2 thoughts on “Should FDI be Allowed in Higher Education

  • December 7, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    After 65 years of independence we are still trying to retain barriers against globalisation and competition. At the same time we want to be known and recognised as a global player. We want to be permanent member of the security council. What dichotomy. In one side we use plethora of MNC products but when it comes to FDI in retail we panic. We use Colgate toothpaste. We drive Suzuki car, We take photos with Nikon and Sony. We travel in Boeing and Airbus planes. We keep accounts in Citi Bank. We drive Honda motorbikes. We use Viagra for our libido. We play cricket. We travel in Volvo buses. Our industrialists own big industrial empires abroad. Look at Laxmi Mittal, the biggest steel producer in the world. He operates freely across the globe.Our food sufficiency is due to Dr. Norman Borlaug. We have no problems then. So what do you want? Should we drive a third class car like Ambassador only and use only Neem datan and go to the maidans for ablution. My country men, wake up. This is 21st century. You have to integrate with the world. Enough of anti development and anti technology rhetoric. Recognise the reality. See what China has done in a short span. Shall we languish at the bottom of the development index?


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