called affiliate links) to earn a living. Whenever someone clicks on these links and buy a product, the blogger earns commission.

Whenever I buy a product online. I first try to buy it through an affiliate link. I try to look for my friends who might be affiliates of the product. If none of my friends are I try to find some one and try to buy through their affiliate link.

Is it worth the trouble? Why do I do this? Should I buy through Affiliate?

Help others

I’m sure you do a full research before buying a product either online or offline. Once, you are certain about your product. You can go directly to the webpage and buy the product. However, if you use an affiliate link to buy the same, cost to you would be absolutely same. However, someone else would earn some money which the seller is willing to pay.

For me there is no loss, I’m paying exactly same amount as I was earlier. However, without paying directly I’m donating money to someone. Someone is getting some extra money.

Actually this is not some sort of charity. The blogger whose affiliate link I’m using is already devoting his time to advertise the product. I’m just rewarding his labor.


Many products have discount coupons. The bloggers or advertisers use these coupons to attract customers. I have made this habit for searching an affiliate link as most of the time I get 5 % or 7.5 % discount. It is very easy to get these discount coupon at an advertiser’s page.

Special Bonus

Sometimes Bloggers give rewards for using their affiliate links. It might be free eBook, access to some special section or something else. Any how you are getting something free.

Company is Anyhow Rich

Whether you are purchasing a product directly or through an affiliate link. The company who is selling the product is going to earn handsome money. You might be amazed to know that in 2005 Google was paying $ 1.00 for every installation of Mozilla Firefox through their affiliate link. Even-though Google pay handsome payouts to its affiliate. The company grew and in fact this campaign help Google grow. As every installation of such Firefox browsers have pre-loaded Google toolbar. Either you use an affiliate link or not, once you have decided to buy a product. The company will earn.

Buy Always With an Affiliate Link

If this article have inspired you, I suggest you to bookmark all those blogs and website which you like starting today. Whenever, you are going to buy a product. Try to find an affiliate on these blogs and websites first. I’m sure, I have given enough reasons to your question, should i buy through affiliate.

If my article have helped or inspired you. Whenever you want an affiliate link to buy a product, mention the name of the product using the comment area below or mail me at [email protected]