How To Get The Best Out Of Content Writers To Make Your Website Engaging

Developing web content is completely different from general writing techniques, or writing for the print media. The job requires specific linguistic skills and expertise, and a basic awareness of the important SEO considerations. If you wish to reach out to all your targeted potential clients over the web, smart and engaging content can be one of your best allies, along with user-friendly website design schemes. How can you get the best from the content writers in your business? Let’s take a look:

Train and motivate

Once you have a team of content writers, make sure that they are provided with adequate training. This is particularly important if the majority of them are fresher. Provide them with in-depth insights about the different types of content that are written for the web, like article submissions, guest blog posts, press releases and website content. Smart techniques to search for information online is also something the writers should be made aware of.

Give them a clear idea of what is required from them

Does your client require American English for his/her project, while your content developers are used to writing in British English? Stay away from such probable mismatches, and inform the writers about all the project details, before they start working on them. Just like revisions in website development techniques, re-writing the same pieces of content can be problematic!

Ask them to work in collaboration with the SEO managers/marketing team

Content writers should always be encouraged to interact with the SEO managers and marketers within the company. Ask the managers to provide clearly defined topic themes to the writers, along with the desired word counts, and the keywords to be targeted. If a specific promotional tone is required in the content, inform the writers about the same from beforehand.

Encourage content writers to be creative

Just like your web design & development plans, content writing can also be really catchy and creative. Remember that, unless people find the content on your pages interesting, they will simply flip over to a competitor’s website. Make sure that the creative streak in the style of writing of the content developers is never lost. The content should have the ideal combination of information-richness and imaginativeness. Everyone has information – your website should have it presented in the best way!

Formatting is important

Your CMS website design services might be top-notch, but the bounce rates might still remain high – simply because the content writers are coming up with large chunks of (albeit informative) content. Help them understand the significance of creating properly formatted, scannable text content. The content writers should be using header tags, bullet points and lists, to neatly segregate the different sections of the web content. Learn more about content formatting tips here.

Give them achievable targets

Content writers are supposed to be creative, have a large vocabulary, and quick enough as well. Do not stress too much on the last quality, however, which can compromise the qualitative aspect of the web content. Provide them with rational, achievable targets, and make the writers a part of this decision-making process. If the writers are not pressurized, they will definitely deliver better.


Even the most dedicated worker can lose his/her enthusiasm in the absence of adequate compensation – and content writers are no exception either. Determine the compensation package of the writers, according to their skill levels and years of experience. Financial motivation can spur on the content writers to operate at their most efficient levels.

Content writers are vital cogs in the overall online operations of your business. Prepare a team of qualified and creative content writers, who would be able to develop web content of all types. When your website design is nice, and the content is fresh, informative and interesting – your business will definitely find greater recognition.

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